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779 Share on Facebook Email Print Share on Facebook Print Email A good teacher is someone who not only teaches and focusing on knowledge integration, but is able to make learning fun for the students. To get the goal of learning, the teacher using visual aids such as PowerPoint to teach the children in the classroom. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Therefore, teachers must understand how to communicate with them by creating an attractive and stimulating presentations.
Susan discussed her recent report on what changing teacher demographics means for schools, students, and society.
I focused on what this trend means for individual teachers and their retirement savings:Why do pensions belong in this discussion?

While Richard’s work presents a national picture of the teaching profession, the only place to find regular, high-quality data on state or local teacher retention data is the pension system.
Pension plans keep detailed records of who stays and for how long, where they work, and how much money they earn. That's exactly where half the states have set their vesting requirements, although 17 states now require teachers to remain at least 10 years. Only a small fraction of teachers will remain a full career and earn a relatively comfortable pension.
In the median state, less than one-in-five teachers will stay long enough to realize the benefits that begin accruing at the back-end of teacher careers. 41 states provide teachers with their own contributions plus some interest on those investments.

But only 2 states provide the teacher their own contributions, some interest, and a share of the contribution employers made on their behalf.
That's technically part of teacher compensation, but a teacher who leaves before qualifying for a pension forfeits those contributions. The money stays with the pension plan and can be used to supplement the pensions of those who remain.

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