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A rendering from the revised plan that passed by a small margin this week (unofficial results). Now there's talk of holding yet another vote -- with some local elected officials outright calling for one (such as Albany County exec Dan McCoy) and others (such as Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan and state Assembly member Pat Fahy) saying the state should look into what happened. One of those sessions -- a community forum -- is scheduled for tonight (Thursday, January 14) in the Albany High School cafeteria at 7 pm. The overall price tag of the new plan is $179.9 million -- about $16 million less than the plan that narrowly got voted down in November.
The district says the current Albany High School is in significant need of repair and isn't large enough to accommodate projected enrollment increases. The state Department of Education released its annual collection of data about high school graduation rates around the state on Monday. Because of all the talk about the vote over what to do with the current Albany High School, we thought we pull out some photos of the city's first high school building.
The building was constructed on Eagle Street, roughly where the Albany County Court House now stands, in 1876. By the early 1900s, with enrollments in the 700-800 student range -- there was a push to replace it for reasons that will sound familiar.
And it was replaced in 1913 by a new high school building on Lake Avenue between Western and Washington. One of the biggest votes in the Capital Region on Election Day this week won't be about candidates, but rather a building.
Voters in Albany will deciding whether to accept or reject a $196 million plan for a major renovation and addition to Albany High School. This week the state Education Department released half of the questions from this year's ELA and mathematics Common Core state tests for grades 3-8.
So we pulled five more questions from this year's 8th grade mathematics test -- they're after the jump with the (hidden) answers. The state Department of Education released its annual collection of data about high school graduation rates around the state on Thursday. If anything, both of those items highlighted for us our desire to better understand what people are talking about when they talk about "the schools" -- and how factors such as income and poverty fit in. So we pulled a whole bunch of numbers on New York State school districts -- specifically graduation rates, household income, and poverty rates -- and did some sifting.
On Wednesday the state Education Department released half of the questions from this year's ELA and mathematics state tests for grades 3-8.
These questions have been annotated to display the kinds of thinking students are required to do in the new Common Core Tests. The Common Core and standardized testing have gotten a lot of attention (much of it criticism) over the last year.
A "tree map" of how each Capital Region school district's high school class fit into the region's overall cohort. The state Department of Education recently released its annual collection of data about high school graduation rates around the state. Kozol's career has focused on highlighting the obstacles that poverty creates for children in urban areas, speaking out against the systems that he's argued have contributed to inequalities for low-income children. Perched on the north edge of Washington Park in Albany, 10 Thurlow Terrace is one of the city's unique properties.
On Fridays at Shenendahowa's Skano and Tesago elementary schools, the kids know what they want for lunch. Principals and teachers get a lot of the attention when we talk about schools, and rightfully so. Weird, a little funny, and maybe flecked with insight: The state Education Department found itself caught recently in a kerfuffle regarding test questions about a talking pineapple on an 8th grade English Language Arts standardize test.
The passage -- based on a bit from Daniel Pinkwater's Borgel -- tells the story of a pineapple that bets a group of animals that it can beat a hare in a race. After reading the passage and the questions, we didn't think they were necessarily inappropriate for kids that age.
And that highlights one of the (many) tensions right now in education: students, teachers, and schools need to be evaluated -- but doing so can be difficult, and often doesn't scale well. The child endangerment charge against Voorheesville teacher Michael Guerette -- accused of biting the arm of a 10-year-old student during an in-class arm wrestling match last December -- will be dropped if he stays out trouble for the next six months, both WNYT and YNN report.
Back in January, Guerette spoke to YNN about the situation -- he told Julie Chapman that he didn't actually bite the student, but her teeth did come into contact with his arm while students piled on trying to beat him (a no-homework night was at stake). Unfortunately for Guerette, Google doesn't have an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal option.

