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Professional Presentation Live (PPL) is a program whose main goal is to develop and improve presentation skills. The participants of the PPL program will acquire the basic tecniques of convincing presentation and communication in a pleasant and entertaining, yet challenging surrounding.
In order to prepare themselves as good as possible for their future real presentation challenges, the participants will be subjected to different kinds of unpredictable situations.
This methodology’s aditional advantage is that with the help of the biofeedback system we can measure and analyze the presenter’s stress level during the simulation. They will pay particular attention to the methods for gaining and keeping attention, as well as to the harmony between vision and content.
Through the simple usage of the simulation system, we can clearly pinpoint the areas that need to be developed.
The number one representatives of companies have to give presentations in a growing number of client meetings and conferences.
The leaders of ministries, state authorities, mayor offices, as well as various professional and social organizations often find themselves in situations in which they have to represent their standpoints in a number of delicate matters.
The fate and existential future of individuals and families, as well as the success of companies looking for expertly trained managers might depend on whether a professionally prepared candidate is capable of properly displaying his or her knowledge in front of a potential employer. Media owners and media agencies always want to get more and more business and their most used weapon is the presentation.
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Vector flyer cover design template with colorful abstract geometric shape, triangle background for your business.
Vector brochure cover design template with colorful abstract geometric shape, triangle background for your business.
Presenting a certain subject to a virtual audience, the participants’ tasc is to harmonize their verbal and non-verbal communication.
For example, it is possible that one of the participants interrups a presentation by loudly commenting certain events. Having in mind measured values, the consultants provide the participants with the advice and skills on how to prevent and how to manage stressful situations which happen very often over during different stages of a presentation. With the help of examples drawn purely from real life, the participants can get acquainted with methods for successfully handling difficult situations, difficult people, and unfriendly questions.
These can then be honed to perfection by the participant with the help of his or her consultant in front of a projected virtual audience, without any real risks, yet in a lifelike and realistic, reactive environment that can be modified as needed.
This module includes disturbing situations, different mood elements that influence the presentation, as well as the “not always overly friendly” questions.
The sales representatives have approximately 1 hour to convince the audience – who will be asking them tough questions – about the strength of their products or services. The preparation for planning sessions, forecast meetings, and financial overviews is greatly assisted if the CEO practices how to handle the kinds of tough questions that usually come up in such occasions.
The presentational training that is tailored particularly for this target group provides them with indispensable help.

PPL helps us learn how to realistically brand ourselves and convincingly present our suitability. These companies are forced to make presentations day and night: presentations for existing clients, for potential new partners etc. Over the course of the presentation that takes place in virtual reality, the presenter tries winning over the so-called live audience and convincing them about his or her product, service as well as himself or herself.
The virtual audience will test the participants’ presentation skills asking the kind of questions that range from easy to difficult ones. It is also possible that the Director, which is present at the presentation, asks you to shorten your presentation from 30 minutes to only 10 minutes. At the end of the exercise, the developmental curve is evaluated with the trainer and the participant recieves the evaluation of the presentation as well as suggestions for follow-up tasks.
This presentation skills training program that’s new across the globe was developed based upon the experiences of thousands of presentations delivered and heard by the company’s experts. Every one of those possible scenarios has the objective to check the participant’s ability, knowledge and experience in those challenging situations which happen on a daily basis.

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