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In today's business world writers have more choice than ever but sometimes that makes life harder rather than easier.
With indie publishing you write your stories, get them out to the world, and then wait for the book to be downloaded, read, reviewed and, ultimately, earn money so you can continue to write (and eat!). I am an avid reader, writer, blogger, programmer and tinkerer, though perhaps not in that order. Choose Your Own Adventure stories seem to be making a modest comeback thanks to tablets and smart phones. Do you want to learn all about how to publish your book on the Kindle, iPad, Nook and other distribution platforms? This multimedia mini-course will teach you all about how you can publish your ebook and avoid pain, hassle and expense along the way.
2012 Update: Please note, I have now expanded this course and included everything you need to know in Secrets of Self-Publishing Success, in conjunction with NY Times bestselling author CJ Lyons. Some ebook authors are selling hundreds of thousands of books and even those people selling a lot less are getting their work out there faster and to a wider global audience than through traditional publishing. Whatever your personal feelings about ebooks, you are not your market and your book could be selling to a global audience if you make it available as an ebook and start selling it now. With the fantastic changes in technology, you can be selling your ebook on the Kindle store, the iPad or the Nook within days.
I now have four ebooks selling on the Kindle and other ebook distribution platforms and recently went through the process for my first novel, Pentecost.
2 x exclusive videos where I go through all you need to know about ebooks including the Q&A and links to all kinds of resources.
Bonus audio interview with Mark Coker, CEO of Smashwords done exclusively for Author 2.0 program plus transcript.
Once you click to buy, you will be able to pay with Paypal or a credit card and you will be given the access details for the online course which is behind a password protected page. Most of the information on this site is free for you to read, watch or listen to, but The Creative Penn is also a business and my livelihood. So please expect hyperlinks to be affiliate links in many cases, when I receive a small percentage of sales if you wish to purchase. With the rise of technology and an increase in e-zine publications, submitting your short stories online is a great way to gain publicity and confidence as a writer. Here are some of the better e-zines, webzines and online publications available on the web, as well as some tips on how to find the right one for you.
A journal of short stories, is a new quarterly publication that accepts fiction by established, emerging and new authors. H R Green is a writer of short stories and has a passion for teaching creative writing.  She recently won the 2011 SA Writers’ College Short Story Competition with her story “The Tokoloshe”.
If you, the entrepreneur, self-publish a book you will stand out, you will make more money, you will kick your competitors right in the XX, and you will look amazingly cool at cocktail parties. The rest of this article is really three discussions: Why self-publish rather than use a traditional publisher, why entrepreneurs and others who seek to stand out for career or creatuve purposes should self-publish, and finally, HOW does one go about self-publishing.
A) Advances are going to zero. Book publishers are getting more and more squeezed by declining booksellers so they, in turn, have to squeeze the writers. B) Lag time. When you self-publish, you can have your book up and running on Amazon, paperback and kindle, within days. You also don’t have any teenage interns sending you editorial comments back that you completely disagree with. A) First write the book. For my last two self-published books, as mentioned above, I took some blog posts, rewrote parts of them, added original material, added new chapters, and provided an overall arc as to what the BOOK was about as opposed to it just being a random collection of posts.
C) Upload the PDF. Createspace approves it, picks an ISBN number, sends you a proof, and then you approve the proof. Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to stand out, promote their service, and get validation for their offerings. Makes total sense, but, because of the self-published books, searching for books by subject on Amazon became as useful as searching for it on Google. Thanks, James, I’ll give it serious thought, as I have been approached to write a book on Value Investing.
I?m already writing on a book, maybe two books (thanks to your inspiring blog posts and books. I suppose it will take like two or three month from now (maybe four?), since I have just started working on it. Where does a “self publisher” find an editor, either for blog postings or the actual book? I’m going to share this with a friend of mine, too, who I know wants to write a book too but is scared to do it, I think. Absolutely love the concept of the self published book as the new business card and I agree. Don’t get me wrong, there are some who still hold on to that sentiment, but the majority of industry people are waking up and seeing the writing on the wall. Yeah, imagine each chapter a picture and then your thought process that went into it plus what you were experiencing in life. Many, many years ago before the age of computers I had a business professor who declined to carry cards. I know a guy in the investing world who self-published a book around 1990 and then bought all the copies.

