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We have variety of private label beverage products that can get you to to market quickly and safely.
A private label beverage contract manufacturer that specializes in the production of beverage products. Outsourced private label manufacturing has become the best option for many companies seeking to cut costs, reduce cash commitments to floor stock and eliminate bottlenecks in the supply chain. Retailers, Wholesalers, Marketers, Distributors and Food Service companies, regardless of size, can begin selling their own genuine private label products at low prices. We are excited to announce this yeara€™s Convention Farewell Celebration will be held at the world famous Sea World Orlando theme park! The event will begin on Wednesday, August 1st at 6:00 PM and will include dinner, live animal interaction, performances by a steel drum band and a fireworks display. Free transportation will depart from the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort to Sea World at 5:30 PM. As we focus on maximizing our partnership, keep us in mind as you interact with distributors and sales professionals on a regular basis that are looking to make a change. Please note that any information we share with you regarding our members is proprietary and confidential. We want you to be aware of the array of programs and services that we offer to our member network and of our Owners who are experiencing tremendous success! Michele Adams, Owner of Proforma Global Sourcing in Tampa, FL, is kicking off summer with a hot new account.
The formal proposal process began in August A 2011 when Michele and Dena met with UPSa€™s Procurement Team. UPS decided to move forward with the promotional products program, releasing an RFP in November.
As a result of their response to the RFP, Michele and Dena were invited to UPSa€™s Atlanta headquarters in January to formally present their recommendations.
Michele and Dena have wowed UPS with numerous samples and creative product suggestions, 351 of which were selected for the program. It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Steve Daly, Owner of Proforma Design, Print & Promotions.
Barbara Scheipe, Owner of Proforma Dynamic Image Solutions, completed a sale by grand design using the help of the Appointment Setting Program. Prior to the meeting, the contact warned Barbara he was stocked up on promo items, but he was willing to talk with her to learn more about her services for the future. She followed up on the appointment with additional information about one of the products the prospect expressed interest in. Mark Adams, Owner of Proforma Lakeshore Print & Promotions, learned persistence with the Appointment Setting program pays off. The 2012 Convention is less than 40 days away, and Team Proforma 400 and Group 2 members got the countdown started with a sneak peak of Lisa Leitcha€™s Convention sessions on everything from how to build a SUPER powerful team, to ways you can successfully sell to different personality styles.
During the a€?$100,000 Thursdaya€? webinar, Team Proforma 400 and Group 2 members heard from Chas Shramek, Co-Owner of Proforma Connected.
In addition to Chas, the Support Centera€™s Danny Trizio gave listeners an overview of the a€?Connect the Dotsa€? MBA (More and Better Appointments) campaign, which helps promote Proformaa€™s ability to not only provide products to customers, but creative solutions as well.
Proformaa€™s Recruiting Programs continue to help Owners grow their businesses by hiring both recent college graduates and experienced sales reps.

