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Installing Proxify could prove to be a little complicated than anticipated, but once you do, there’s no stopping you!
Ninjacloak is often preferred over most sites for just one reason; it offers a better privacy profile, to enable behind a firewall with blocked ports.
With an .org extension, this site automatically instills some sort of psychological reassurance in the users’ minds. This is a US based website and subsequently has a lot of users, making it one of the most widely used proxy websites.
One of the most important features of GPass is that it supports instant messaging, audio or video streaming, and emails–features that are not normally available in other proxy applications. UltraSurf is a free proxy software application that is easy to configure and does not require installation in order for you to use it.
Availale in both free and premium versions, Hotspot Shield is another powerful proxy software application.
Once you have downloaded the free version, you can use its services but with advertisements if you open any website. Other people will not know the sites you are accessing and the websites you visit will not know your details or physical location. If you like to access websites that are not normally accessible due to censorship in certain countries, Your Freedom can provide a solution for you.
To use Your Freedom, you need to create an account on their website and install the software. Freegate is a proxy software application that is popularly used in China, although it also has many other users around the world.
You can run Freegate without the need for installation and it will automatically open the Dynaweb homepage in the Internet Explorer. Wherever you are, you can now access almost all websites including those that are blocked, with the use of proxy software applications.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. With this proxy, users can manage all advanced options, with the addition of blocking cookies and preventing images from loading.
Since its conception in 2004, it’s used by many people to access their favourite websites without second thoughts. The reason you can’t access a site is beacause you’re unable to hide the IP address and configure setting for a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.
He started his venture when he was 16, he has won numerous international and national web development competitions and has worked on 100+ web, mobile and online marketing projects.

It is a totally free software application that allows you to visit blocked sites anonymously.
Aside from letting you access blocked sites, it also protects your privacy when using the Internet. One of its best features is that it hides your network address so that it will not be traceable and saved in log files. Many travelers from various countries use Freegate when visiting China to access websites that are forbidden in the country, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube websites.
It is a kind of server that  acts as a server when you send a request to access web content.
When you have the option of choosing free servers and paid ones, there is a tendency for people to go for the free ones. They cannot visit any social networking site because it has been banned in their office computer. The technical reason behind a blocked site is the restriction imposed on your ISP to protect the website by hiding its private data. This makes it possible to load a text-only version of Facebook – quite useful when attempting to prevent people in the surrounding area from identifying the website being used. While it can be used to access other websites, its main advantage is the ability to easily log in to Facebook without worrying about being detected or tracked by system administrators. Having collected a huge loyalty base over time, Hide My Ass is prompt, efficient and totally reliable.
The most well liked aspect about Proxify is that it’s available around the globe; which means you can access it anywhere, anytime and at any place. What proxy sites does is, it finds a loophole in the blocked sites and through the proxy sites your IP address is concealed, which enables the users to establish a VPN connection, thus unblocking the site. So the next time you come across a blocked website you want to access, wipe away the frown lines from your face and go to any of the sites listed above. When you use GTunnel to access blocked websites, your IP address will be hidden to protect your privacy. When you run it, the Ultrareach homepage will automatically open in your homepage, but you can also opt to turn it off.
Once you send a request for Facebook, for instance, your IP address is recognised as banned and you cannot open the page. Now what a proxy site does it, it’ll provide you with an alternative site through which you can access the blocked site. The traffic contents are also encrypted so any local censorship or filtering system will not see them in clear texts.
Additionally, the features of GappProx are best suited for users looking for the alternative of Network & Internet for personal or commercial use.

It also comes with public wifi protection which helps secure your personal data from snoopers even if using public wifi. When you send a request to access a particular website, especially one that has been banned in your geographical area, you will not be able to access that site. So if anyone is trying to hack into your computer, then he will get the IP address of the proxy server. Through the proxy site, your IP address will be concealed and you will be able to access the site just like it was never blocked. You get to browse quickly, download or upload files within a matter of moments, watch movies and protect your privacy, all at the same time. If you have any qualms about opening and accessing Facebook in your office computer, then you can do the same in your laptop.
Given below are a few proxy sites that will come to your rescue if you ever came across a blocked site. Paid proxy severs are exclusively for you, but with free ones, you have to share them with others. Of course, you must do it during your lunch break, after all, you are not supposed to cheat your company. If you wish to mask your identity and location, then you have to do a simple thing that will make it possible. You can conceal your identity and protect your geographical location by not revealing where you are living or staying with the help of proxy server. You don’t have to install anything, just configure a little software in your browser and hey presto, the job is done.
You can also protect your credit card information, your bank account details and your email addresses in this manner.
If you are living in a country where YouTube is blocked, getting a proxy server would be the best answer. In this day and age, proxy servers are going to rule the net world, because identity stealers and hackers are at large, still, and growing by the day.
Similarly, you can open several accounts in social media sites and create email addresses for business purposes.

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