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Are you getting tired of the same boring stock images, the same so-so fonts, the same unengaging text, the same plain vanilla graphics, the same tired vectors? If the answer is YES, then we have some really awesome presentation design tips that will turn your slides from super lame to sleek and professional in the blink of an eye.
Yes, today we are going to be talking about 5 presentation tips and tricks that will set your PowerPoint slides on fire!
A good presentation image of something or someone helps people relate more to what you are talking about, and illustrates the practical rationale behind your presentation – whether you are discussing sea urchin biology or the hottest new nightlife apps for 2016. Unfortunately, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing lame presentation stock images of people in suits jumping up in the air. It’s clearly been done by a professional designer — and their search bar makes it quick and easy to find the type of image you’re looking for. If you know you want to utilize beautiful looking images but don’t want to deal with the burden of choice (how Nietzschean of you) you will probably really like the curated collections on offer. Keep in mind that these collections aren’t always completely related – for example, you might see a shot of a cute and cuddly walrus in the same collection as a super sleek black and white shot looking up at gleaming steel skyscrapers.
Many people don’t realize that there are other options out there – there are loads of beautiful, simple fonts for presentation slides to choose from. Today there are tons of custom fonts that you can download for free from places like Font Squirrel. They have categorized their entire font collection into dozens of different easily searchable categories, making it easy for you to find the ideal font for your type of presentation. Pacifico – a presentation font that is not for the faint of heart, this is a great style to use for headers and your title page.
Mathlete – like all good presentation fonts, Mathlete is the perfect choice for you if you want to impress your audience with big multi-syllable words in your headers.
Lobster – not to be confused with Lobster 2, this versatile font makes a great choice for headers or subheader fonts – you can go anywhere on the spectrum of formal to informal with this one. You can even click on the “most popular” tab and Font Squirrel will pull a list of the most popular fonts people are downloading. Since Font Squirrel’s fonts are all free to download, there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t want to browse through their highly extensive collection (they have literally hundreds of them available) and see if there’s one that is particularly eye-catching. As we have talked about in the past, there are ways to create more whitespace when using “busy images” (images that have a lot going on and make it difficult for any text you may add stand out – not get drowned out by the noise of the image).
However, sometimes you may not want to blur the entire image because you want a particular part of your image to remain unblurred. Enter PicMonkey, a free online photo editor that makes it super easy to create all-important whitespace without having to waste a lot of time doing it. By using my “Focused Blur” technique using Pic Monkey you will be able to create … wait for it … a focused blur on a specific part of your image.
Okay, so what if you go to Unsplash or onto Graphic River looking for a good image or template to use for your presentation, but still come up empty? Sometimes, the quickest way to get your hands on the perfect image is to create one yourself. You’ll be surprised how the careful combination of shapes and lines can help you to create an awesome looking image, template, or layout for your slides. Regardless of your skill level you should definitely be able to adapt your slides to accommodate some really nice graphics.
If you have ever come across a stunning presentation there is a good chance that it was filled with nice looking vector graphics. Generally speaking, vector images are made up of a bunch of shapes that when combined represent the image. With Freepik you can download the images for free and use them commercially IF you provide attribution (give credit).
Hopefully the presentation tips and tricks we have shared with you here will help you master the important details that make a good presentation great. Lastly, do you have a friend that could benefit from learning about these presentation design tips? Thanks for reading and be sure to post this article on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever your favorite social media channel is (by using the sharing buttons to the left). Second, they invest in RESOURCES for creating awesome looking presentations … and one of these resources are professionally designed PowerPoint templates.
If you’re looking to save a ton of time when you’re putting together your next presentation and instantly get off to a great start, these templates are definitely for you. What’s even more awesome is that you can instantly download any of these templates from Graphic River and get the immediate CONFIDENCE boost that comes from knowing you’re starting out your presentation project right. Read on to find the perfect professional PowerPoint template for your presentation, satisfaction guaranteed.
Future has over 265 hand-crafted custom slides with General and Advanced designs, so there’s definitely a lot to choose from. It’s a bold look, but it’s balanced by clean looking parallax scrolling process slides and seamless animations. If you’re really into rainbows, this is the amazing PowerPoint template you’ve been not-so-secretly dreaming about. The slides are divided into 17 sections, and corresponding subsections, so it really can meet whatever your presentation needs are. One of our favorites sections is the Business Team Profile, which includes masonry grid images of your team and important information about them, and over a dozen other team bio slides.
