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Professional Learning is central to the culture of improvement, innovation and excellence in Rocky View Schools (RVS).
Research and data-informed critical reflection play a significant role in establishing high quality professional learning and professional practice. Learning Communities committed to continuous improvement, collective responsibility and goal alignment. School based collaborative and collective inquiry aligned with jurisdictional and provincial priorities is the most meaningful and effective professional learning.
Leadership requires skillful leaders who develop capacity, advocate, and create support systems for professional learning. Effective professional learning involves continual innovation of practice to enhance knowledge, skills, attributes and competencies. Resources require prioritizing, monitoring and coordinating resources for professional learning. Professional learning is personalized, generative and focused on the actualization of exemplary practice in the learning environment. Data uses a variety of sources and types of student, educator, and system information to plan, assess and evaluate professional learning.

High quality professional learning and transformational leadership are integral to sustainable school and system improvement. Learning Designs integrates theories, research, and models of human learning to achieve its intended outcomes.
Professional learning is job embedded with collaborative opportunities for guided conversation and co-creation of innovative practice.
Implementation applies research on change and sustains support of professional learning for long-term change. As architects and designers of lifelong learning, there is individual and shared responsibility for engaging in inquiry based, professional growth. Outcomes align professional learning with educator performance and student curriculum standards and outcomes.
Organizational learning is ongoing, supported and fully integrated into Rocky View Schools' culture. Professional Learning Communities in education – a hot topic but do they really work?
Professional Learning Communities in education (PLC) are organized groups of teachers that have the goal of bettering instruction and student performance.
The Adams Middle School in Westland, Michigan, has shifted from a traditional school to one that is committed to being a model PLC within the past several years as a response to below-average testing scores on district and state tests.

By focusing on the above questions and working together, Adams Middle School turned their scores around.
Adams is only one of the schools across the country that has seen positive results with the implementation of PLCs. Studies of three elementary schools showed that students from minority and low-income families, who typically had less than fifty percent proficiency rates on state tests, were able to increase their test scores to achieve seventy-five percent proficiency rates. In addition to improved student performance, Professional Learning Communities in education give teachers much-needed support. Studies have shown that teachers need to focus on improving teaching and learning in order for PLCs to work effectively.
Visit All Things PLC to learn more about schools that have built successful Professional Learning Communities in education.
Teachers are given one hour per week to meet with their learning team, which at Adams is determined by discipline. The teachers work to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, best practices, and to give and receive advice from others in a safe, respectful setting.

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