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Create a professional ad quickly and affordably with this free sample template for Word and Publisher. Create a professional flyer quickly and affordably with this free template for Word and Publisher. Create a professional newsletter quickly and affordably with this free sample template for Word and Publisher. Template files downloaded from our website are compressed in zip files, and need to be extracted before you can open them in iStudio Publisher. After unzipping, templates are in the standard iStudio Publisher file format and can be edited just like any other iStudio Publisher document.

Make as many changes as you like - add or replace pictures, change colors, move, scale and crop graphics, change the fonts and replace the filler text with your own copy. There’s no limit - be as creative as you like and don’t worry, if you mess up and want to start over, just download the template again! The templates have been created with high resolution images ready for high quality color printing. When you download a template zip file, depending on which web browser you are using and its settings, the zip file may get unzipped automatically (and the unzipped template file added to your Downloads folder), or you may be prompted to save the zip file to your file system. To extract a template from a zip file, simply locate the zip file in Finder and double click it.

I've been working on a publishing project since purchasing iStudio a week or so ago and it's been a pretty smooth experience.

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