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The diagram above represents NPR’s content management pipeline and how it embraces these COPE principles.
Through COPE, our systems have enabled incredible growth despite having a small staff and limited resources. In this series of posts, I will be discussing these philosophies, as well as how NPR applied them and how we were able to do so much with so little (including our NPR API).
COPE is the key difference between content management systems and web publishing tools, although these terms are often used interchangeably in our industry. True CMS’s are really just content capturing tools that are completely agnostic as to how or where the content will be viewed, whether it is a web page, mobile app, TV or radio display, etc. But to truly separate content from display, the content repository needs to also avoid storing “dirty” content.
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Untuk Romanista sejati seperti dirinya, mungkin tepat bahwa prestasi terbesar dalam karirnya datang untuk Azzurri. A Piala Dunia, sebuah U-21 Kejuaraan Eropa, runner-up menempatkan di Kejuaraan Eropa senior dan selesai urutan ketiga di Olimpiade dan Piala Konfederasi semuanya telah diterima dengan warna biru. Tapi untuk Roma – dengan siapa ia mulai sebagai striker di tim muda, gelandang di puncak dan yang kini bermain lebih jauh ke belakang sebagai bek -. Dua Coppa Italias dan dua gelar Supercoppa Italiana semua bahwa De Rossi telah memenangkan dengan Giallorossi.
Tempat kedua selesai untuk Inter pada tahun 2008 dan 2010 merupakan keberhasilan domestik terbaik Roma dan De Rossi dalam dekade terakhir di Serie A.

Tapi apa antagonises De Rossi lebih dari relatif kurangnya nya perak untuk Roma, adalah pembicaraan kehidupan pribadinya. Cerita-cerita banyak dipublikasikan perceraian dengan istri pertamanya, dan koneksi dugaan dengan mafia setelah mantan ayah mertuanya Massimo Pisnoli, ditembak mati di tabrak mafia terkait, terutama menyengat 32 tahun -tua. Tapi semua itu pada akhirnya berarti apa-apa ketika De Rossi memimpin nya sisi untuk permainan 500 nya untuk Roma. Menanti debut kedua Luciano Spalletti sebagai nakhoda AS Roma, apa yang bisa dilakukannya untuk membangkitkan klub dari keterpurukan? As Roma lewat Football Cares mengajak komunitas pecinta bola diseluruh dunia untuk membantu menggalang dana bagi pengungsi diseluh dunia.
For years, the Internet has been about web sites and browser-based experiences, and the systems that drove those sites generally matched those experiences.
The basic principle is to have content producers and ingestion scripts funnel content into a single system (or series of closely tied systems). Creating an API on top of a COPE-less system will distribute the content, but there is still no guarantee that the content can actually live on any platform. The goal of any CMS should be to gather enough information to present the content on any platform, in any presentation, at any time.
Additionally, platforms that don’t yet exist are able to be served by a true CMS in ways that WPT’s may not be able to (even with plug-ins). The content, through the principles of COPE, is pushed out to all of these destinations through the NPR API.
In the most basic form, this means that the presentation layer needs to be a series of templates that know how to pull in the content from the repository. Dirty content is content that contains any presentation layer information embedded in it, including HTML, XML, character encodings, microformats, and any other markup or rich formatting information. They are able to distribute content to different platforms, separate content from display, etc.
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Pada 32 tahun, dan 101 game mengenakan ban kapten sebagai wakil kapten Francesco Totti, Daniele De Rossi tahu betul bahwa tidak ada banyak masa depan kiri dalam karirnya. Penampilan pertamanya tidak datang Serie A , maupun Coppa Italia, tapi di Liga Champions melawan Anderlecht. De Rossi telah berubah rekan tim, pelatih, peran dan pacar, dan nya 13 tahun, 11 bulan dan 24 hari perjalanan telah menjadi roller-coaster satu. Dia memiliki nama ayahnya Alberto, ibu dan adik Michela nama Ludovica ini semua terukir di kulitnya. Setelah perpisahan mereka, wanita lain datang ke dalam hidupnya, Sarah Felberbaum, yang memberinya anak lain, Olivia. Sebuah Scudetto adalah hilang, dan itu adalah trofi yang ia bisa dengan mudah ditangkap jika ia memilih untuk pindah ke klub Italia lain dalam karirnya.

Selama bertahun-tahun, ia yang paling dicari setelah pemain Italia di planet ini yang bisa menghitung Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City dan Paris Saint-Germain sebagai pelamar nya pada berbagai titik di musim terakhir.
Once there, the distribution of all content can be handled identically, regardless of content type or its destinations (Click here for an enlargement of this diagram). Any system that adheres to these principles, whether it is a COTS product, home-grown, or anything in between, will see the benefits of content modularity and portability. COPE is dependent on these other philosophies to ensure that the content is truly portable. By applying COPE, NPR was able to quickly jump on advancements throughout the years like RSS, Podcasts, API’s and mobile platforms with relative ease.
This enables the presentation layer to care about how the content will look while the content can be display-agnostic, allowing it to appear on a web site, a mobile device, etc.
But to take some of these systems to the next level, enabling them to scale and adapt to our changing landscape, they will need to focus more on content modularity and portability. As a result you'll get an jquery playing video online code html page with all necessary code, images, and Website Mit Videoplayer Templates videos. With the growing need and ability to be portable comes tremendous opportunity for content providers.
As an example, the public API took only about two developer months to create, and most of that time was spent on user and rights management. In my next post, I will go into more detail about NPR’s approach to content modularity and why our approach is more than just data normalization. I just wanted to say that I'm trying out the new Html5 Video Maker and it looks really awesome, great work! Plug-ins are often available for distribution to other platforms, but applying tools on top of the native functions to manipulate the content for alternate destinations makes the system inherently unscalable. It requires distribution platforms, API’s and other ways to get the content to where it needs to be.
That is, for each new platform, WPT’s will need a new plug-in to tailor the presentation markup to that platform.
CMS’s, on the other hand, store the content cleanly, enabling the presentation layers to worry about how to display the content not on how to transform the markup embedded within it. In order for content providers to take full advantage of these new platforms, they will need to, first and foremost, embrace one simple philosophy: COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere). It is so much simpler and cleaner than other attempts, definitely something I would use in my design work. So far I love it OK, I found your jquery thumbnail video viewer product to be just what I was looking for.

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