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When you can only publish a 0 KB *.vfb using FTP, the firewall is blocking it and you need to set an exception in the Firewall for Outlook. About Diane PoremskyA Microsoft Outlook Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1999, Diane is the author of several books, including Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners Book. One of my developers told me that the vfb approach works only if your contacts are in the main Contacts folder. Today's tip reminded me of a problem (and solution!) that we found here, relating to Resource calendars e.g.
Outlook 2007 has a lot of calendar printing bugs, which I suppose, is why they released a Calendar Printing Assistant.
When there are no appointments, the time line is grey during non-working hours and white in working hours. You may want to publish a longer period, especially since 2 months equals "this month and next month" not 60 days forward. I don't recommend reducing the frequency below every 15 minutes (and higher is better, if you aren't updating your calendar frequently). Microsoft Outlook supports %NAME% and %SERVER% wildcards, which use the alias and domain name from an email address.
If you use a different firewall, the steps to allow Outlook through the firewall will vary. We can see the meeting availability up until midnight on July 1, then it’s just hashes (No Information) on everyone's calendars.  Any idea what's up?
Normally this information is displayed as color-coded blocked out areas in a user's calendar, as show above.

If you want to share with people outside of your network, you need to publish it on an Internet server (using either HTTP or FTP). You can find her helping people online in Outlook Forums as well as in the Microsoft Answers and TechNet forums. Anonymous users will need Read permissions, you'll need Write permissions on the Internet server. The default to publish is 2 month's worth of information, configurable in Outlook Options or via Group Policy. When you open the dialog box to check the settings, the months default to 71 months and you can't publish your info to the FTP location (71 is not allowed, the error says you can only use 0 - 36 months).
So what happens when the user updates their calendar using Outlook Web Access (OWA) or some other non-MAPI client? Thus, if every user in the organization uses the default publication options, you won’t be able to see the availability of other users’ calendars past the next two months, even if they’ve scheduled meetings and other appointments past that time.
Doing so will remove all Free Busy information from Exchange until it is republished using one of the methods explained above.
You run this utility under the context of a user or service account that has full mailbox access to the affected users. But because OWA inherits Outlook’s publishing settings, you can force OWA to change the publishing period by updating it through Outlook. However, the data is pretty basic and doesn’t contain information about why users aren’t available, such as whether they’re at a meeting or have a personal appointment, where the meeting or appointment is, or whether they’re in the office or traveling.
Thus, when you view another user’s calendar and see that he or she is busy between 10am and 5pm, you can’t tell whether the user has one long appointment or several shorter meetings.

And although the items in other users’ calendars might have different status settings, such as busy or tentative, Exchange shows any appointment that users create in their calendars as a busy timeslot.
The format of the time chunk is represented by the number of minutes from the start of the month to the beginning of the chunk and from the start of the month to the end of the chunk. Exchange stores all times in the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) zone to ensure that meetings scheduled across time zones occur at the right time. If adjacent appointments overlap, Outlook merges them into a single record because they occupy the same timeslot. Assume that you have an Outlook 2007 user connected to a mailbox server in London who wants to schedule a meeting with users located in San Francisco and New York.
In many cases, a CAS runs on the same Exchange server that hosts the user’s mailbox because an Exchange 2007 server can concurrently host the CAS, mailbox, and hub transport roles. The available CASs are published in the Exchange configuration data within AD, so if the site supports more than one CAS, the Availability service selects from the list of available servers by using a round-robin algorithm.
Although Exchange 2007 will bring some improvements, especially in assuring up-to-date data, it’ll be a while before most organizations see the full impact of those changes.

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