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We appreciate our MagCloud community and all they do so we wanted to return the love with the gift of green. Iron deficiency is common in internal medicine and up to two-thirds of cases may not be diagnosed. All consecutive hospitalisations of patients ?18 years of age on the four wards in the division of internal medicine in a tertiary university hospital in Switzerland with a blood draw were screened. This was conducted as a retrospective cohort study ­between July 1st and December 31st 2011.
Within the observation period of 6 months, 2,781 ­hospitalisation cases were identified, resulting from 2,251 unique patients.
The study analysed patient data from a single site and was retrospective in its design, with concomitant limitations regarding generalisability and causality.

Swiss Medical Weekly, established 1871, is an international journal following the Platinum Open Access model. The "Swiss Medical Weekly" is supported by the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) and the Swiss Medical Association (FMH). We will pay you $10 for every friend you refer that joins MagCloud and buys or sells $25 worth of their published content through the website. The first time they buy or sell at least $25 worth of their published content on MagCloud, you will receive $10.
This study showed that iron ­deficiency is common in internal medicine and not well diagnosed. Every ­seventh patient who had iron parameters analysed was iron deficient and two-thirds of patients with ID were treated with intravenous iron.

The ­table summarises the number of cases with and without ID, together with the estimated probability of ID for each cell type given that the patient was anaemic. Secondly, we cannot exclude a certain selection bias arising from the use of data from patients hospitalised only on wards of internal medicine, as compared with other wards such as surgery or gynaecology, and control for confounding factors was not possible owing to the ­varying nature of medical problems. Thirdly, including patients with ­inflammatory diseases may have caused underestimation of ID prevalence, since ferritin levels i­ncrease with the ­inflammatory response. Diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency in medical inpatients at a Swiss tertiary university referral hospital: a retrospective observational cohort study of clinical practice.

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