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Without this fix, when version changed only version.h update, target rebuild needs a second `make`. Check for Leaks— Several owners have reported that you should check for leakage around (rather behind) the Upper Zip Dee Mounting brackets.
Polishing Oxidized Aluminum--Best Polishing Site— This is the best site for aluminium polishing information and techniques. Polishing Oxidized Aluminum-- We bought a used 35' Silver Edition Avion (1986 vintage) after we rolled our '89 front kitchen a year ago. Do any of the visitors to the Web Site know of a polish or treatment which will help an anodized aluminum finish? After using those rubbing compounds, I've used either Pledge (Lemon Fresh scent) or 303, and the 303 is hands down the better polish. One of the most spectacular products used was Selco Shine, which put a gorgeous shine on the trailer after not too awfully much scrubbing and polishing. The difficulty is that I work on it, using a power rotary detailer and changeable head covers, then polish it all up and a week or so later the streaks and oxidation bleeds through and shows all over again. If anyone can steer me toward the appropriate product to clean this up, I'd be most appreciative.
Q - Will Flitz work on the anodized surface of Avion Travel Trialers to remove the oxidation?
Wanted— Door for 1984 Avion— We are interested in obtaining a door for a l984 30 foot Avion. Tape Stripes— Several people have written lately about replacing tape stripes on some of the "Striped Avion" Models. 1987 Stripes are 1?" Blue Metallic color code 0127 - not currently available through retail channels. Send in your year and color and size and if anyone comes up with a close substitute let us know. Additional Brake Manuals— Check various brake manuals and additional wiring diagrams at the PJ Trailer Website. Other have be reporting used Monroe 555001--Monroe Gas Magnum RV, 5th Wheel Camper Shock Absorber is the same shock.
I have lurked in the AeroElectric list for a while and I am coming to point in my project where I am going to be planning and building my electrical system.

Would anyone be willing to send a photo or many photos of how would one go about making a copper bus bar for a configuration like that where the breakers are not inline?
There are some diagrams on spacing you may find useful in the Tony Bingelis book Sportplane Construction Techniques available from EAA. I have lurked in the AeroElectric list for a while and I am coming to point in my project where I am going to be planning and building my electrical system. Would anyone be willing to send a photo or many photos of how would one go about making a copper bus bar for a configuration like that where the breakers are not inline?
If you haven't already considered it, a 20 slot fuse block is easier and cheaper to setup than breakers. It had stood on a lot in Florida with salt air and spray assaulting its finish for almost ten years before we came along. So far, I've used everything which has come my way, including Metal (good stuff), #7 Rubbing Compound (also good stuff), Meguiar's cleaning compound (good result), Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound (not so hot), and several which were less than adequate, to be generous to them. However, it didn't stay--it looked almost as bad a couple weeks later as it did originally.
We found too many RV'ers didn't realize they could use Protect All inside as well as outside so we got sneaky and designed a separate label. I have tried the snow coat stuff, but there is still a leak and I don't know what else to use. The Tape is called ScotchCal made by 3M and is regular automotive striping but there were several colors used and many were custom made for Avion in custom widths. You can order from most automotive stores or contact a local body shop or a sign shop who can order the tape for you. I was able to order a 50' Seam Repair kit, with Silver UV protectorant directly from the factory. Use a breaker for the alternator and main buss, but as Bob would say, you can only reset those expensive critters once - after that you already have a problem.
The inside awning supports buckled under weight of water(I thought I had the awning tilted enough but not). These included Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish, Quick 'n Brite, Gel Gloss, Lite Touch and Turtle Wax Color Back. Telephone (269) 463-5068, FAX (269) 463-5073 (updated May 11, 2002)The gentleman at Cayo said that they fabricate this and other parts for our older (but better) Avions.

Install the fuse block where it's accessible to easily change the fuses but not ugly and you'll have more panel space for other goodies.
The rv dealer told me that he could not order the parts because they did not make them anymore.
It is a very permanent sealer, should not be used where anything need be removed ( unless you are willing to cut it loose). I would like to know of a reputable place that does this type of repair and stands behind thier work. The inside awning supports are the ones that attach the side of the unit and slide into the outside awning supports which attach to the awning. Henry Ford used such screws in the Model A, but dropped it when Robertson refused to give him exclusive rights to its use. Protect All will not make it shiny but it will still provide it's slick protective coating. I have seen aluminum that had only a very light anodizing but more than likely those trailers have a good solid coating. You can try our polish but in all probability other products would work as well at a considerable lower cost. The reason I did it this way is that I had an Airstream that was factory clearcoated and it always looked clean with no water streaks or stain ever showing. The Can Am Trailer service rep told me that this was the way they had been restoring Avions for a long time.
I tried a small patch with ordinary clearcoat before buying the Airstream stuff and it worked great. I was told to use Airstream Clearcote because it was specially formulated for aluminum which expands and contracts a lot with varying temperatures, and that ordinary clearcoat would crack.

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