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So you put in your two weeks notice, shoot your new boss an email, and shop for a new work wardrobe of nice jeans, polo shirts, colorful tanks, and sandals. Everything is going smoothly with the transition to your new job until you arrive on your first day and realize you're completely underdressed.
She says during her 20-plus years working as an executive coach, one of the most frequent career roadblocks she has observed is inappropriate dress in the workplace because people don't completely understand what all the different dress codes mean.
At most companies, however, the "smart casual" dress code is a step up from "business casual," but not as formal as "boardroom attire." It's neat and professional a€” but still informal. Jonathan Fitzgarrald provides practical tools for developing and managing a strong, personal brand.
Mark, a 33 year-old senior associate is on track to realize his career dream—to become a shareholder in his CPA firm. During one of our coaching sessions, I worked with Mark to refine his elevator pitch so he could communicate to prospects and referral sources what differentiates him from his competition.
As a visitor, Mark would be given a couple of minutes to introduce himself and his practice. Expecting that the worst Jeffrey could tell me was that Mark was dressed in slacks and polo shirt—after all, it was casual Friday—I replied, “What are you talking about?” To my dismay and total embarrassment Jeffrey said, “Mark wore ill-fitting jeans and a shirt unsuitable for gardening. Strong credentials can be overshadowed by a poor visual presentation to those in hiring or referring positions.
Policemen, doctors, chefs, service men and women, trial lawyers, bankers, mail carriers, judges, politicians, and business professionals all wear uniforms.

If in doubt of your visual presentation, consult a tailor or stylist who can assist you in putting your best foot forward. Whether we seek employment, advancement, or are looking to build credibility within our industry, we must manage those aspects over which we have total control. This is interesting because it’s not only about dressing to impress, get the job, etc. Presentations and Conversations That Get Results,"A says it's important to be aware of dress codes and understand what they mean. In order to ensure this dream becomes a reality, Mark and I would meet regularly to discuss the professional development he must continue to pursue to be an appealing candidate to his business partners. I encouraged Mark to attend the upcoming meeting of a networking group comprised of other accountants, lawyers, bankers and financial planners, many of whom I knew. It was a business contact of mine, Jeffrey, who called to tell me he had met Mark at the networking group. Was I more irritated with Mark for not wearing a suit or with myself for assuming that he would know that professional clothing is the appropriate option for any business interaction? If your appearance isn’t consistent with what others would expect from someone in your profession, your ability and credibility will be questioned. I once attended a big rbbon cutting event at a bank and a businessman I know shopwed up in a T-shirt, jeans, and, wait for it- snadals with socks!
Especially for those of us in professional services, it’s all about differentiation, even if that means being the most professionally dressed one in the room!

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Knowing all the effort Mark and I had spent to refine his elevator pitch, I asked Jeffrey to tell me what he thought of Mark’s introduction. It sounds too simple to those who would rather be judged on their merits, like education and experience, but it’s the truth.
Even if you have very little fashion sense, women can wear black slacks and a tailored blouse. A man or woman can always wear a sports jacket over the blue shirt and it will work in any professional environment.
The blink is so important– from how your hair is styled and the jewelry you wear, to whether or not your shirt is pressed or your cuffs are frayed. I can still remember my negative impression of a supposedly successful attorney from a name firm whose clothes looked like he bought them at a second hand store.

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