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Now that you have created, validated and tested your genealogy website, you are ready to publish to your server. If you are publishing your site to Rootsweb or the Freepages server and you are using FrontPage, you can use the FrontPage Publish via ftp feature. If you have used Dreamweaver to create your site, see Pat Asher's Uploading with Dreamweaver. If you have created your site in FrontPage and your host has FPSE installed, you need to use the Publish feature in FrontPage to upload your site to your server space. You could also choose only one or two of the files and click on of the arrow keys to transfer just those files Local to Remote.
If the site on your hard drive became damaged or was inadvertently deleted, you could create a new web on the hard drive and use this same process to reverse publish your site on the server to your hard drive.
Synchronize compares the site on your hard drive and the one on the remote server and moves the data back and forth until they match. Step 7 - If you use the "Publish web site" button, when complete you will get a message that your file is finished uploading.

If you have created your site in FrontPage and your host does NOT have FPSE installed, you can use the Publish via ftp feature in FrontPage to upload your site to your server space. If you have problems, make sure and check your username and password as they are case sensitive and the url you have inserted into the location. Planning a Genealogy Website 2nd Edition is available as a 42 page EBook in pdf format for you to download.
If you would like to discuss your requirements or require any further information, then please don't hesitate to contact Social Build.
This site will work and look better in a browser that supports web standards, but it is accessible to any browser or Internet device. Most common web browsers can retrieve files hosted on File Transfer Protocol (FTP) web servers. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another over a TCP-based network, such as the Internet. When it comes to building your website it is extremely important to set up a project file management structure on your hard drive that is organized and easy to understand.

The first time you upload your site, you may be asked for two separate usernames and passwords.
This is the one I use most often as it compares all files and uploads those that have changed. This means delivery of HTML documents and any additional content that may be included by a document, such as images, style sheets and JavaScripts.
FTP is built on a client-server architecture and utilizes separate control and data connections between the client and server. If you have deleted files from you site on your hard drive, a box will pop up to ask if you want to remove them from the remote site. Not all this website functionality and layout will work in this old version of Internet Explorer.

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