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Allie Phillips wants us to know what happens to the animals in the shelter if they're not adopted. Despite the fact the convicted dog-fighter Michael Vick isn't allowed to have a pet yet, he's raised the ire of many by considering adopting a dog.
Open your presents while listening to a dozen inspirational and emotionally driven tales about the connection with our pets. The ASPCA President has found an addendum to Genesis explaining the creation of Cats & Dogs. The Director of the nationally recognized Helen Woodward Center in San Diego had a rough start in the animal world. The late comedian loved animals so much he started a foundation and a yearly comedy show to help save abused and homeless dogs and cats. Also on this special show: Rae Ann Kumelos, Peter Gethers, Britt Savage, Vinnie Penn, Trixie Koontz and Jingle Fish! Foster City, California, Parks & Recreation committee is trying to pass a three-dog limit at the city's dog parks. Animal Radio's entire Dream Team is roasting chestnuts, sharing eggnog and finding solutions to listeners questions about their pets.
Animal People Watchdog Merritt Clifton uncovers the financial details of all the non-profit animal welfare organizations.
Susan Sims is sending someone to Seattle's Hotel Vintage Park for a night with your favorite pet. Our friend and host of NBC's National Dog Show, David Frei is on to explain the six new AKC breeds. Wouldn't it be grand if you didn't have to worry about a cat litter because Fluffy does her business in the toilet? Eyenimal Pet Video Camera is the first brand of miniature video cameras that allow dog and cat owners to step into the lives of their favorite pet. The Pooch Power Shovel is a more than a lightweight cordless power tool; it's the next generation in pooper-scooper technology. The Scoop Free Automatic Litter is the only self-cleaning litter box that uses disposable litter trays to provide hands-off convenience and unbeatable odor control. WAHL's Deluxe Series Pet-Pro Kit provides home groomers with a versatile clipper at an affordable price. Oprah's dog trainer, Tamar Geller says you don't have to be dominant, you don't have to teach submissiveness or ingrain fear to get your dog to behave. No, you don't have to cut your pets hair to remove the gum still in Fido's fur since Halloween. Several concerned listeners noticed problems with their pets after eating recalled pet-food. The US Food and Drug Administration has issued an alert about buying discounted pet medications online.
The last few weeks have been peppered with stories of new, upscale pet resorts opening across America. And while we're here in Vegas, we're also checking out the pet-friendliest resort in Nevada! Groomer extraordinaire Joey Villani has cheap and easy ways to safely dye your dog for Halloween.
Can you learn all you need to know about your pet's health off the Internet and skip that next veterinary visit? Not the most comfortable subject to talk about, but it's important that dog AND cat guardians know about these smelly organs.
In Iran, a powerful cleric has issued an Islamic religious ruling banning the selling or keeping of pets. EVERY Animal Radio® listener gets a FREE BAG of By Nature Cat Food or Dog Food and a FREE BAG of World's Best Cat Litter. About two-thirds of dog owners said they routinely drive while petting or playing with their dogs, sometimes even giving them food or water while maneuvering through traffic. Yet there is still no definitive answer as to "how cats purr." Many theories exist for the reasons behind the comforting sound. After 7 puppies died of heat exhaustion on an American Airlines flight, it's more important than ever to bring your pets in-cabin for any flights!
With the economic pressure being felt in every strata of society, more members of the household are being asked to step-up and contribute, Dogs have been doing this since the dawn of history.
In what has to be the strangest story of the decade, police arrested 51-year old Gary Korkuc after a disturbing discovery during a routine traffic stop. A military veterinarian has diagnosed a bomb-sniffing dog with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Giant pet food company Procter and Gamble has expanded its voluntary recall of selected brands of its dry dog food over fears it may be contaminated with salmonella. The owner of a four foot long iguana has had the last laugh on a Maryland Council which tried to ban the pair from walking in public. Animal Radio's annual Senior Pet Special examines the new technologies that keep our pets living longer than ever before. Author and firecracker Sally Roth has created the 'end-all' bird-lovers book, The Backyard Bird Lover's Ultimate How-to Guide.
Jobs are hard to find but this recent ad was posted for young adults who are active, alert, outgoing, confident with a good sense of smell and tolerance of people. Animal's best friend, television and radio host Marc Morrone shares his life with every creature imaginable.
