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Dominos Delivery Jobs Southampton Once back on the bus, to prevent more boredom (we were at this point only halfway through our journey) we decided to have a pub quiz.
With such interesting questions as “Name 4 chocolate bars beginning with the letter T” we were kept quietly amused for quite a while.
On June 7, 2010, 911 received a call that a child at 341 58th street in Newport News was suffering from a seizure and had stopped breathing. Results were given out a bit later than usual (midnight) with Warwick A coming in 8th and Warwick B 19th. The night then proceeded with karaoke, multi coloured cocktails and Liz having a crack at DJ ing until the early hours.
We headed back exhausted to bed down in Kieran’s living room with his plecostomus (tropical fish) for company.

To add to the dishevelled mood it also quickly got dark, preventing any kind of card games from occurring. Not accepting defeat though, we resorted to other forms of entertainment, including watching films on iPods and (shock horror) talking to Birmingham! The theme for the social was under the sea, so here we prepared for the social with Kate getting semi-naked (or as Lizzi has put it) preparing her incredibly dignified mermaid outfit.
Dave and Stu covered themselves in crape paper and safety pins in a poor attempt to look like seaweed and Claire, who was quite tired fell asleep almost straight away on one of the sofas and re-surfaced about an hour later when we were meant to be going out! We soon found the sports centre and registered both our teams before heading off to isolation. As always, however, isolation lasted a little longer than expected and at about 18:00 we finally got our chance to impress the Judges in the SERCs.

At this point about half of our party headed to the train station whilst the remaining of us went to a meeting room to hear the results.
Louisa, Holly and Vicki arrived shortly after, having spent the night in double beds at Louisa’s best friend’s house.
Luckily a pint glass was nearby for the inevitable re-emergence of the liquid, something the bar staff did not take kindly to when Andy asked them to “dispose” of it.
With the night going on, some people decided to head off to another bar (with incredibly cheap jagerbombs and Simon having his t-shirt stolen by a chav in yet another Baywatch moment from what I’m told).

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