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Wondering what would happen to that $7.99 Google Play Music price you locked into in the early days, now that YouTube Red is about to launch?
So basically they just keep adding more and more content to my existing $8 music service that I use the hell out of? I think you should plan on staying with Spotify because student pricing is not in the cards. I missed the earlier story that linked Google Play Music and YouTube Red services together under a single subscription.
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Your day can be long and boring without having access to your favorite social networking sites. Go unlimited internet access to any site for 7 days for only P80 with the new Smart Big Unli Surf 80. We’re nearly halfway into the first month of 2015 and yet no free songs have appeared on iTunes, leading Business Insider to wonder whether Apple has killed off the promotion for good. Conceived as a promotional vehicle to drive sales of music downloads and expose music lovers to new songs, Apple’s “Single of the Week” promoting launched a decade ago, back in 2004 (three years after the launch of the iTunes Store). The promotion has been running ever since, giving out free music every week on iTunes up until the start of 2015.
According to a post over at the Apple Support Communities forums, one user wrote that an Apple employee confirmed to him that the promotion has in fact been discontinued.

I was able to confirm that the promotion has not appeared since the beginning of 2015 on the US and UK iTunes Stores.
Curiously enough, Apple last month ended the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ promotion which for six years straight used to joy customers in the UK and US by giving away iOS apps, music, films and books over the twelve days following Christmas Day. If Apple gave consumers what they want then we’d end up with some pretty terrible and backwards products. Basically Apple doesnt wanna give stuff away…unless of course its a U2 album that no ones wants! According to emails being sent to subscribers who have hung onto the $7.99 price, nothing is changing at all. Some of us were wondering if we would still get to keep that $7.99 Play Music subscription. They are two separate services, however, paying for one or the other grants you access to both. I’m still wondering how the early adopter pricing will work once they launch multiple accounts for Google play music. Get a SMART Postpaid UNLISURF Plans and enjoy unlimited mobile surfing, free all-net calls and all-net texts. Please let us know down in the comments whether or not “Single of the Week” is still available in your market.
Without the single of the week I would not have been enjoying artists like London Grammar, Geppetto & The Whales, Chantal Acda and Broken Bells and more by now.

I see a comment below saying it was available in Canada 5 days ago for him, but it’s not been available to me since the free Christmas downloads (which were up for more than a week).
As you can see in the email below, which discusses the end of YouTube Music Key (now known as YouTube Red), we do indeed get to keep it. Google is also giving subscribers the next month free before continuing on with the regularly scheduled $7.99 price. I guest the only thing that I have been thinking about is the name Red, They are just having a hard time naming this thing, Music Key was also a interesting choice in naming, IMO.
Thankfully, if you are a Google Play Music subscriber, you get YouTube Red at no extra cost. Has Google music key always provided ad free viewing and background music playing on YouTube? Same thing goes for YouTube Red subscribers – you get a Google Play Music subscription at no extra cost. I thought music key was a service in the Google Music app to have access to millions of songs.

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