Producer of the feature film My Dogs, Daryl Roth explains how she captured the most intimate moments between those in the spotlight and the furry-friends in their lives.

Ed seems to confide with Animal Radio®, telling listeners the Hollywood news before TMZ gets a hold of it.
Since topping the charts, musician Bo Bice has been keeping active with tour dates and a new album to benefit flood victims. Dodger Legend Steve Garvey joins us for the All-American holiday weekend to celebrate pets everywhere. Jay Holcomb of the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) responds to oil spills to cleanup birds.
The Associated Press has compiled photos and stories of all the animals that have lived in the white house. Animal Radio® regular, retired TV host Bob Barker is sharing more fun stories about the animals that he's rescued.
After being handicapped in the Gulf War, Alan Wald has decided to focus his attentions on several inventions including a talking pet id tag, a food bowl that allows room for droopy ears and Doggie-Doo poop-bag dispensers. Sure you knew your furry companions could get fleas or ticks, but did you know that it's the beginning of maggot season? Occasionally, we receive free access to review a product or service; however, we do not accept compensation in exchange for positive reviews. The entire Dream Team is ready to help you and your pets kick-off 2011 with great tips for a healthier and happier companion.
Celebrated authors and celebrities share their most intimate thoughts on the animals that surround us.
You might be surprised to know that God felt the dog was a reflection of himself and named the creature "DOG" - GOD backwards. Both Rue McClanahan and Leslie Nielsen spent time visiting Animal Radio® and we're looking and listening back. Do you really want to wait in line to use the bathroom while your cat is reading Cat Fancy on the loo? Whether you have a small Maltese or 2 giant mutts, the Pooch Power Shovel can handle all of your dog's presents.
The kit includes all the tools and step-by-step instructions needed to make the grooming experience great for both the owner and pet. He promoting his new album, the first Afro-American artist to appear in the Cracker Barrel CD collection since a NAACP lawsuit.
Your pet may get this infection after a visit to the groomer, especially if the groomer hasn't practiced good hygiene. Debbie has the low-down on what you must do to keep your new-family member safe from disease.
A report indicates that these recipes may contain high levels of Vitamin D, which can be fatal.
In an effort to control the disease in raccoons, cracker encrusted fish bait will be dropped over 3400 square miles - and supposedly cannot hurt pets or people. The Jet Pet Resort offers a $1000 a night package that includes private limo transportation, plasma HDTV (dogs hate fuzzy pictures), picnics and specialized meals. Paris tweeted that she was in a pet store and saw the bunnies were destined to be snake food, so she bought them all. While no major illnesses have been reported, the FDA continues on a rampage to encourage voluntary recalls of facilities that have tested positive.
This time we're checking out the newest pet products available for your pets as we broadcast from the floor of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Should you put your money into an interest bearing account or pay a premium for the costly procedures that you might encounter in your pet's life?
Vladae The Russian Dog Wizard has fool-proof (emphasis on 'fool') ways to stop bad behavior for good. When she had to 'pay-up' by getting a dog for him, she never expected a very, very bad beagle would soon rule her life.
If your dog is scooting across the carpet, you may need to have a professional clean the anal glands.
His reasoning cites that "many people in the west love their dogs more than their wives and children". Dogs inside wrecked vehicles often become territorial and protective of their owners, sometimes leaving authorities no other option than to shoot the animal in order to help the driver and passengers. Now you can get and sell gently used duds online through a community that Garnell Shumate created.
Gina, a 2-year-old German Shepard stationed in Iraq, suffers from the same disorder that afflicts many humans. The pet food which should be trashed or returned for a refund are Iams Veterinary Dry Formulas, and three Eukanuba lines - Naturally Wild, Pure and Custom Care Sensitive Skin with 'best by' dates between July this year and December 2011. Wayne Short was outraged when Ocean City Council passed a special law banning him from taking Hillary for strolls along the boardwalk on a lead. Pig expert and rescuer Victoria Bragg explains why these critters make such good pets - and how to pick 'em. Pet parents often ask this question to their family veterinarian when struggling with difficult pet care choices.
The new law punishes anyone who surgically removes the vocal cords of dogs or cats with fines and up to five years in jail.
