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Since the presentation has a very critical outcome for the presenter, it is important to create a professional presentation which creates the right impact.
The first step is to define what presentation would cover and how long it is expected to take. The next step is to introduce the company, product or sales person depending on what the presentation is about. This slide talks about the key problem areas faced by the customer that the product or service or solution will address. Once the issues are clearly identified this slide covers the solution range offered by the company or individual. This section builds the faith of the customer in the product or solution by sharing case studies of existing customers, sharing their feedback etc.. The last section covers the details of the company (or individual) offering the service including the team members involved, history of the company etc. In the final segment of the sales presentation, the presenter covers the next steps to close the sale, asks and addresses any questions and shares his or her contact details. While this sales format ensures that critical elements of a typical sales or product pitch are covered, you can add other elements based on your specific situation.
Different types of backgrounds and themes are provided to help you express ideas based on your needs. Participants will learn the power of presentation and how it lends to personal and professional credibility. Participants will have a final written assignment and will get the opportunity to present themselves orally and receive feedback and coaching in order to be more effective in their presentation of themselves.
In addition to strengthening their presentation skills, the assignment gives participants the opportunity to consider what they have learned in the training classes and what new awareness they now have around their leadership.

Note: Your credit card account statement will show payment to PAYPAL*PRESENTN.Issue or question? When pitching to a potential client or trying to attract a new investor to your business, you need your A-game.  Clients and investors scrutinize everything about you.
For those who question how much editing is worth, a well-written presentation always reinforces a professional persona.
For example, a professional copy editor will examine more than just your grammar and punctuation. This ‘you-to-me- approach of starting with customer issues engages the audience right away. The graphs and charts and fully editable and can be modified and reused with basic PowerPoint tools. Whether presenting one’s self to a prospective employer or addressing the department in a team meeting, our presentation of our self will have a great impact on how we are received. The only way to attract new investors, new clients, and support for new ideas is to properly convey your ideas, and the only way to properly convey your ideas is to ensure that they are error-free. Say, for example, that you have to give a marketing presentation to your staff, or that you’re attending a sales conference as your company’s regional representative. The editor will read through your presentation and confirm that the order of your material makes sense, and that the transitions between your topics are clear. Why put yourself together, and put together a presentation, without making absolutely certain that you are putting your best professional foot forward? Think about it: How many times have you watched a presentation, only to be distracted by a typo (or multiple typos) on a PowerPoint slide?
People don’t want to invest in businesses or with people who cannot bother to proofread their work.

It is easily just as important, if not more so, to ensure that your work is up to the highest standard possible before these presentations. A professional editor knows to add up the percentages on your pie chart to make sure that they total 100%, and a professional editor can give your written material the extra push it needs to stand out. Hire a professional editor for your marketing or sales presentation, and reap the rewards that a spotless presentation can bring to your business.
As both a businessperson and a consumer, this professional editor has been driven to distraction by the grammatical mistakes of others.
Editing can make a strong marketing presentation even stronger, and can buttress one that needs the help.  Hiring a professional editor just might be the key to tipping the balance of the presentation in your favor. You certainly don’t want your staff thinking that you’re unqualified, nor do you want total strangers believing that you’re incompetent! A professional editor’s work on your written material is not expensive, and it is a small cost to ensure your success. Thankfully, a new trend is emerging: hiring a professional editor for sales and marketing presentations. The greatest professional rewards can be reaped from spotless presentations, and the way to ensure that spotless presentation is to hire a professional copy editor.

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