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Launch into the valiant quest for the treasures of the ancient civilization in a marvelous free arcade puzzle game. Based out of San Francisco, Glu has a number of well-known brands in its free-to-play mobile-gaming arsenal, including Kim Kardashian, James Bond, The Terminator, RoboCop, and Dragon Slayer. With 40 million registered users under its belt, Plain Vanilla revealed last October that it had teamed up with NBC to transform its hit game into a TV show, and it seems this deal was pivotal to Glu’s interest in Plain Vanilla. As with many Internet companies, Plain Vanilla focused its formative years on building a solid user base and built social features into its core to increase stickiness. Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU) is a leading global developer and publisher of Social Mobile games for smartphone and tablet devices.
Anyway, just like Candy Crush, we fell in love instantly with this game, but now we are in the anger stage because of our addiction to it. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. And Glu has also confirmed that it has the option to acquire the company outright at an undisclosed pre-agreed price if the partnership goes well.
It raised a whopping $22 million before the year was out, followed by another $5 million in the summer of 2014. Indeed, the two companies now plan to co-develop the QuizUp TV show alongside NBC and ensure the program receives maximum exposure to viewers globally. With investors to appease, it now has to think about making serious money, and partnering with Glu offers a mutually beneficial way of increasing numbers. When You Are Clearly Playing a Robot: QuizUp tells you it's searching for a "perfect opponent," but sometimes we think they just chose a robot.
Double Bonus Defeat: You've gotten every question right, and you are beating your opponent by a good 10 points.

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If all goes according to plan, this will drive downloads of the QuizUp mobile app, and in turn this may open opportunities for Glu to do some cross-promotion of its own in its own properties. It's a new app that is taking the place of Candy Crush as our newest iPhone game addiction. You Think You're Smart but Then You're Not: Go ahead and try the General Knowledge category.
Because either the person is instantly picking stupid incorrect answers (c'mon, no one is that dumb) or they are constantly beating you by one second, which is impossible as you tapped the correct answer instantly!4. Glu is well aware that many apps and mobile games can have relatively short life spans — so why spend an exorbitant amount of money buying a company that may be obsolete within a year? If QuizUp is a hit, Glu will see the long-term rewards by purchasing the company outright, and it will be a happy ending for all involved.
The setup is simple: It's timed trivia, and the categories include everything from Britney Spears to World War I to Harry Potter (both books and films). Sure, you'll get some right, but for the most part that quiz will make you feel unknowledgeable in general.2.
The final round is double bonus points, so even though you are clearly superior to your foe, if you happen to get that question wrong and they get it right…boom. Don't tell me I tapped eight when clearly I tapped that Joey had seven sisters on Friends!" You will be saying stuff like that a lot. You can pick something general (Movie Quotes) or you can get specific with your category (Pixar Movies). Technology is dumb.Basically, QuizUp is awesome but you will get angry at it, yourself and probably anyone around you.

You play against someone else, and the faster you answer things correctly, the more points you receive. But wait, all you saw was a word beginning with the letter "S" and you immediately tapped it.
When Questions Are Wrong: You've read every Harry Potter book 19 times and could teach a class in Harry Potter history and mythology. You can challenge your friends, you can win trophies…It's as fun as a barrel of monkeys. Personaliza tu perfil para que los demas sepan quien eres (o no), sube en las tablas de rankings y reclama tus titulos.
This doesn't happen often, but when it does, you feel like a big smarty pants for schooling a trivia game. Cabe destacar que QuizUp ha ganado numerosos premios y ha sido calificada como la aplicacion de trivia N°1 en Google Play en 14 paises, incluyendo los EE.UU, Reino Unido e India. Si crees que puedes ser el mejor del mundo compite con los mas de 25 millones de jugadores que tiene QuizUp y demuestra tu valia.En QuizUp a medida que acertemos preguntas en cada reto, iremos sumando puntos, los puntos se sumaran en funcion a tu velocidad a la hora de responder, cuanto mas rapido respondamos, mas puntos sumaremos.
Como unico punto negativo que podemos encontrar en el juego, es que muchos temas estan solo disponibles en ingles, lo cual puede ser un inconveniente si no dominas con una cierta fluidez este idioma.
What part of "more points the faster you pick the right answer" do you people not understand? Yes, you may be severing ties to all these relationships, but if you lose to this homeboy from Indiana in World Flags trivia, you will literallly lose your mind.

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