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A couple of week back I wrote a jQuery plugin to embed custom youtube channel on your webpage.
WordPress will now show a popup window will ask you to confirm your wish to install my Plugin. If this is the first time you’ve installed a WordPress Plugin, enter the FTP login credential information.
If successful in installation, click Activate Plugin to activate it, or Return to Plugin Installer for further actions.
I do not offer any more downloads because of the bandwidth cost that I was billed for in the past. So the thumbnails were pulling the wrong image from YouTube, it was set to pull the 1st option [1] no matter what was selected on the YouTubechannel.
I love this plugin, I spent ages trying to find something like this and testing a load of ones that didn’t really do what I wanted. My criteria was that it had to work well on my iphone and ipad since I am now creating all my new sites on responsive themes. So if I am doing different keyword searches or want to show a list of the latest videos followed by a list of the most popular. I could’ve looked at your site but the project I am working on has left me with very tight timeline.

I will look into that (if its possible then I will extend this plugin) when I get some time.
Hopefully your client likes it because every penny donated counts and help me recover my server cost.
Note: Promo codes and game keys are non-transferrable, not for resale, and cannot be redeemed for credit or combined with other offers. I’ve intentionally taken out autoplay settings because I think that do not add anything to the usability of the plugin. If you’ve installed a Plugin before, you will still need to have the login information.
You can make a small donation that will keep my blood warm so that I won’t stop working on my WordPress plugins. It shows well on the page and when I click on one, there is an attempt for the lighbox to open but then it closes and takes me to an error page. By updating the data that it was pulling to [0] it then pulls the correct thumbnail image (in high quality i might add). I want to insert multiple shortcodes on the same page each pulling videos with different keywords, and I want a little category header between each group, but when I do this it lumps all of the text from the whole page at the top and puts all video groups below, is there a way I can get around that? It calls to YouTube and then loads the first list that it comes back with, not necessarily in the order that I wanted on the page.

Depending on how you pull the YouTube URL, you can simply add a ?rel=0 to the end of the URL.
They’re not showing now, which perhaps is logic in most cases – but in some cases it could be useful?
I don’t want to look for any other plugin cause you really hit the spot with this one, but I need the problem to be fixed though. Deactivate any recently added plugins to see if some plugins is not playing well with WPYTCE plugin. One question, though: Is it possible to remove the blurry look that the video thumbnails have?
I’ve noted down this as a feature request and will do something about it in next version. Now because I’ve already done few wordpress plugins thus development of this one was a breeze because I already have the jQuery plugin code that I developed and I already have the functions that I wish to use.
I don’t get many because generally people skip this part and go directly to downloads but its always worth asking.

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