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Large DealsFor all large deals, provide one slide each with thefollowing detail (think of a PDR snapshot):1. The QBR is an important part of the Sales Cadence for successful Enterprise Software and SaaS Companies.

This is a Quarterly Business Review Template to be used by Customer Success Management organizations.
A well-planned and executed meeting fosters accountability and focus for everyone who participates.
Check out the preview below of the ESO Insider PowerPoint Template optimized for high-tech companies – Sign up now for Free.

Rather, they understand that growing revenue within your existing customer base - through up-sells, cross-sells, and expanded use - is the most profitable way to scale. In fact, Enterprise SaaS companies that grow revenue - and company valuation - by expanding revenue within their existing customer base also know the key to making this work is to focus on - and operationalize - Customer Success.

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