If you are interested in presenting an educational webinar to our members, please contact a member of the Vendor Development team. At Convention, Owners will get the opportunity to learn about the latest updates to the PROvision system and get all their questions answered during the PROvision Recent Updates and Enhancements session. If you're not familiar with PROvision, it's Proforma's new state-of-the-art operating system that will be the launch pad of technological advances and streamlined business practices for years to come. We are proud to announce that Proforma has been ranked #2 Top Distributor by Promo Marketing magazine with total promotional product sales of $296 million in 2011.
Our Owners can increase their credibility and promote the benefits of working with a leader in the industry. We are proud to announce that Proforma has been ranked as the #3 Top Distributor by Counselor magazine with total promotional product sales of $296 million in 2011. Our members can increase their credibility by promoting Proforma's latest industry ranking. Greg and Vera Muzzillo have maintained their status on Counselor Magazine's Power 50 list, ranking #4.
The Counselor Power 50 is a group of executives who have redefined innovation at their companies, are setting the pace for the marketplace and whom other distributors and suppliers emulate in their best practices. We usually wear yoga pants, hoodies and UGGs when we’re flying, but sometimes we have to be a little more presentable as soon as we land. This look from Moi Contre La Vie has all the essentials for pulling off the airport chic look. Market Beverage supplies turnkey drink options for customers looking to create new brands, add extensions to their existing beverage brands or to streamline their manufacturing and OEM programs.
The Market Beverage innovated business model is now the industry standard for turnkey private label bottling.
In addition to adding a the effective option for the brand owner's customer, they are also building equity in their own store value! This is your chance to successfully partner with our Owners and become Super Powerful a€“ all in one place!A  At the Vendor Showcase you will get the chance to network with over 400 Owners at the industrya€™s largest private tradeshow.A  Convention will be more powerful than ever!
This high energy atmosphere will set the scene for our final networking event of Convention, and give you the opportunity to come together with Owners and Support Center Staff one last time before heading back to Be Super Powerful in your business. In the end, helping these distributors grow their business will help you grow yours as well. As a reminder, you can pull a full roster of Proforma members at any time, and view members who have recently departed the system on tab 2, Left System. It's not to be shared with other vendors, Proforma members or any other companies or individuals.
This knowledge should help you better partner with our members and maximize your participation in our preferred vendor program. She and sales rep, Dena Van Winkle have been working overtime for the better part of a year to secure additional business with current client UPS. During the meeting they discovered the international delivery company was looking for a technology solution to capture employee recognition spending.
Dena brought invaluable background knowledge about UPS to the proposal process, thanks to her strong relationship with a key decision maker in addition to previous experience providing apparel for the companya€™s volunteer program. They expect the promotional products program to serve as a launching pad for a growing partnership between UPS and Proforma Global Sourcing.

Steve will be greatly missed, as he was a friend and a trusted mentor within the Proforma organization. Please keep his family close in your thoughts and prayers as they endure this difficult time. Barbara still came to the meeting prepared to sell and brought construction-related items, including triangular aluminum rulers, golf items, tool kits and sunglasses.
The contact was so impressed by Barbaraa€™s targeted promotional items that he reached out to her soon after their meeting with an order for two different promo products totaling $1,000. Lisa shared how participating in coaching calls can increase productivity, while also introducing Owners and Sales Reps to the many different programs her company, Teneo Results, will be offering to the Proforma Network this Fall.
Year after year, Chas has secured an order of more than $200,000 with a credit card financial institution, and he shared how he keeps his relationship with the customer strong and ongoing. They can access the Strength in Numbers flyer in the Owner Store under Web2Print > Sales Flyers and email in the Media Library. Rankings are determined by a panel of editorial experts at the award-winning Counselor magazine. It has sunglasses to cover up tired eyes, a large satchel to hold a tablet and snacks, and a scarf in case the passenger next to you keeps his air vent open. With an existing diverse portfolio of soft drinks, energy shots, sports drinks, flavored water and oral strips, that are ready for market, Market Beverage can deliver a new private label beverage brand in just a few weeks.
By asking key questions, Michele and Dena also learned that UPS planned on releasing an RFP for their promotional products program before the end of the year. For more than nine years, Steve enjoyed working with his valued customers as a part of the Proforma Family. She also mentioned her printing services, showing him the VMailcard as an option for promoting their company. She currently is working on two new projects for the client that have a potential for $2500 in additional sales.
Unfortunately, the client called and cancelled shortly before the appointment was set to take place. Chas also told a great story about not only working extensively with a large restaurant chain and sports team, but also helping a popular charity as part of the project. Proforma has maintained more than a decade-long presence in the annual listing of the Top 100 Distributors. The staple of Market Beverage business is having private label products that are "store ready." This enables the customer to get to market without the high front-loaded costs of product development and the time needed to build quality manufacturing relationships. The Appointment Setting Team called and rescheduled the appointment a€“ which was cancelled again. He left with several promotional products and print items to quote on with a potential for $10,000 in sales.

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