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If you’re at all familiar with coupon sites, you may have noticed a pattern with how many of them choose to display their coupons.
Funny how after typing “nasty gal” in the search box, Google’s next suggested term is “nasty gal promo code.” Apparently Beth isn’t the first person to do this.
As an eCommerce Manager, you can take steps to prevent paying out commissions to affiliates who do not deserve them.
I would suggest that if a consumer is searching for a coupon code, than the referral of a coupon code has become the main deciding factor for them to make that purchase, not banner on a blog. I have to admit that I am still a little confused as to how this is even legal at this point! We just joined a new affiliate platform, and almost all of the affiliates requests were from coupon sites. WELCOMEOur eCommerce blog is an opportunity for us to share some of the ideas on our minds regarding eCommerce, provide value for our readers, listen to their feedback, and stimulate new thoughts for everyone.
Coupon site often require visitors to click on a certain area of the website to reveal the coupon code or copy the code to their clipboard.
In this case, “adding value” means driving online shoppers to purchase from your store through an affiliates’ own marketing efforts. The term “nasty gal promo code” has been searched for so often that it’s the first suggested search after the brand name. It starts with being proactive and creating an affiliate terms of service that prohibit this behavior.

I would also suggest creating an indexable section on the site for promotions in which to include the latest coupon codes.
Are you saying that if coupon site provides the consumer with the service of presenting them with a coupon code and saving them money on their purchase, they should not get credit for that sale? We rely on our affiliates to introduce our brand and drive interest…not to find discounts after the fact. It’s simply takes too much time to monitor them and gauge whether or not they are driving traffic or simply benefiting from our other marking en-devours.
Many of these coupon sites are affiliates for numerous stores, and when their users click to reveal a coupon code, the eCommerce store that corresponds with said coupon opens in a new browser window or tab.
These efforts include affiliates who run PPC campaigns, promote your store through their email lists, or help users comparison shop more easily (i.e.
She’s checking out and notices an input field call “Promo Code,” which is Nasty Gal’s equivalent to coupons. Secondly, any existing affiliates that are engaging in this sort of behavior need to be notified and instructed to stop.
I wasn’t aware of this problem and would like to thank you for explaining this problem.
They have managed to integrate their codes within a few merchant sites and they normally pop up discount voucher before even the shopping cart is abandoned. Coupons are so popular that when searching a brand name in Google, the autocomplete often suggests “coupon” as the next search term.

When the loading of the online store happens, it’s through an affiliate link, which implants an affiliate cookie on the user’s computer.
Beth realizes she could be saving money on her purchase if she has a promo code, so she decides to use Google to search for a promo code. We spend tons of money getting people into the site, they reach the checkout and immediately search Google for a coupon. As an affiliate, it makes me angry to think someone is stealing any of my commissions because I work so hard to ensure my sales.
See photos and get The Cut s proenza schouler fall 2016 campaign perspective on the Proenza Schouler RTW collection. However, for eCommerce managers who have an affiliate program, coupon sites could be stealing commissions they don’t deserve. As a result, the coupon site will be awarded with a commission when the coupon user completes his or her purchase.
Instead, click-to-reveal coupon sites can often inject themselves later in the sales cycle as an afterthought of customers who were already prepared to buy. These sites, blurred out below, were already set to collectively bill our client for commissions on $20,000 worth of sales that month, and the month wasn’t over yet!

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