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QuiBids has a “buy it now” feature that allows bidders to purchase an item—even if they do not win it in the auction proper. Bidding with PenniesIf you are going to win a Penny Auction, you will need a good strategy in place and some luck.
Begun in 2009, QuiBids is currently at the forefront of the popularity explosion that penny auctions are currently undergoing. The 45 bid package costs $27 and the 800 bid package is at $480, or $0.60 per bid at a flat rate. You can earn badges for attaining different achievements within the site, each of which is loaded with new perks. This feature allows you to buy the item for the advertised price, minus the cost of the bids you put toward it.
With over 1,000 auctions concluding every day, QuiBids is a great place to win the items you desire.

Funding your account is easy and using your Quibids Promo Code is all you need besides a credit card. Once you decide to start bidding at QuiBids, you will want a solid game plan to make sure you are successful.
So if you spend 100 bids trying to win an iPod Touch, you can still get this product for its actual price minus the $60 you spent in bids. You also don’t have to worry about the QuiBids Scam since it is followed by the Better Business Bureau. With auctions for just about any item you can imagine, QuiBids is a great, one-stop place for the competition and commerce that make up penny auctions. QuiBids is a very popular spot to bid on penny auctions, which ultimately means more competition. If you want to learn more about this Quibids Review then please have a look around on our site for more information.

To make up for the difficulty this presents, QuiBids has a great strategy and tutorial section to help you figure out exactly which strategy is going to be the best for you. Since QuiBids is so popular, you might want to start out by bidding on items that are not hotly contested.
There are literally dozens of badges out there to be earned, so it is best for a beginner to focus on one type of badge that they are interested in earning and then make an honest effort to win items while earning badges.

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