If you couldn’t tell, we love to geek out about professional PowerPoint presentation templates. That’s why we included a ton of high quality images that reflect the professionalism and dynamic content your audience expects of you.
It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we’ve added a really cool business infographic section featuring tons of interesting graphs with alternating color panels and lots of customizable vectors that will make any data-driven presenter salivate. Another one of our favorite features is the clickable “Choose Your Own Adventure” table of contents.
What can we say, we really liked those Choose Your Own Adventure books (like all kids who grew up in the 80s). As you know, minimalist presentation icons are the latest trend; so we included over 500 of them with The Influencer.
We wanted to make it as easy as possible to customize your presentation, without having to rely on other programs to make your presentation. Remember those people we talked about earlier who show up to their presentation in cargo shorts and flip flops?
It also boasts an incredible 95 color themes that are all completely synergistic (there’s that word again) for maximum awesomeness. Pretty much any presentation topic you decide to cover has a matching complementary set of vector icons available in this presentation template, because there are a whopping 3,000 of them at your disposal. Almost no stone has been left unturned with this template – you can add slides as various as dynamic pricing tables, testimonials featuring moving customer blurbs, and a bundle of extra artsy looking subsection divider slides with edgy looking photo frames and image placeholders. If you are a data-hungry, this presentation template gives you 12 awesome looking charts, bar graphs, and other number-crunching slides that tell the story of the numbers, but look cool doing it.
But still, this is a clean and beautiful presentation template that you’ll be proud to show off in front of a crowd.

It can be distracting with the overuse or misuse of animations (which is more common in with Prezi presentations). Calibri which is already included with PowerPoint, so if you’re annoyed by having to install custom fonts that will be a big plus. On the flipside, a really interesting aspect of this template is the Modern City subsection, which features pre-set slides with silhouettes of the London, New York, Rome, and Paris skylines, and relevant vectors and content tidbits below them. The other important note is that this PowerPoint template only comes in a 16×9 format. For those 4×3 fanatics out there, you’ll be happy with any of the others on the list, but not this one. If you are the type of person who loves handing out printouts of your presentation in advance for your audience to follow along, you will definitely appreciate that The 7 comes A4 print-ready, which makes it way less of a hassle to create presentation booklets.
For Mockups, the biggest mark in its favor is for mobile app developers – it has an incredible 56 mobile device slides!
The Charts and Diagrams are divided into 7 subsections – already off to an incredible start. Finally, if you’re a graphic design geek like we are, this PowerPoint presentation template might capture your heart because of the svelte image overlays that give a distinctly Instagram-esque appeal to your slides. Although we are pretty proud of our own template, The Influencer, we can’t just toot our own horn all the time. Any of the templates listed would be a great choice for your presentation, though some of them do have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on your needs. You can pick the one you love and start your presentation out with the best format, and then get to focus on what matters most: what you have to say. Many conference rooms have speakers already set up and ready to go, since there may be times that you need to play an important video clip during your presentation or maybe need to speak to a larger audience. It’s easy to fall for the temptation of emailing yourself your presentation or keeping it stored on your laptop.
It would look pretty unprofessional of you to not be involved in a conference — whether as a speaker or as a presenter.
If you get jittery when you drink coffee or Diet Coke, this might be one to avoid, or you may just want to limit Ferriss’s Diet Coke technique to only one, right before the presentation. We hate to sound like your mom, but you really should drink water, all the time, because hydration is good for the body. We’re getting ahead of ourselves a little bit, since technically this is more of a post presentation tip. You’d think this wouldn’t need to be on a list of business presentation gadgets, but we’ve made this mistake ourselves more than once.
You want to make sure that all the awesome presentation tools and accessories that we are talking about in this article are properly cocooned from any potential damage, and also because you want to look as professional as possible when you enter the conference room to deliver your presentation.
A great way to really make an impact with whoever you’re speaking to is to give them something to take with them when the presentation is finished. Of course you can also email them something as a follow up but sometimes a physical copy can be more memorable than an attachment in an email. You always want to make sure that your laptop is going to be compatible with the display equipment (most often this would be a flat screen TV these days).
If you have a newer laptop there is a good chance that it no longer has the classic VGA port that we are all accustomed to.
Except for the conference room you’re presenting in, which for some reason is still set up to run off of VGA adapters. Pretty much everyone these days has a smartphone, and as we’ve already pointed out, you can use yours to download a remote app.
