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Introduction During my high school years, it was when I decided to become a teacher for the deaf children. Introduction I also realized that I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to be a role model for the deaf children.
Educational Experiences Introduction: Throughout my years in the schools, I have been exposed to many different teachers. Educational Experiences Introduction I have learned some of the positive teaching characteristics by surrounding myself with the best teachers during my student teaching experiences and some of my professors during my collegiate years. Educational Experiences Conclusion: The information presented here is something that I need to reflect on throughout my teaching career. Educational Philosophy Introduction: In this section, my purpose is to express my philosophy of education.
Educational Philosophy Constructivism My philosophy of teaching is parallel with constructivism. Educational Philosophy Interactive classroom My belief is that the teacher should behave in an interactive manner mediating the environment for the students.
Educational Philosophy Informal assessment As for determining the grade of each student, the assessment of student learning is interwoven with teaching and occurs though teacher observations of students at work and through student exhibitions and portfolios. Educational Philosophy Reflective teaching Being able to reflect upon lessons is the main ingredient to become a successful teacher.
Instructional Strategies Introduction: The purpose of this section is to present some of the key instructional strategies that I believe is very important.
Instructional Strategies Cooperative Learning It is important have cooperative learning in the classroom because it will teach students to learn how to work together in a small- group setting. Instructional Strategies Use KWL This is one instructional strategy that I believe can be very effective with the students. Instructional Strategies Give plenty of wait time for the students to answer questions It is important for the teachers to give students time for them to answer the question.
Instructional Strategies Use observations and interviews I believe that it is very important to include that as one of the key instructional strategies. Instructional Strategies Progression of learning In that concept, there are several steps that I believe are vital in teaching students to learn. Instructional Strategies Teach activities that promote cognitive thinking from students This is very important for teachers to have activities that would encourage students to use their thinking skills.
Instructional Strategies Meet the students needs Based my practicum experience, I learned that it is important to plan some lessons according to the students likes even if you may not feel agree it is the best way of learning (e.g.
Instructional Strategies Make lesson plans applicable to students lives As I have spent time in Dr. Instructional Strategies Conclusion: All of the concepts listed are different instructional strategies that can be used in a classroom. Learning Environment Introduction: The definition of learning environment is having an environment where the students can effectively learn.
Learning Environment Flexibility in the classroom Being flexible is often the key to having an effective learning environment. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the ongoing process of maintaining and updating your knowledge and skills in support of your profession, and it can super easy with these quick tips. When I was growing up, I never really had many deaf role models in my life other than my deaf parents and their deaf friends. Teachers that I have been exposed to are the teachers that I have been taught to throughout my educational years and the teachers that I have been placed with for my practicum and two student teaching experiences. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to be taught and mentored by some of the best teachers. It is very vital for me to occasionally reflect on the list of positive teaching characteristics. Every teacher has their own educational philosophy, which is a set of beliefs about how teaching should be implemented in the classroom.
I feel that this philosophy is really beneficial for the students if teachers how have this philosophy teach them.
My philosophy reflects the thinking that students should be doing numerous hands-on activities. Value students comments Too many times, teachers do not give the opportunity for students to express their opinions. I believe that it is important to continuously reflect on the lessons that were taught because there is always room for improvement.
Those instructional strategies are the ones that I have learned throughout my experience in the teacher preparation programs at Gallaudet University and Kent State University. This gives the teacher an opportunity to present a topic and find out what the students previous knowledge on that particular subject.

