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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This slideshow presents the features of two of the master programmes provided by Stenden university in leisure, tourism and service management.
Students of Faculty of Engineering & Technology at JNU have started preparing to celebrate this special day. Margo Potts (from left), Sasha Gregory and Patti Wagner of the Student Health Center developed a poster about Longwood’s flu prevention efforts that will be be presented at a national conference.
Longwood University's efforts in promoting flu prevention, which feature a healthy dose of student involvement, will result in national exposure. For the fiscal year that will begin July 1, 2010, the SGA allocated $9,910 to the Student Health Partners, of which $8,500 will go to flu vaccines. The Student Health Partners' mission, Potts said, is to "provide Student Health with student concerns about general health and well-being. In addition to Potts, Gregory, Wagner, and the four students, others who plan to attend the ACHA meeting are Dr. Longwood is the only institution in Virginia, public or private, in which student government funds flu vaccinations for students, which the university's SGA has done since 2006.

Because of shortages, the university received only half of the vaccine that was expected in 2009-2010. SGA funding for flu vaccines last year was $8,550, but Longwood was able to receive only $3,995 worth of vaccine. The kit is a plastic baggy that contains various items (including hand sanitizer, Ibuprofen tablets, tissue and lip balm) and information on cold symptoms and how to tell the difference between a cold and the flu. You're never going to reach and protect all of the students directly, but at least if you're around people who have been vaccinated, you won't get it. Two-person teams, consisting of one student and one staff member, will take turns presenting the poster. People should be able to read it as they walk past approximately 2 metres away – hopefully they will stop and look at the whole poster. Our goal is to reach and maintain 'herd immunity' in which we have enough students vaccinated that everyone can be protected. The poster was printed on a printer in the Geographic Information Sciences lab in Chichester Science Center that prints posters on 42-inch wide rolls of paper.
Effectiveness of Chronic Disease Self-management Program in Japan: Preliminary report of a longitudinal study.

All text must be big enough to be read from at least one metre and should be in a simple font that is easy to read. Ensure pictures are large enough and that the quality is still good if they are enlarged for the poster.
Ensure the sections of text and illustrations are set out logically, so that it is clear which part should be read next. Numbering sections may be helpful.If you are using colour, ensure that text will stand out clearly against any background colour and that pictures, diagrams, text and background colours are well-matched. Lack of consistency in, for example, font sizes or the size of gaps between sections, creates a bad impression.

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