Some people I've met have found it hard to believe that I'm a graduate of Albany High School. I attended Albany High from 1995 through 1999 and the perception of the school hasn't changed much in 12 years. Easily the weirdest story of the day: the Albany County Sheriff's Office says a 5th grade teacher at Vorheesville Elementary has been arrested for allegedly biting a student. The incident allegedly occurred on December 13, 2011 during classroom instructional time during which Guerette allowed a male fifth grade student to engage in arm wrestling with him. The sheriff's office says the teacher -- Michael Guerette -- self reported the alleged incident to the school's principal.
Our first concern is always for the safety of our students, which makes incidents of this nature difficult to comprehend and impossible to justify. The state Education Department released results from the English and math proficiency tests for grades 3-8 this week. The state also makes the test score data available by school district, so we pulled out the results for Capital Region districts. Look toward Albany's Arbor Hill from I-90, and above the trees you may see a tower, the green of old copper.
Philip Livingston Magnet Academy (when built, it was Philip Livingston Junior High) is a remnant of an era that thought city schools should be landmarks. The state education department released "report cards" for districts and schools across the state today.
All three of these schools are up for "registration review," which requires them to implement a "major intervention" to turn them around (there's funding that goes along with these interventions). A report from the state education department circulating this afternoon doesn't paint a positive picture of Albany High School. The state education department declared AHS a "persistently lowest achieving" school earlier this year, and said the school needs to restructure. This new report does note that interim district superintendent Raymond Coluccio is "an experienced and accomplished administrator and has made the improvement of student achievement the district's top priority." And the TU's Scott Waldman reported earlier this year that new Albany High principal David McCalla appears to be changing the culture of the school.
The state Department of Education released data about high school graduation rates this week. Albany High School has been identified as a "persistently lowest achieving" school by the state Education Department.
The school district will be holding public forums in March to discuss restructuring the high school. This searchable database includes spending, debt and revenue levels of counties, cities, towns, villages and school districts throughout the Empire State, excluding only New York City. So we exported the school district data from the site and pulled all the entries for Capital Region districts. Have you ever wished you would have kept up with the four years of Spanish you took in high school?
Here are some local language schools to get you started on your way to impressing everyone with your worldly sophistication.
282 #7-27 odd*AP Registration Info passed out today - See the General Info tab for another copy! We were curious about the patterns of votes around various parts of the city -- and how the vote this time compared to the vote last fall when the first proposal was narrowly defeated. It says the cost of doing the necessary repairs and providing the extra space will be $100 million if the proposed rebuild doesn't happen.
The statewide graduation rate for 2015 (that is, the 2011 cohort of students) was 78.1 -- up almost two percentage points from the year before. And it was designed by the Albany-famous architect Edward Ogden (he also designed the Kenmore Hotel on Pearl Street, and you might notice some similarities). That building is still there -- after the current high school was built it served as the Philip Schuyler Elementary School, and in recent years was sold to UAlbany.
We chose Albany because we loved living in the city as renters, and couldn't imagine living elsewhere.
Over the past six years I've come to appreciate how wonderful it is to raise a family in this city -- and how frustrating it can be as well. The statewide graduation rate for 2014 (that is, the 2010 cohort of students) was 76.4 -- up a little more than a percentage point from the year before.
The discussion around that Miss Pearl question about moving out of Albany for the school district. These documents will be helpful for better understanding the requirements and expectations of the Common Core state tests.

And as a result, we were curious about what sorts of questions are on these tests -- so we browsed through a few of them today. So we pulled five questions from the 8th grade mathematics test -- they're after the jump with the (hidden) answers. The statewide graduation rate for 2013 (that is, the 2009 cohort of students) was 74.9 percent, up slightly from the year before. A Slate article from last year gives a short overview of Kozol's career, and a look at his most recent book. The High School Teacher retired in 2011, but is currently teaching teachers in a UAlbany graduate education program. The home looks like a castle on the outside, and the interior is filled with beautiful woodwork (there are photos at that link). The owner of 10 Thurlow and the Castle Island Bilingual Montessori school are working on a deal in which the school would move into the historic home. The statewide graduation rate for the 2008 cohort of students was 74 percent, the same as the year before. As in years past, there continues to be a sobering gap in graduation rates among some school districts and groups of students.
The statewide graduation rate for the 2007 cohort of students was 74 percent (that counts kids who finished up by June 2011). Sure, they're ambiguous, but getting a kid to form an argument about why something happens in story where not everything is spelled out seems like a good idea.
And as the Albany County Sheriff's Office noted at the time the incident first surfaced, Guerette self-reported what happened. During the wrestling, other students including the victim became excited and were pulling and pushing on the child's arm who was wrestling Guerette trying to cause the student to win the arm wrestling match. Guerette will remain on leave from all duties while the district awaits the resolution of the charge against him. The statewide graduation rate for the 2006 cohort of students was 73.4 percent (that counts kids who finished up by June 2010). It's the type of cupola that used to top important buildings, and it catches the eye because there's nothing else quite like it nearby.
Up close, it's massive: Two long wings stretch out from the central building, which is topped with the cupola.
Both the Times Union and CBS6 have posted copies -- apparently the report will be released at this evening's school board meeting.
We love the interesting homes, the walkable neighborhoods, the short commute, the parks, and the proximity to our families. Part of that includes anonymous conversations with people about what it's like to do their jobs. Even with a job that involves making sure hundreds of kids are fed, they don't come up in the conversation as often. During this ruckus the victim reached her arm across the desk in front of Guerette pulling on the hand of the student who was wrestling the teacher.
We are also continuing to consult with officials from the State Education Department on the appropriate disciplinary actions. What is that up there, that structure, looking stately and a little lonely on the ridge of a hill?
These questions have me thinking about the experience of raising a family in our city, whether it makes sense to stay, and how the city could do a better job of reaching out to young families. Maybe it's the old "lunch lady" stereotype: a cartoonish character with a hairnet, a snarl on her face, and a ladle full of cole slaw. Multiple people commented here at AOA that he was one of the best teachers they've ever had. Guerette opened his mouth and bit the female student in the forearm leaving what the student said were teeth marks. And as NYSED notes, this was the first cohort in which the "local diploma" option was not available to general education students, requiring them to graduate with a more rigorous Regents diploma.
The bite mark eventually turned to bruising on the child's arm which was still visible 48 hours later when examined by school officials.

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