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Now You click on each text box and edit the text in there to what you wanted to say & Add a picture to fix the company logo slot to yours.
To tell the truth, depending on an individuals needs not every office product would be right for every one. Each section has a drop down Menu and it will provide you with the templates that you would like to use.
If you do not have a logo and want to get rid of it, just click on it and then press delete. Others such as GMail & Yahoo will not work unless they are tied into Microsoft Outlook! Microsoft Office 2003 Professional seems to be more geared towards a business than anything else. After all the average user of the software may only use a small percentage of what the software suite can actually do. Before my exhaustive look at Microsoft Office 2003 professional, let me give a run down of the office products and what they have to offer.
Either way, Microsoft products tend to have a hefty price tag on them, But by the same token, I have found them worth it by way of what you are able to accomplish with the products. That remains to be seen and I am sure there are varying thoughts to that point since there are several alternatives out there and some of those are even free.

Some of the other programs out there are Open Office (free at Open Office.Org), Corel, Star Office, just to name a few. Granted I am a long time Microsoft Office user and have grown to enjoy working with the program I know. The real problem comes when they face a virtual mountain of SPAM or unwanted emails cramming into the Inbox.
Depending on how the user sets it up they can now automatically trigger alerts or reminders such as when tasks are due or meetings are about to begin. You can also read Information Rights Management protected documents; with permission you can even modify the document. XML is a text language that can be understood by many different applications on different platforms. With Office professional edition 2003 companies can use customized XML formats to enable easier and much more advanced information creation, capture, exchange and reuse it. Standard home users may not make much use out of this program, but in the business world for making presentations it is a great tool.
The viewer is also included on the CD so no further installation of the viewer is needed.
Even if the computer that gets the CD you just created does not have PowerPoint installed.

Further, if making a CD is not possible you can package the presentation to a folder for posting on a network or archiving. PowerPoint 2003 also supports other media formats such as WMX, WVX, ASX, WMA and WAX. In this one package you have the ability to do a lot of your business publishing and marketing materials all in Publisher 2003.
You almost don’t have to have any talent in design at all to create some very eye catching designs. The package has an almost over whelming selection of tools to use, but a helpful Wizard feature (As in the past) helps you create just about anything. This function alone is beneficial to any company that needs to produce information in any department and relay information so that all employees in a work group are on the same page when it comes to knowing what’s going on. Using Access you can control who has ACCESS to your work thus protecting it from being used by someone you would not want using it.
Create or use powerful database solutions that make organizing, accessing, and sharing information easier than ever. Most of the software in the suite can be purchased separately and you can even try before you buy by going to Microsoft’s official web site and download a trial version of any of the software that was written about here in this article.

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