Too often, a teacher would not give students enough time to answer after asking a question. The teachers should begin with hands- on activities with actual objects when introducing a topic (concrete level of learning). Many students have struggled in developing their thinking skills because they do not have the opportunity to develop it. Harold Johnsons class, I have realized how critical it is to have lesson plans to be applicable in the students lives.
The students will feel more at ease in the classroom knowing that the teacher is flexible and is willing to adapt to the needs of the students. Table of Contents Introduction Educational Experiences Educational Philosophy Instructional Strategies Learning. A doctor, a lawyer, and a psychologist were all the career choices that I considered when I was growing up.
Unfortunately, I have spent time with teachers who have exhibited negative teaching characteristics. So that I will develop these characteristics and become an effective teacher as I progress my teaching career in the future. My goal is to have a constructivist classroom where the pursuit of student questions is highly valued. Therefore, the curricular activities rely heavily on primary sources of data and manipulative materials.
No teacher is perfect and to be able to reflect upon your teaching will make you an excellent teacher in the long run. This philosophy is very different because most of the teachers that I have had in the past did not have student – centered classrooms.
It is important to have instructional strategies because they do reflect my teaching philosophy. Also, the students can gain some independence by working on their own or with others rather than to depend on the teachers constantly for help.
It is also important for the teacher to observe the students to identify patterns of student process errors.
After that, the teacher should move on to a matching of the actual object with pictorial representations of the object (semi-concrete level of learning). Teachers are always giving them information rather than to have the students to think for themselves.
It is important to do that because the teacher is taking into consideration regarding the students likes and dislikes.
It makes more of an impact to the students when they are learning information that they can use in their daily life.
Different instructional strategies that I have listed are based on my experiences in the university coursework, and my practicum experience in public and private schools.
Being flexible does not necessarily mean that the students have the freedom to do anything they want.
From that experience, I realized that there were not many deaf teachers who taught deaf children.
That had made me determined to become a teacher who will have many of the positive teaching characteristics to be exhibited in the classroom.
It forced me to reflect on different kinds of characteristics that makes a best or a worst teacher.
It is possible that my list of negative and positive teaching characteristics will change over the years as I gain more experience teaching. That is why it is important to have this section so that you can see what is my philosophy is regarding education. The teacher should make sure that the classroom would be student- centered at most of the times. I believe that it is very important for the teachers to listen when the students are saying something.
I mostly worked alone focusing on the worksheets during my elementary and high school years. The instructional strategies also reflect my personal teaching beliefs and style for my classroom instruction. The teacher can find out what students already know on that topic so that the teacher does not repeat the same information. Therefore, it is important to increase the amount of wait time during questioning in order to encourage participation among the students. Teachers can also interview or observe the students to see how they feel about a particular subject or their knowledge about a subject. Then, the teacher should move on to matching the pictorial representations to a symbolic representation of the object (abstract level of learning).

The teacher should promote cognitive thinking from the students by giving them activities that would promote cognitive challenge and require the students to show a deep understanding of the subject matter. In a sense, the teacher is trying to meet the students needs by planning activities that the students enjoy. It can also be contributed to how the teacher would operate things in the classroom and use instructional strategies effectively. Flexibility involves having a teacher who is capable of making necessary changes to make the students learn effectively.
It has made me realize what kinds of characteristics that it takes to be an effective teacher for the students. My ultimate goal is to have the students to view me as one of the teachers has positive teaching characteristics.
I have developed my educational philosophy based on my coursework at Gallaudet University and Kent State University and my practicum experiences in the schools. They need opportunities to explore, discover, and discuss, and apply all subjects in their world.
Use guided inductive inquiry when doing hands-on activities This is a strategy that can be done with many activities.
Laugh and Smile when teaching becomes difficult This is something that I have learned at my practicum. For example, I strongly believe that teachers should behave in an interactive manner while teaching. The purpose of this section is to explain my ideas of what would make an environment where students would be able to effectively learn. Knowing that I am deaf myself, I know that I can relate even better with deaf children than hearing teachers could.
Too many times, we disregard students comments just because they are only students and not colleagues.
Students may not have the motivation to learn if they are always passive in the classroom knowing that the teacher will be the one to present new information to the students. It can help students to see how one piece of information is related to another piece of information.
The teachers should include activities that would include lectures, role-playing, hands-on activities, group work, reading with partner, silent reading, and many more.
One of the teaching strategies is to have the the students to be involved in hands-on activities and be active learners.
Based on my past experiences, teachers spend too much time attending students who have behavior problems.
I would want the deaf children to have the opportunity to experience having a deaf teacher in the classroom.
But I really want to have a classroom where students primarily work in groups because they can really learn a lot by working with their peers.
The ideas on the semantic web are all organized and it will help students to visualize the information better and see how they are related to each other. The purpose of using different kinds of lesson plans is to prevent from students experiencing boredom in the classroom. In conclusion, these experiences have led me to believe that these are the instructional strategies that will be effective when teaching the students. When I was in high school, I was always helping other deaf students in the class with homework or explaining how to perform different tasks. This helped me to make my decision about entering the field of deaf education in order to become a teacher for the deaf children. There will be times when you will have the most difficult students or when it seems like it is impossible to teach the students anything. I believe that it is important for the well-behaved students to receive attention from the teacher. At the end of the lesson, the teacher can find out what new information that the students have learned from this topic.
The teacher is not there to give the answers to the students but to promote their curiousness about an object.
I really enjoyed helping the other deaf students with their homework or explaining a concept to them.

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