He spends his days at his pet store, or as he refers to it as his 'laboratory.' "I really wanted a zoo but the pet store is more practical," says Marc.
He wants Animal Communicator Joy Turner to ask his animals if another man visits his wife while he's away. We have ideas of great pet-friendly places to take you furry-companion where you'll both have fun. When asked why he never has dogs as part of the family, Asner replies "In my peripatetic life it's much easier to live with cats.

Garvey says he's the opening act for 'Tillman the Skateboarding Dog' at his new job as spokesperson for Natural Balance Pet Food.
He doesn't have great things to say about the company that hired him to clean the birds in the gulf spill. While cats and dogs are common, you probably couldn't imagine all the different species under the Kennedy administration. Debbie is talking about a guy that called because his dogs were "stuck" together and he couldn't get them separated. Debbie is on the case of a listener's three labrador puppies that ingested Orbit Chewing Gum with the highly toxic Xylitol sweetener.
Debbie is late to the studios today because of a little Terrier that ate two-and-a-half small snack boxes of raisins.
What if the vet told you the groomer tried to super-glue it back on after they accidentally cut it off. Leslie's favorite pet was his 'whoopie-cusion' - he said it was "low-maintenance." Both of these comedians gave to our furry-friends - and while they'll be missed, their humor will live on forever.
Peterman' on Seinfeld, the first winner of Dancing With The Stars, and host of Thanksgiving favorite, The National Dog Show.
He doesn't have an affinity for animals and we're still scratching our heads figuring why he's on Animal Radio®. Afterward, he took the dog's remains back home and put them in his garage as he planned to bury Mia on Sunday. Blue Buffalo founder Bill Bishop says an ingredient supplier had made a scheduling error and produced a Vitamin D supplement immediately prior to preparing the ingredients for the BLUE products in question. And apparently that's satisfactory for them." The "Jane Goodall of Ants" will forever change the way you think about the little critters. Hear what happens 'behind-the-scenes' when your doctor or groomer has the job of expressing the glands. The bacterial disease is most common in moist climates and can be fatal to your dog (and cat). Pet shop owners in Iran are reporting that more people are buying small dogs which they think are easier to hide. Let's just say his injuries were not life threatening but the bulldog lost his driving privileges. Despite what dog trainers say about letting your dog sleep in bed, her dog is always welcome.
Korkuc reportedly told officers he was punishing the cat for being ill-tempered, and he intended to eat it. Even better, many are rolling out the red carpet explains Kimpton Hotels 'Top Dog' Steve Pinetti.
Americans spend well over $47 billion on their pets, showing how important animals are to their homes and lives. The recall affects only orders that were placed and shipped June 10th through June 17, 2010.
When Natural Balance asked if Garvey would skateboard alongside the dog, he replied "absolutely not unless you strap me on and put cement around my ankles." The baseball-guru will be hosting "Dog Days" at several baseball games across the country. After several frantic attempts to separate the dogs with water, yelling, etc - she explained that they are actually "stuck" in a completely natural breeding tie. Keeping your dog away from foods that contain Xylitol could mean the difference between life and death.
Although she says she can't get a good bagel in the cheese capital, she is able to make something special for our dogs and cats. When he poops in the house or the wrong place, it can be easily corrected by changing the place he eats.
After leaving EMI, a major record label, they are finding new ways to penetrate the market with their unique brand of music. From automatic litters to Smart ID tags, we're bringing the best to you and your pets for 2011. Ann Dziemianowicz has career ideas and interview tips for your feline (and a really long last name too). My dad works on cars and our family car was always in primer, had dents, or in need of repair," says Dr.
He applied for and was given permission to register his pet as a certified disability service animal.
Did you know that people spend more on pets than on movies, video games, and recorded music combined?
His unbiased words on supplements and foods help you decide what's good for your pet and what's snake-oil.
It's amazing how you integrate with their spirits and souls," say Swit.  Loretta Swit is also joined by the President of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Wayne Pacelle. You'll learn more today about bedbugs than you ever thought you could possibly know on the subject! By all predictions, there will actually be another increase in flea population before it tapers for the winter. It's like the auto mechanic that has the ability to fix his car without concern for costs," says Dr.

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