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Active duty military, veterans, and immediate family members, sign up for the Veterans Advantage program and save 20% off every order, online only; exclusions may apply. Click the link to shop thousands of items eligible for free shipping automatically, online only; exclusions may apply.
Over the weekend, on Google+ I noticed a few people that had already picked up the Galaxy S4 and were a bit ticked off that the device has only 8.82GB (around that amount) free to the user before installing any apps, loading up any music, or photos. By comparison, the HTC One lists 7.14GB of your storage being used for the system, Sense 5, and such. In an accompanying press release sent to VG247, Nintendo confirmed details of a new Mario Kart 8 promotion. This in-game channels gives player s chance to check out highlight reels from their races and tournaments, with a suite of playback options.

Bowser’s seven Koopa children have been introduced as well, bringing the current racer count to 30. One free shirt and tie per entire order, with valid shirt and tie coupon code (applied at checkout with qualifying suit purchase in cart).
Most of the panic here is probably going to come from the fact that you can’t even see the rest of the 16GB of storage. If you buy the game on disc or over the Wii U eShop, and register it on Club Nintendo between May 30 and July 31, you’ll get a download code for one of ten selected Wii U games good until August 31.
Private and public tournaments can be made by gamers and posted online, and you can also download player ghosts. Clips can also be uploaded straight to YouTube from within the service, or MiiVerse if they so choose.

At least there is a microSD card slot included in the Galaxy S4, unlike with many other flagship devices. While the Crazy Eight gives players a swirl of eight different items that can be used one after the other. The rest of it is used by the system, bloat apps, and other features Samsung has thrown into the device.

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