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Buy, download and read Professional Learning Communities (eBook) by Louise Stoll; Louis Karen Seashore today! Academic > Education > Theory and practice of education > Education and training of teachers and administrators > Professional aspects of teaching and school administrators.
There is great interest internationally in the potential of professional learning communities for enhancing educational reform efforts and sustaining improvement.
This international collection expands perceptions and understanding of professional learning communities, as well as highlighting frequently neglected complexities and challenges. Drawing on research, each chapter offers a deeper understanding of topics such as distributed leadership, dialogue, organisational memory, trust, self-assessment and inquiry, and purpose linked to learning.

The last section of the book focuses upon three of the most challenging dilemmas that face developing professional learning communities - developing professional learning communities in secondary school, building social capital, and sustaining professional learning communities. The authors provide pointers on why these challenges exist, offering rays of hope for ways forward.

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