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All the Free Web Page Templates and Free Website Templates Are Created by SliceMaker Products. For you means who does not designed their online Ecommerce website yet the free e-commerce website templates can provide you a pre designed solution for creating an online E-Commerce website quickly. Do you have the aspiration to stand out from the competition during the process of interviews or job applications? Showing off your experiences, educational qualifications and other skills and talents through a CV website is a brilliant idea to impress the interviewers and the employers. Those days are gone when resume or CV was considered to be just a piece of paper where you wrote down all your educational and professional achievements with some basic personal information.
These templates are incredibly creative with many options and features that you hardly get to accumulate manually in a piece of paper.
You can add your project details, testimonials from your previous employers or other working details with your resume to impress the interviewers.
DIY HTML Resume offers you a simple solution to begin your searches for a job when you are ready. One Page Resume Site is aimed to be used as a resume or a minimalistic personal website with a focus on the portfolio. Simplicity CV is a one-page theme that is powered by extra jQuery features for more dynamic and engaging experience. MinimalMe is aimed to briefly describe you as a specialist as well as reflects your charismatic personality. Now, watch the video demo of SliceMaker products to learn how to create an exceptional web page or a website without programming skills.

You can create nearly any kind of web page or website with the help of SliceMaker Platinum. Our goal is to provide users with the powerful, dependable and efficient webpage making application to simplify the process of webpage and website making.
It is very easy to create web page or website with SliceMaker products - no coding skills needed, no programming skills needed. We promise to you we will try our best to solve whatever problems you are having within 24 hours. It will not only make a difference but help you to prove yourself as a hardcore professional who knows the proper use of modern technologies. You will have the option of mentioning the details of your achievements with elaborate discussion of your projects and working experiences hitherto. With a print.css you can also have the option of getting a printed version of your CV anytime you want. It does not look original or creative; however, it is an optimal way for listing all your pros and presents yourself in a concise and clean manner. It leverages bright coloring and geometric shapes to establish an energetic and positive mood.
It is based on a solid time-proven and easy-to-use 960 grid system that arranges data in a formal and organized manner. It is packed with almost 130 various combinations of backgrounds and patterns, giving you an opportunity to make your CV look unique and exceptional.
With its clean structure filled with extra open space, it lays out the content in a convenient way.

It has a beautiful aesthetics with some decorative touches that charms with artistic appeal.
Now, FREE DOWNLOAD SliceMaker Platinum to create a web page or website on your own - 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL! Now, FREE DOWNLOAD SliceMaker Deluxe to create a web page or website on your own - 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL! All you need is a web design image and then use SliceMaker products to convert the image to an exceptional web page!
Just download one of my favourite e-commerce website templates & start online business now. The concept of presenting one’s achievements and self-marketing has taken a new look altogether. Thanks to classic horizontal stripe layout, four-column structure, neutral coloring and excellent formatting, it can be used as an ideal skeleton for creating something more sophisticated. It has a working contact form, sliced and organized PSD file, print stylesheet, and extra matching print media items such as business card, envelope, and letterhead template.
The first one is a classic HTML file and the second one is PHP version with the Ajax-powered contact form. With this package, you will get all the necessary stuff for express yourself and establish brand identity.

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