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You may be wondering how to redeem a prize code on Poptropica, so you can take advantage of the Daily Pop-In Prize and other special giveaways. Or you can visit the Poptropica Store by pressing the star icon in the top right of your screen.
Welcome to the Poptropica Creators' Blog: a creative journal from the makers of Poptropica. To celebrate their 6th year of being around, Poptropica is giving away birthday balloons in the Poptropica store. Check them out and if you find the special “6” balloon and pop it, you get the special birthday costume.

If you’ve been to Virus Hunter Main Street lately, you’ll have noticed that the X-Ray Visor is now available for members.
If you don't yet have a saved game, create a new character, press the round "save" button, and create a username and password. When you log into Poptropica with an existing account, you can enter your code in the lower righthand part of the screen. Once you've redeemed it, go to your in-game inventory and select "store items" from the dropdown menu to use your new goodies.
I first want to say to everyone here, Happy Thanksgiving from the authors & owner of Poptropica World!

We couldn’t do this blog without you viewers, you all are special too us and we won’t forget all that you have done for us!
They wanted to thank “the Poptropicans who play the game, who write fan blogs, who share their feedback with us, and who spread the word among their friends.”  Aw thank you creators!

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