While many people don’t carry a watch anymore due to smartphones replacing them, they can still be of use when it comes to presentations. Just in case you forget to fully charge your phone or laptop, you’ll also want an extra set or two of batteries for every device you use.
Reviewing presentation on video can also turn you into a better presenter. You may hate seeing yourself on video but it will make you aware of what your doing right and what you can improve on. Ya, I’m talking about the pull your hair out and stab your hand with a pen kinda terrible!
We are going to share with you a bundle of really effective slide design techniques, focusing specifically on images, fonts, whitespace, and custom graphics.
For example, if you want to find presentation stock images of someone hiking, you can type in “nature” and you will see tons of beautiful nature images with and without people in the shot (we couldn’t resist linking to the page).
You can find photos of high rise cityscapes, foggy forests, laughing children, or neatly-organized hipster worktables in all their high-resolution glory. The themes are as varied and plentiful as the oeuvre of Unsplash itself, with different Unsplash users showing off their curatorial talents to come up with the best possible grab bag of designs they can think of. But there’s plenty of design inspiration to be gleaned from the Unsplash collections – check out their website if you haven’t already! Especially great if you want to give off more of a laidback vibe – it’s all in the California-cool name, after all. That way you can keep the more aesthetically pleasing parts in the focused section of your photo while you fade the unwanted sections of it into the background.
And, the nice thing is that this can all be done straight from PowerPoint or Keynote – so you don’t have to go onto some unfamiliar website or download a new software program.
Now you have a quick and dirty custom-made graphic for your presentation, and you did it without having to consult with an expensive professional designer. If you have a simple, elegant PowerPoint presentation it makes a positive and strong impact on your viewers. What are some design deficiencies you have battled before that maybe you can fix by utilizing one of these principles?
Of course, you don’t want to show up to your presentation in cargo shorts and flip flops (unless you work at one of those hip start-ups in Silicon Valley), so we’ve picked out the best million-dollar looks for your big day. It also has a lot of quality graphics, many of them 3D, making it compatible with the most advanced presentation technology on the market. Assuming you dream about PowerPoint templates in your sleep – we thought we were the only ones there for a moment! Just released, the formidable Influencer is an awesome template with over 200 unique slides and creative layouts. The Influencer also has creative animations, transitions, and innovative parallax scrolling slides that turn up the coolness factor a notch or three. We love this because you can easily jump to any of the 12 sections in the template by clicking on any of the tiles in the table of contents slide. On the other side of things are the presentation hipsters, who are probably wearing a flannel shirt, sporting an impeccably groomed beard, and totally loving this modern presentation template. If your presentation focuses specifically on markets in one or more of these major cities, or any other city for that matter, this particular section could be really useful for you when you talk about your company’s operations and impact in a specific area. That’s pretty unheard of, which makes this an awesome PowerPoint template for anyone in the mobile app game.
The subsections focus on a variety of data or processes; for example, the Tree diagrams don’t focus on a linear process, rather, they emphasize a variety of different ideas or actionable concepts that spring up from one source.
Having a variety of creative, awesome PowerPoint templates is a must, which is why we put together this list of 5 awesome templates (including ours, of course) that look great in 2016.

We’ve included these templates because we want you to understand that you have a ton of options when you’re looking for the right presentation tool for you, and we wouldn’t be who we claim to be if we didn’t love sharing other awesome presentation resources.
You’re about to deliver the presentation of a lifetime, and if you’re gonna nail it, you better be showing up with more than just your PowerPoint or Prezi presentation and a laptop.
You want to be fluid when you give a presentation and free to walk around; think of how iconic Steve Jobs looked, being able to walk around stage during his talks. We carry the Logitech Professional Presenter R800 with Green Laser Pointer for presentations, but that’s just us. If your luck is rotten and the audio equipment in the room is not working correctly, that could spell disaster. Not to make you paranoid, but what happens if your email is hacked, or your laptop crashes? Be prepared to be asked lots of questions when you give your presentation and write them down, otherwise you will surely forget (and look sort of like a doofus). Or drink some orange juice or a chocolate milkshake or whatever it is that gives you a good buzz. It’s an essential public speaking tool, because when you’re up speaking you need water from time to time to keep your mouth from getting dry. After you’ve just nailed your presentation, all your new fans are going to want to get in touch with you.
