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As Apple’s stores nationwide prepare to close for a few hours on Wednesday to remember Steve Jobs, many are removing the memorials that sprang up on their windows and doorsteps. That could mean a serious headache for anyone who’s not running both iOS 8 and the private or developer beta of OS X Yosemite.
One of the many cool features in iOS 8’s Messages app is the ability to automatically delete old threads. You may want banner alerts for some apps like Twitter and classic notifications for Messages. Also, be sure to check out Cult of Mac’s roundup of the best apps for taking advantage of iOS 8.
September 19th lines up with what Cult of Mac has separately heard will be Apple’s iPhone launch weekend. A former Apple senior mechanical engineer has confirmed to Cult of Mac that, judging by pictures, the iWatch most likely comes with wireless charging. Earlier today a Reddit user posted schematics supposedly showing various components of the iWatch.
While the Reddit post alluded to wireless charging by noting the lack of ports on the iWatch, it did not explicitly state this to be the case.
Apple holds several patents related to wireless charging, but up until now these have not been utilized. With less than 24 hours to go, security precautions for Apple’s big press event Tuesday have been taken to unprecedented levels. Apple has wired the entire event auditorium — the Flint Center for the Performing Arts — with a brand new, state-of-the-art security system to lock down access and prevent leaks. In addition, Apple security personnel are carefully scrutinizing the phones for unauthorized pictures or messages, looking for any attempts to communicate details of the event to the outside. The Flint Center’s 2,400-seat auditorium sits on the campus of De Anza College, a leafy community college in Cupertino, California, that’s not far from Apple headquarters. To keep the building’s purpose secret, Apple flew in a team of specialist contractors from the United Kingdom, the anonymous staffer said.
Apple conducted rehearsals of its event over the weekend, and the trial runs continue today. The anonymous staffer has not been allowed anywhere near the outside building, which is strictly off-limits to anyone without authorization.
The latest iPhone from Apple isn't expected for a couple more weeks, but that hasn't stopped folks in New York from lining up. NEW YORK—Are you crazy enough to brave the elements waiting in line at an Apple Store for more than two weeks waiting for an iPhone 6?
In fact, Moon Ray who is sharing "waiting" duties with her husband Jason, paid $1250 each to Ceballo and Cruz to move up to first in line. Days after China Mobile, aka the world’s largest mobile carrier, started taking preorders for the iPhone 6, rivals China Telecom and China Unicom (the second- and third-largest carriers in the country) have pointed out that they too will be selling Apple’s eagerly anticipated next-gen handset. China Telecom, meanwhile, has gone even further by matching China Mobile with its own preorder page (complete with weirdly pixelated logo), describing what it thinks the spec will be for the iPhone 6. These include an upgraded 3-megapixel front camera, better Touch ID, powerful quad-core A8 chip and longer-lasting 2,100 mAh battery. While China Telecom plays it pretty safe, it’s worth noting that the company is using what appear to be fan-made renders of the iPhone 6 in its advertising – which may not exactly suggest the most inside information available. Apple’s September 9th event is nearly here, and you know what that means: last-minute rumors galore.
The New York Times weighs in today with several new tidbits, including details about the iWatch. Another interesting detail is that the iWatch’s circuit board is apparently “the size of a postage stamp.” Previous reports have said the iWatch will feature a system-on-a-chip design to accommodate size constraints.
While Apple holds patents related to wireless charging, the iWatch has not been previously reported as utilizing the feature.
Apple’s construction project outside the Flint Center has sprouted up a ton of wild theories. We tried to get a peak inside the massive white building ourselves, but after getting turned away by security at the gates the mystery remains. Sachin Patel has taken a different approach though and used his drone to spy on Apple’s secret project from the sky.

Now that U2 has squashed the rumors that they’ll be performing at the event, what do you think Apple is hiding underneath that big white box?
Most of the campers are professional line sitters and are just using it to get some free press for new apps and other services, but the true fanboys will probably start filing in any day now.
The new iPhone 6, which Apple is expected to unveil next week, will come with a built-in "iPayment" system that could end the need to carry multiple credit and debit cards, according to the latest reports. The system would let a user connect his or her iPhone 6 to a range of accounts, and then pay for goods and services by placing the handset on a reader to check out. Bloomberg later reported that Visa and Mastercard are also onboard, and added more technical details about how the system will work. Near-field communication (or NFC) allows data to be transferred between a device and a reader when one is placed close to the other - allowing phones to be used in the same way as contactless debit cards or Oyster cards on the London transport network. NFC is not a new technology, but has yet to enter mainstream use despite its inclusion on many rival phones. Commentators say that excitement about the iPhone 6 could help to popularise the technology. According to CNET, 800 million iTunes account holders have entrusted Apple with their credit card details. Apple has sent out media invites for its previously rumored September 9th event, so now it’s official. Unlike past iPhone events, Apple won’t be holding this one at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The iPhone 6 is going to attempt to replace your wallet, according to a report from Wired, claiming Apple’s mobile payment system will debut as a major feature in the iPhone 6, and NFC is a key piece of the puzzle. Apple’s mobile payments platform will take on Google Wallet, Square, and others this September by adding NFC and a secure element to store all your credit cards info on the iPhone 6, allowing users to make NFC payments with retailers with out having to fumble around with your cash or credit card. With over 800 million credit cards on file supplied by its iTunes clientele, Apple already has an enormous number of potential users who can jump into the system as soon as they get their fingers on the iPhone 6 and its beefier display. What Apple’s mobile payments system will actually look like is still unclear, though it’s likely to use a combination of features it laid the ground work with in 2013: iBeacons to locate devices at retail shops, Touch ID to verify identity, and NFC to transmit transaction data.
Apple is expected to reveal all the details at a media event on September 9th that will introduce the next generation models of the iPhone 6 that are rumored to feature sapphire displays, A8 processors, improved cameras.
September 9 seems all but officially confirmed as the date when Apple will unveil its eagerly-anticipated iPhone 6, but when can users expect to get their hands on Apple’s next generation handset? According to a new report coming out of China — from PCinLife, the country’s top IT portal — Apple’s new flagship phone will be available in stores between the 16th and 19th of September. It is worth noting, however, that this timeframe in all likelihood refers to the 4.7-inch variant of the iPhone. Design Skinz are now available for the iPhone 5-5s Skech Glow cases and if you don't have one yet, we make it easy for you. We are excited to release the new Colorful Confetti Glitter Skins, now available for the iPhone 5, 5s or 4-4s.
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Yep, completely FREE. So let's say you ordered an iPad Air Skin, you'll be getting a free one in your package as well. The memorial at Apple’s flagship store in San Francisco, for example, was removed last week.
Now it’s time to set it up the right way. Apple has done a pretty good job of making the setup process straightforward in recent years, but there are still some things you should know about. Unless you have Yosemite running on your Mac, iCloud Drive will do you more harm than good. It’s really up to you, but many don’t realize that you can customize down to what shows up on the lock screen. There are different sections for utilizing Touch ID, Notification Center widgets, third-party keyboards, and more. Domestic and international carriers have blacked out vacation time for employees from September 19th through the 22nd, according to sources. 4.7-inch parts have been in wide circulation, which suggests that manufacturing for that model is going strong. One of these refers to BCM coils, meaning Battery Charging Module or Battery Control Module. According to reports, the company experimented with solar charging for the iWatch, but the experiments failed to yield positive results.

