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2015 is at the ready and PresentationLoad has a little present for you: In our online shop we offer you a selection of free animated PowerPoint templates to celebrate New Year’s Eve. To celebrate New Year’s Eve with your friends and family the PresentationLoad team has another seasonal special for you.
PresentationLoad wants to thank you for your loyalty and wishes you a happy holiday season as well as a successful start into the New Year 2015.
Send greetings or invitations to Mardi Gras in a PowerPoint presentation to your relatives, friends and colleagues. Piece together your starter set from our multiple free slides and choose a layout from business, sales, marketing or management to strategy and science. MoreFree PowerPoint Template Network Concept Lines and connected circles as creative graphics. MoreFree PowerPoint Template Geometric Shapes Triangles and hexagons in different colors and designs.
MoreFree PowerPoint Template Colored Arches Flat designs make your presentation individual and appealing.
MoreFree PowerPoint Presentation Templates for School & University A simple, well-designed set of slides excellent for schools and universities (incl.

MoreHoliday Templates Special occasion templates specifically designed for vacation presentations (great for travel agencies). MoreFree PowerPoint Templates 2016 Various designed 2016 templates – great to display annual goals and list New Year resolutions. You can easily copy graphics and add them to your own presentation, or you use full slides and simply insert your own text.
At our online shop you will find a selection of free animated New Year’s Eve templates to create amazing PowerPoint presentations for your colleagues, friends and family. The set contains 12 high-quality designed and already animated PowerPoint templates in various designs. Be it for your work, school or university – easily create professional presentations with these pre-designed slides.
As a PowerPoint newcomer you will find our pre-designed templates very helpful – with the professional design and layout you can fully concentrate on the content and adjust the designs to your requirements. Send personal New Year’s greetings as e-mail to share particular wishes for the upcoming year 2015. All slides contain pre-designed and animated placeholder text where you can easily insert your own message.

To open the PPT file in PowerPoint 2003 the "Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack" is required. To open the pptx file in PowerPoint 2003 the “Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack” is required.
Almost everybody has to hold a presentation at one point – either in school, at university or later at work. We offer layouts with various elements including diagrams, charts, tables, circles, road maps, backgrounds and title slides. Choose from themes like fireworks, New Year’s Eve Countdown, lucky clover, four-leaved clover, and more!
Save time and money and create a presentation that will awe your colleagues, fellow students, friends, employers or business partners!

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