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72 gorgeous, rose-scented shades ??????#bbloggers #beaute #beauty #margaretdabbs #nailpolish #nails #manicure #pedicure #newbeauty #newlaunch #brighs #pastels #neons #nudes #maquillaje #maquillage #kosmetik #beleza #bellezaThank you Kevin Murphy for showing me exactly why I should never get a fringe.

The combination of low cost resources and cheap labor seems to be an irresistible draw for most companies in the tech industry. Hot out of the furnace of an industrialized and modernized China, rises an unlikely competitor in the tablet arena.
Frankly, it worked just like any dual-core tablet out there, except for an expected processor bottleneck when doing some more serious multitasking. It’s equipped with the full Google services set, but the guys at The Taken Shop said that they could root your device and install a pure Google ROM instead. That’s pretty useful, since Chinese OEMs often struggle with poor software implementation.Unlike other China-made tablets, the Ainol Novo 7 comes with 1GB DDR3 RAM and a powerful Mali 400 GPU.
Casual gaming is great on this tablet, though high-end 3D gaming will leave much to be desired.DisplayOn its own, the display is fitting for daily use. It’s sharp and crisp, but the LCD falters in direct sunlight, but it’s not like you’ll use a tablet under the sun that much. You’ll either find yourself enjoying the simplicity of it, or you’ll be scrambling around for an internet connection. However, it supports a micro SD on the side of the tablet that lets you bump up the storage capacity with up to an additional 16GB.CameraThis is one tablet without the extras.

The tablet has a non-removable 3700 mAh battery, which is great, and, considering that it’s only WiFi enabled, it does last days without needing a charge, as long as you don’t use it relentlessly for demanding games or streaming on the move. This offer is only till the 15th of April 2012. Promotional code – ANDROIDAUTHORITYPlus, they are running a promotion that gives you a free case, worth $11.
Calcolator OK, Evernote and Onenote for tasks, Yahoo mail works fine, but how to use as alarm clock?
Now it is on bid, and I don’t recomend to by anyone only in store, and control the clock before buy!
Handsfree is the only purpose… Graham Laight Because the tablet computer is still a newish product, brand name suppliers are overcharging.

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