If you know what any of the below components refer to, drop your comments in the box below. Anyone working at the massive show, from caterers to construction staff and technicians, is required to submit their phones to Apple’s security team. Security for Apple’s events is always tight, but this time the precautions appear to be more elaborate than ever. The company has revealed some of its most important devices in the theater, including the original Macintosh in 1984 and the first iMac, the machine that kick-started Apple’s comeback. Its purpose remains a mystery, but it’s likely for hands-on product demonstrations after the keynote, which will be livestreamed starting at 10 a.m.
Everyone working at the show has been assigned strict roles and areas that they are allowed to access. It's not as crazy as it sounds to 25-year old Mississippi actress and model Moon Ray, or two cousins, 20-year old Brian Ceballo and 21-year old Joseph Cruz.
The cousins took the news in stride with Cruz saying with a laugh "that's not a bad deal at all." Cruz and Ceballo are veterans of the iPhone waiting game, having waited each of the last five years. Not only will Apple’s wearable sport a curved sapphire glass display, but it will reportedly power up via wireless charging. Apple experimented with solar charging, but the Times says the experiments didn’t work out. The iPhone 6 is expected to be revealed at an event on September 9th followed by a public release about two weeks after.
Those customers are likely to be able to take advantage of the iPhone 6's new payment system without too much form-filling, which often creates an obstacle to new payment systems. Instead, Apple is inviting the press to The Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino near company headquarters.
The Flint Center is where Steve Jobs debuted the first Mac in 1984, and the building is the main theatre for De Anza College, where Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak went to school. Apple has opted to use Bluetooth in previous iPhones instead, but the extra security protections of NFC may have made it too good not to use for the mobile payments system.
Taking a small cut on all those mobile payments could be a highly lucrative new business for Apple.
This tallies with another earlier rumor from May, in which a German retailer stated that the iPhone 6 would hit the market on September 19: suggesting that this date may be the global date.
The rumored 5.5-inch “phablet” model (which will apparently be considerably rarer than its little brother) will apparently appear sometime in December, just in time for our Christmas lists. Get your skin FREE when you add the wireless loudspeaker to your order! Check them out here. With 6 watts of power and 10 hours of playtime, this portable audio companion will bring your music to life wherever you go! One of the best decisions we made this holiday was our partnership with Operation Christmas Child.
But let’s back up some… Design Skinz is proud to announce that it will be giving away an iPad Pro to a lucky customer that makes a purchase from now through December 1st, 2015! Remember, everytime you get a new Skin, share and post it to Facebook and Twitter, but most of all to Instagram! You can choose how many you will use and which part of your headphones you would like Skin! We had to have new construction for internet connection and we will be shipping orders again by February 20th, 2015. Quite the opposite, the number of Post-It tributes has grown to the point that both windows are now almost completely covered.
Then say that phrase whenever your iPhone is connected to power for Siri to start listening. Having all hands on deck to handle the influx of iPhone buyers during a launch weekend is typical practice for carriers. The phones’ cameras are being covered in special tamper-proof tape, which changes color if removal is attempted. The trio sits at the head of the line at Apple's flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York, but it's not necessarily for love of Apple's highly anticipated new handset.
They've been on line since August 31st and are hoping to break their own personal record of 15 days, set last year, as well as the "world record" of 17 days. Tim Cook has already hinted that Apple’s intrigued with mobile payments, and it was the main inspiration for Touch ID. The iPhone typically goes for pre-order the Friday after its unveiling, and arrives in stores for sale the Friday after that. Together, we were able to make dreams alive in thousands of less-fortunate children, taking $1 per order and saving it for something special.
In this case, that would put the date firmly at September 19 — meaning that would-be customers have just 24 days to wait until they’re opening their new iPhone 6 boxes.

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