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PrimoPDF is a freeware proposed as a solution for reading and converting PDF documents, which stands for the expected functionality and the ease with which you can configure its main parameters. PrimoPDF supports major versions of Microsoft’s operating system and does not require a significant amount of system resources to use it to its full potential. It therefore has the opportunity to be able to count on a slender PDF file manager and reliable even on older systems and not particularly generous with regard to overall performance. When you first run opens a dialog box which allows you to enable an item to add new funzionalitain automatically download updates through the application. Another criterion which facilitates the task of creating PDF documents can be appreciated within office applications. PrimoPDF’s user interface looks quite intuitive, thanks to a layout designed to be immediate also with regard to the setting of the most significant parameters. PrimoPDF is a free utility to be taken into consideration by those who are looking for an efficient solution localized in Italian for the conversion of files in the ubiquitous Adobe.
Creating PDF documents is a task many users perform if not on a daily basis, often enough to require a dedicated software application that will make their job easier. Such a tool is PrimoPDF, a program that is able to turn any type of printable document into a Portable Document Format file with only a few clicks.
The installation procedure is a matter of seconds, but be advised to pay attention at the third-party software it comes with because it can change the settings of your Internet browser. The application's interface is quite user friendly, with a touch of good looks and it enables you to quickly customize the running settings of this utility. A rather handy feature of PrimoPDF is the fact that you can simply drag and drop files onto it's desktop icon in order to have them processed.
Another way of creating a Portable Document Format file is by hitting the Print button in your Windows applications. Given its ease of use and thanks to the fact that it can handle text documents, images as well as webpages, PrimoPDF will prove very useful for all users who need to quickly build PDFs. After the download process completes, you must RUN the .exe file you just saved - this will install PrimoPDF on your cmputer.
The Primo PDF program is FREE and it is easy to create PDF files from any program that is capable of printing output. Inhoudsclassificaties helpen je om een goed beeld te krijgen van het soort inhoud dat je aan kunt treffen in een app of een game.

In een inhoudsclassificatie geven we aan voor welke leeftijd wij vinden dat de inhoud geschikt is. Als een app of game geen classificatie heeft, dan betekent het dat deze nog niet beoordeeld is. De naam Softonic en het bijbehorende logo zijn gedeponeerde merken van SOFTONIC INTERNACIONAL S.A. We maken gebruik van eigen cookies en cookies van derden om de kwaliteit van onze service en uw ervaring te verbeteren. One of the chief features this tool is the high number of input formats with which it is compatible, revealing a good dose of versatility during file conversion.
The installation of the product is brought to an end quickly and even those who do not have specific knowledge should be able from the outset to become familiar with the main controls provided. The immediacy of use diPrimoPDF is accentuated by a specific icon placed on the desktop by which you can perform a simple drag-and-drop to drag on it a document and convert it immediately in PDF format, saving it in the same folder where you Referring to the original. The top of the main screen has a menu bar with five icons aimed at the determination of a profile document creation.
You can choose the appropriate dimensions, edit the PDF's properties and security details. PrimoPDF is also installed on your computer as a virtual printer, so all you have to do is to select Print and choose it in the next dialog.
Double byte character support, enhanced support for Microsoft Windows 98, ME, and NT, PDF viewing support for non-Windows environments, and full support for 64-bit machines. We first created a PDF file using Adobe and then created a file from the same document using Primo PDF. Het kan ook zijn dat we deze al wel beoordeeld hebben, maar dat we de pagina aan het actualiseren zijn. Dit is onder meer om advertenties te personaliseren, social media-functies aan te bieden en ons webpaginaverkeer te analyseren. This quick and easy method of rearranging pages in a PDF will let you do this for free right on your desktop in seconds! At the end of a processing you can set the software to the ‘immediate opening of the generated PDF file or its sharing via e-mail. This feature is really convenient because you can generate PDF files with great speed and without having to enter the menu or set parameters.

It can therefore choose between two methods for the management and immediate conversion of files and documents in general, which can come in handy especially when you have to play with a certain frequency such operations. Each action can be taken on type of resampling (medium, bicubic, sub) on converting CMYK to RGB for display and, compared to the gray scale on the compression-encoded fax CCITT flate length and sequence. They are also two check boxes to enable copying of text, images or other content and readability of the text aids used by people who are blind and visually impaired. Once you click File --> Print, then a dialog window will open giving you the option to selecte a pritner. Using 'quick print' or 'fast print' you do not get the printer dialog window and the output will go to your default printer. Ook houdt de inhoudsclassificatie geen rekening met de moeilijkheidsgraad of de vaardigheden die nodig zijn om een spel te spelen.
Ook delen wij gegevens over uw gebruik van onze site met onze social media-, advertentie- en analysepartners. In the example image below, the pages should be in the order 1,3,2 to be in the correct order. If any of the pages are still in the wrong order, go back to step 3 and make sure to put the page numbers in the order you want them to appear. Als je na installatie bijvoorbeeld Ctrl+P intoetst in Microsoft Word, dan staat PrimoPDF daar als ware het een printer.
Hier kies je uit 4 vooraf ingestelde printprofielen, die documenten van verschillende bestandsgrootte en kwaliteit opleveren.
Vergeleken met prima concurrenten CutePDF Writer en FreePDF bevat deze applicatie uitstekende printprofielen voor uitvoer van slechts degelijke tot optimale kwaliteit.
We nemen op de koop toe dat het fraaie menu half is ingenomen door een reclame voor de uitstekende pdf-lezer Nitro PDF Reader.

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