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Even a content filtering product is deployed in your network, some experienced users still can bypass the content filter via proxies.
Proxy server provides proxy service for applications to access internet via proxy protocol, including HTTP, FTP., SSL and SOCKS proxy.
A proxy site is a web page which allows you to browse your favorite web sites – even though your access to those web sites might be blocked by a content filter. However, since a website black list can not contain all proxy websites, we recommend you to enable “URL keywords filtering” and “Web access rules” to block proxy websites based on our URL database and URL keywords. If you’re desperately searching for the best Facebook login proxy sites to unblock Facebook at school or working place then you’re in the right place to discover some ideal proxy sites.
The problem why many organizations restrict social networking sites is it reduces people’s working capabilities.
Facebook login proxies allow you to access Facebook while at school, work or anywhere you’re restricted by a firewall.
Are you in school or workplace, seeking to access blocked sites like facebook, YouTube, MySpace etc? This is another great proxy website to access facebook, unlike other free proxy sites it uses dedicated hardware to provide legit services. Appsverse is a mobile app developing company that recently launched their web flash browser to access blocked websites at school or workplace.
This is an American proxy website, which provides access to various popular websites like Facebook, MySpace etc.

We are a group of Tech Geeks, passionate about latest trends and we love to share our knowledge to world. In this how-to from Household Hacker, we learn of a number of free proxy services that make getting around your school's Internet filter software a breeze. In this tutorial the author shows how to use a proxy at your school and get on the blocked site like MySpace etc. Nowadays, Facebook additions runs wildly because of its popularities but due to some reasons you’re not allowed to access Facebook and you’ll be experience withdrawal symptoms. To be honest, social networking sites is the best way to relax your mind by blowing out your stress in working environment. Rather than connecting directly to FB, you’re passing through the servers of proxy sites then you’re redirected to facebook. By this way, you can access Facebook anonymously using Facebook proxy server. This site allows you to break all network restrictions and offers you the best surfing experience. In fact, many people are utilizing these proxies to unblock websites at their workplace and school.
But you can’t browse as you see in desktop because it only offers mobile version of facebook.
It is like a virtual PC, you can access any website at anytime because the IP is located on some other place that can’t blocked by firewall. They manage a separate server to help you browse anonymously so you can browse without any track.

For all of the details, and to start accessing and using all of your favorite websites when at school, watch this video guide. Anyhow, don’t worry; we’ve listed some best proxy server for facebook in the following section. Zfreez is highly recommended 100% working facebook login proxy site to bypass any blocked websites. This is the ideal website to hang with your friends at school or workplace without leaving any footprints.
This site works like charm on Facebook so we’ve listed this under best facebook login proxy sites. If you’ve any suggestions or if any link is dead then please mention that by leaving us your comments below. Now if you want to access any website you just need to copy the link and paste it into the pointed field in the website and now you can choose a new domain name for the website.

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