I agree that the publishing house model is nearly dead, unless you are a celebrity, former high level government official, or high profile criminal trial personality (defendant, victim, lawyer). Before we all believe we can all be successful self-publishers, we need to understand a couple fundamentals. 1) If you have a big platform (audience), your chances of success with your book are much better. Today writers can choose whether to self publish or submit their work to a traditional publisher.
These days the choice between publishing independently and publishing traditionally is made on a project by project basis. Ebooks are a growing percentage of total book sales and the price of ereaders continues to come down and they may even be free by Christmas 2011. It’s still important to write a great book, have it edited and use a great cover designer but the process for ebook publishing is now available to all. I learned a lot along the way and share all that information with you in this multi-media mini-course. These are also available in mp3 audio format if you prefer to listen as well as the slide pack I use for the presentation. If you are not happy with the material, I offer 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.
The hard work, sweat and tears that go into your writing should be rewarded with good exposure. They accept submissions online and offer a ‘minimum honorarium’ of $25 for short fiction between 1500 and 7500 words. Toasted Cheese has been named one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers four times by the Writer’s Digest. They were established in 1997 and maintain a reputation as one of the most visited English literary webzines.
Researching a webzine before you submit your work will increase your chances of acceptance, so take the time to find out if their publication is right for you. With a BA Degree in English Literature from the University of the Witwatersrand (2007) and an HonsBA Degree from the University of South Africa (2009) she is about to embark on her Masters Degree. By manners we mean proper and respectful behavior towards all with whom we come in contact.
In this post I give the specific details of all of my sales numbers and advances with the traditional publishers. I know this because I am seldom cool but at cocktail parties, with my very own comic book, I can basically have sex with anyone in the room. Because of so much free content on the Internet, the value per unit of content is going to zero unless you are already an established name-brand author. When I published with Penguin they then met with a friend of mine whose book they wanted to publish.
Publishers even include in the contract that they have final say over the cover and this is one detail they will not negotiate.
Instead of it being a collection of posts, the overall book was about how we have been brainwashed in society, and how uncovering the brainwashing and using the techniques I describe can bring happiness. I can tell you from experience – nobody ever asked me who was my publisher when Penguin was my publisher.
They let you pick the size of your book and then have Microsoft Word templates that you download to format your book within.
I write a blog post about how the bo0k is different from the blog and why I chose to go this route.
They might not be able to give you professional level insight, but if they find some misspellings or grammar errors, then it’s already worth their help. More than 12 years as a freelance writer for websites, magazines, newspapers and yes, copy editing for book publishers. E-books and e-readers have changed the game much life social media has changed the way businesses interact with their customers and the way the media interacts with users.
The problem is that fairly high-resolution is needed for the quality we want, but that will make the file too large. They integrated our POD software and manufacturing system globally and turned our self-publishing business into CreateSpace. Now if you want to buy one of his books you have to pay of $1000 for something that is totally out of date. The web decreased the value of new books by allowing buyers to contact a much broader spectrum of sellers for a product that is, once published, a commodity. With all the books you buy yourself to hand them out for free, do the copies sold to other readers at least still cover the costs? This includes when you are just distributing your book at cost to move your business forward. If you don’t, something will always get in the way from finishing the book and sending it to the service who will print it.
People think their life stories or business philosophies are compelling, when they are really not very unique or interesting in terms of a commercial opportunity.
Sometimes the right choice is to self publish and sometimes it isn't, so how do you decide? I've been collecting the names of book review blogs that accept queries from independent authors and, let me tell you, there aren't a lot of them.

Toasted Cheese is both a literary journal and a community for writers, they offer good advice and a series of writing competitions that are free to enter.
Big Bridge is named after its driving principle of building “bridges” between artistic communities so they come together to create new ideas. Various fields  are available (such as genre, pay scale, submissions formats, etc.) in order to find the right publication for your work. Literally, as I write this a friend of mine just IMed me the details of his book deal he just got with a mainstream publisher. This was covered in a much more detailed fashion than the blog ever could even though the material was inspired by several of my posts.
But with Kindle, Createspace charges $70 and they take care of everything until it’s uploaded to the Kindle store. At the very least, when you hand someone a book you wrote, it’s more impressive than handing a business card. The first one is about why everyone should travel to Ameland (a dutch island) once a year, because I have done that for almost my entire life now. Is there a mailing list or something I can sign up for to know when your book is done, Felix? Just send your Email adress to felix1203 at gmx dot de and I promise to contact you when it?s done.
The web increased the value of old books by increasing the number of buyers for something with a fixed supply.
You need to get a lot of books out there to get the phone to ring and generate new business.
If you set a deadline, you also have to stop thinking of new chapters you may want to add, new research to include, or other features. In most cases, agents and editors don’t know whether your book will be worth reading.
The editors focus on quality when reading submissions so remember to groom your work before you submit! Often bookstores will look at what’s hot on Amazon and then order the books wholesale from the publishers.
He also checked grammar, made proactive suggestions on font (sans serif instead of serif) and was extremely helpful. Very early stages, but we’re going about it in a way you might suggest, building the product first, trying to get some revenue, starting small and agile, not raising funds (not yet, maybe not ever).
Your blog and especially this post now has me thinking about writing again for many reasons.
We have other projects to work on, and will get back to this as we monitor the printing costs. For non-famous folks, it helps to have a large blog following or a popular website, or a large email database. They help you put your ideas into a book, and you cut them in on the first $500 or so of the profits before you take a dime. Write the first two chapters, and solicit the opinions of a few people who have no compelling interest whether you succeed or not.
In many cases, tradtional publishers will take their most-known writers (so if you are in that category, congrats!) and pay to have them featured at a bookstore.
It also shows you value the relationship with the potential customer enough that you are willing to give him something of value.
But I am not sure about the second one, since it?s more like a mixture of little stories about a friend of mine. The book will either be a very interesting look at a brand that could explode, or a book about lessons learned and things I will do differently if this fails with future projects. You can imagine how the industry treated us like we were pariahs in 2000 … and it is so great to see this become the new normal. As for my experience, my traditional publishers would get a few copies of my books in the bookstores of major cities (i.e.
The process was expensive, involved a lot of negotiation, a lot of interference and unwanted editing from publishers,  and if it got approved, would take a long time to get to print. Contact some top reviewers on Amazon, and ask them if they would read your first couple chapters. Make a bigger arc to the book by using original material to explain WHY this book, with these chapters, presented in this manner is a different read than the blog.
Ultimately, authors (unless you are Stephen King, etc) have to do their own marketing for books.
Contrary to this, a child born in an uncultured family will be rude and disrespectful because he sees his elders behaving like that. Moreover, he should neither speak so loud that his voice becomes jarring to the ears nor he should whisper so low that he is not even audible to his companions.
It is bad manners to go on talking when others are unwilling to listen.A man should be polite while talking to strangers.
While boarding a bus or a train he should see that he does not push his way in but takes his turn.

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