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FY 2014 Army SFC Promotion Selection ResultsHere are the names of the 22,227 Regular Army staff sergeants considered for promotion by the 2014 sergeant first class board that met Feb.
Get Promotion Points for Military TrainingThere are many colleges that award college credit for your Military Training and Experience.
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We are not affiliated with the American Counsel on Education or the Department of Veterans Affairs. In order to earn promotion points, Soldiers must complete the entire correspondence course they areenrolled in and possess a certificate of completion. Many Soldiers state that their supporting documents are in the rear andthat they would only be able to provide them once they re-deploy.

Individual sub-courses on their own will not count for promotionpoints.Question: Will Soldiers lose those sub-course points?
What do we tell them?Answer: The intent and purpose of conducting promotion audits is to ensure the new automated application isaccurate and maintains integrity of our promotion system. Conducting audits for deployed Soldiers, who are not in aposition to authenticate or provide documents to validate their promotion point computations, will not assist with thiseffort.
Sub-courses areonly part of a full course.Question: On the chart for the conversion of Army Correspondence Courses, are the point values attributed to eachindividual sub-course and then added together, or are the total hours calculated first, and then converted to promotionpoints? COA's), what steps do we take?Answer: If a Soldier cannot substantiate points during an audit, the S1 must make a point adjustment and informboth the Soldier's command and the Soldier with the findings and a notification of adjusted points.
Commanders willdecide what actions toward the Soldier are appropriate if any, based on the audit results. The Soldier must have record of a completed full course and the total credit hours for theentire course will be divided by 5 to determine promotion points.Question: Is full ACCP course completion required to count as points?

I'm being told that ACCP credit hours will onlycount towards promotion if a SM has completed the full course. Effective with 1 June 2011 promotions, Soldiers receive promotion points for full ACCP course completiononly. Ceilings for each of the three elements will ensure Soldiers pursue completion of amyriad of training opportunities in varying training environments, across the full spectrum of military educationcourses, to include attendance at and completion of Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES)courses. Completion of professional military education courses (NCOES) are an integral part of the overallleader development process. As such, a maximum of 40% of the points a Soldier can potentially earn are appliedto the NCOES element within the military education category (104 maximum points for Soldiers competing forSGT and 112 maximum points for Soldier competing for SSG).

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