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I was pleased by the portion of chicken I received on the sub, but less than impressed with its quality. A partir del 20 de febrero, los seguidores de Quiznos podran disfrutar de sus platillos preferidos en Guadalupe diagonal a los Tribunales de Goicoechea, locacion seleccionada para la apertura del local numero 30 de la marca en Costa Rica. En este nuevo local los seguidores de la marca podran disfrutar de un restaurante espacioso, confortable y con una opcion de un menu muy completa.
En la construccion y desarrollo de este nuevo espacio, la empresa invirtio un monto aproximado a los US$350.000 y se destaca su diseno innovador y acogedor para sus clientes. Durante este 2015, QSR Internacional -empresa que opera y franquicia KFC, Quiznos, Teriyaki y SmashBurger-, tiene preparado un fuerte plan de inversion y expansion para sus marcas. What I didn’t mention in my previous review was that I had asked a family member to use a coupon that would have allowed me to get a free regular sized sub in addition to the flatbread.
Granted, some drop off is expected because of the time delay from the original order, but the sub just kind of looked without color or brightness, and it was reflected in the taste.
While fairly tasty as a low-fat sub, the Honey Bourbon Chicken is not worth its $5.99 price tag. It’s just a bourbon-flavored sauce created by the chefs in the Quiznos test kitchen at their HQ.
Now all of the franchises within at least a 25 mile radius are closed… They were the victim of high prices vs.

La decision de incorporarlo, se baso en la satisfaccion de los consumidores, quienes ahora podran disfrutar con mayor facilidad y conveniencia los productos de Quiznos cuando van de paso y desean consumir estos en su casa u oficina.
Esto, aunado a un analisis de mercado que nos permitia medir la efectividad de instalar el autoservicio, nos hizo apostar por Guadalupe. Las instalaciones tienen una extension de 212 m?, distribuidos en dos niveles y espacio para 74 personas sentadas. Aqui nuestros seguidores se podran deleitar con nuestro menu mediterraneo con recetas inspiradas por chefs y sabores que sorprenden a quienes nos prefieren”, agrega Tinoco. Q®, QUIZNOS®, and others are trademarks of The Quizno’s Master LLC, registered in the United States and abroad. Stuck in the office for the better part of a day, I knew I’d need two sandwiches to get me through my evening, and had given my family member clear directions to bring me back the Honey Bourbon Chicken sub.
What you get is salty and enhanced tasting meat that’s only rescued by the Honey Bourbon Mustard. It sounds like the shmegma scraped off a dirty grill grate emulsified with vinegar and oil. No different from a BBQ sauce you’d buy in a jar at the market, except Quiznos is the sole distributor. In 2009, they dropped prices significantly to catch up with Subway, but the quality and size of subs changed dramatically. Esta es una zona altamente comercial y residencial con gran afluencia de consumidores”, explica Paola Tinoco, gerente de marca de Quiznos.

Such trademarks may not be used without the express, written permission of The Quizno’s Master LLC. I really liked this mustard actually, but found myself wanting more of it than was on the sub. For $5.99 you might think red onions and spinach would be part of the vegetable mixture, but instead, a weak iceberg and generic diced white onions stood in.
Such trademarks may not be used without the express,written permission of The Quizno’s Master LLC. The honey taste is a little too restrained given the saltiness of the meat, but the sauce manages to convey a respectable tang and acidity. Now they’ve switched to this generic, boring bread that again made the sandwiches smaller. With freshly-sliced deli meats, artisan breads and cheeses, Quiznos is the perfect menu for your lunchtime.

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