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Everybody loves a good print design, whether it’s a clever business card or a flyer that makes you stop and take a second look—but it’s easy to be creative when you only have one sheet of paper to work with. We believe that creative folder designs deserve to be showcased, and the Folder Design Gallery accomplishes that very goal by showing off beautiful designs from some of the most talented graphic artists on the web. We’d like to share just a few of our favorite designs that show off the endless possibilities that folders have to offer.
The use of constellation designs on the front cover is a clever way to present this brand as forward-thinking while maintaining a simple, professional look.  Meanwhile, the interior of the design shows a real awareness of how recipients will utilize the folder.
This template for a real estate presentation folder uses a warm, rustic design that conjures up feelings of nostalgia and hominess. This is a perfect example of how presentation folders can be used in a manner similar to brochures or fliers.
This brightly colored travel folder template uses red and green to excite the audience and remind them of exotic locations. Not only does this presentation folder feature a fun serpentine die cut opening, but also a bold and vibrant design to match the brand’s personality. If these custom folder designs have you excited to design your own presentation folders but you don’t know where to start, be sure to download the Folder Design Cheat Sheet for more information on how to go from concept to a final product.

Key Traits of a User-Friendly Mobile App…If you want your mobile app to be a success, you have to pack it full of user-friendly features.
Presentation folder for DHL Aviation Latin America, created in conjunction with a system of trifold brochures and technical flyers in keeping with the company’s corporate branding guidelines.
We can increase the gusset (the spine) width of the die cut to 5mm or more to allow for more documents. Your average presentation folder design requires a front and back cover, two interior panels and at least one pocket—but the combinations and customization options are endless.
The design takes a traditional gatefold layout and uses the gated flaps to deliver a large amount of information to the audience. The interior panels use a simple repeating pattern of the brand’s logo, which helps build brand awareness and engages the audience with a splash of color. Having your documents stored neatly within a presentation folder gives the impression of structure, professionalism and planning. And yet, for what it’s worth, the best folder designs just don’t get the same recognition as their peers in print. Send your design to promote your work, drive traffic to your portfolio, and increase your exposure to potential employers.

The right side is where the presentation materials will be held, so it has a simple design with a custom die-cut pocket. The interior pocket allows the folder to still fulfill its major function while also providing additional space for branded design elements.
This allows the folder to be more versatile as it can hold a number of different materials related to travel, such as travel guides and itineraries on the left and plane tickets or brochures on the right.
A QR code is featured on the back cover, linking the audience directly to the company’s site.
It’s also important to maintain a close working relationship with your printer, as they can help you achieve the best possible final product by guiding you through the process and helping you pick the best stocks, coatings, die-cuts and special imprint methods that will make your folder stand out.
A well-designed presentation folder will ensure that your prospective client holds onto it and more than likely will refer you to other prospective clients, even if they may not need your services at this moment in time.

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