Invest in a quality bag to carry all of your stuff, and consider something that is waterproof in case it rains.
Think about what you want to give your audience during the presentation, and what you want to leave behind for you audience to keep. If you are delivering a presentation to a decent-sized audience you may want to make the presentation more interactive by polling your audience live.
The way the app works is by typing in a question, selecting the kind of poll you want to make, and then sharing it with your audience in real time. This can especially be true if you’re on stage and you want to be able to quickly glance at the time without fumbling around with your phone in front of everyone. If you’re speaking in front of a large group of people you will probably need a microphone.
Tripping on a cord in the middle of a presentation is embarrassing and could displace equipment or even bring the presentation to a halt while you replug, reboot, and pretend that didn’t just happen in front of people you’re supposed to be impressing. There are tons of other great editing possibilities including canvas cropping, image sharpening, and color saturation – go ahead and check out what they have to offer.
That’s why they always look nice and crisp when scaled to fit anywhere from a wall-sized projection screen to your laptop.
That might sound pretty intimidating if you have never tried playing around with image editing software before, but we promise it’s really not that hard to figure out.
We highly recommend putting up the $10 (just charge it to your company credit card) so that you don’t have lame copyright attribution blurbs making you look like a complete amateur. All of this is mixed in with artistic layouts, which come with drag and drop image manipulation compatibility, making it super easy for you to replace demo images with stock images of your own. This saves you the pain of creating subsection slides and since you can pick and choose which sections to include in your table of contents, it will fit your presentation like a glove. It’s artsy, creative, and very minimalist — perfect for the everyday hipster-professional who bikes to work and uses terms like “synergy” in their everyday conversation (if that’s you, we’re secretly jealous). The designer was pretty on point with the name (although we’re still pretty biased towards The Influencer – how could we ever say any other presentation was the best)? The Process diagrams are really useful if you are providing a linear solution to any type of problem, as they include a left-to-right beginning, middle, and end sequence of slides in a strict and clean order. Your presentation toolbox should contain an arsenal of deadly weapons that help you give the delivery of a lifetime. Remember that motion creates emotion (just don’t get too motion-crazy or you might make someone in your audience seasick). So take matters into your own hands and bring along a portable Bluetooth speaker, just in case!
You always want to have a backup of your important presentation whether it’s on a physical thumb drive, an external hard drive, or in the cloud with Dropbox or Google Drive.
There is also a good chance your audience will ask for certain follow up items so you need to remember what those follow up items are. Not to mention, there’s a chance that all that adrenalin coursing through you will get you a bit sweaty. When you’re answering questions after you talk you want to make sure you are feeling and smelling fresh.
This can be useful if you are getting lots of questions and follow up items and you prefer to type rather than write. Most of the time a mic will be provided for you but having a backup of your own can’t hurt.
If your client or conference room staff agrees to supply these devices, ask if they also supply fresh batteries.
It’s worth having around to tape down and secure extension cords and other objects that could potentially be tripped on while you’re speaking. If you have a spectacular presentation (that is not subject to NDAs or other confidentiality agreements) then why not share it with the rest of the world? Once you start using PicMonkey to edit your photos and create lots of beautiful white space for your display text, you won’t ever want to go back! We recommend the Beats Pill due to its great design, rich sound, and almost-fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand portability. An essential element in any presenters toolbox is a good notebook; we recommend splurging on a Moleskine, because they hold up well over a long period of time and give a professional, polished vibe to your presentation. Obviously you should know better than chewing gum, since that looks super unprofessional and you don’t want to look like a cow chewing its cud after a meal.
An iPad mini can also come in handy if you’re presenting 1 on 1 to somebody at your local coffee shop and don’t want your larger laptop in the way looking ostentatious.
What’s really neat about this type of PowerPoint polling software is it brings about the possibility of integrating your presentation into the rest of the world, not confining it to the conference room.
Just be prepared to secure it and stow the coiled up excess in a safe spot, perhaps under your table or on a podium shelf.
Yes, Diet Coke will give you hairy palms and insomnia, but the caffeine dosage has worked well for him when taking the stage, as anyone who has seen him talk will attest.
Also carry a plug adaptor if you’re delivering your talk in an older building, since many of them still have two-prong outlets. Another great alternative are Ricola cough drops, which taste great and also soothe your throat if you’ve really been talking your jaw off.
Also, if you’re going to a different part of the world for a presentation, don’t forget to bring an adaptor with you!

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