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CBM Training provides a range of courses designed to help delegates hone their business skills to improve productivity in the workplace. Many people in business have not been exposed to the powerful tools, tips and techniques that lie behind successful negotiating. CBM Training’s practical 2 day negotiation skills course will demonstrate the best way to run a negotiation - from ice breaking to closing the deal.
Do you want to step up your presentation skills to become a confident and relaxed presentations guru? The good news is that with some practical presentation skills training it is easy to quickly become a professional and accomplished speaker and  presenter.
This 2 day presentation skills programme will introduce you to a variety of presentation skills ranging from your preparation methods, techniques for grabbing attention, how and where to stand, the best tone of voice to use, working with AV material and dealing with audience interaction. Practicing sound business etiquette principles and being well-versed in our cultural differences allows you to participate confidently in meetings, network effortlessly at cocktail parties and deal professionally with colleagues and staff at work. This 2 day assertiveness skills course will teach you, through exercises, demonstrations and frameworks, appropriate assertive responses that will lead to long-term success in your business and personal life. A report is supposed to be a tool that decision makers can use to make informed operational and strategic decisions.
This 2 day report writing course will introduce you to the optimum technical and business report structure, how to incorporate technical data in a user-friendly manner, how to limit ambiguity and finally produce a report that decision makers can not only trust, but actively use to drive key business decisions.
As a director or senior manager, you no longer need to focus on the operational aspects of finance. To be a top performing sales professional, you need to close a high percentage of the deals you work on AND you need to only spend your valuable time working on deals that either have a high chance of closing OR where you stand to make the most profit.
In the professional world, influence and power are derived from individual authority, expertise and confidence.
This powerful unique 1 day assertiveness training course for women has been designed to provide South African businesswomen with a host of tools that will allow them to blossom in a traditionally male dominated environment, using the assertive communication styles most suited to them.

How come we often feel we are communicating effectively with our colleagues but they still manage to misunderstand us?
This intensive 1 day course - which includes a Dr Kobus Neethling's NBI profile for each delegate - will allow you to understand your own thinking and business communication preferences and help to identify and adapt this to the thinking and business communicationstyles of others. Understanding how we communicate is the first step to actively managing our daily business communication - which will result in increased efficiency, reduced conflict and a better performance within our teams.
The pace of business today, along with fierce competition and economic pressure means quality decisions need to be made quickly.
Business people today communicate in writing such as letters, faxes, email, reports, minutes and memos.
This Writing Better Business Documents course will help all people in business, but especially those who are not writing in their first language to improve the overall quality of their writing by highlighting some easy to remember rules and practical everyday techniques that will keep your writing clear, simple and easy to read. Our Business Courses are delivered by a faculty of highly qualified consultants who are not merely lecturers but rather specialists consulting in their particular field.
In fact, most people negotiate on a daily basis without even knowing why they are successful or not.
A highly experienced lecturer will demonstrate, step-by-step, and with the aid of case studies and practical exercises, how to apply a range of powerful negotiation skills and techniques to ensure that you always remain in control. This intensive one day business etiquette and cultural diversity workshop will empower you with the key South African etiquette and diversity skills that you need to promote your career and improve the business outputs of your organisation.
You require higher level skills to analyse and accurately interpret fiscal information to drive shareholder value. Business to business salespeople will especially benefit from this course, sales managers and business owners can also use the strategies to help guide their sales teams to selling at bigger profit margins.
The reason is that we all communicate differently, depending on our personal preferences - AND our personal thinking styles. For an organization to stay ahead of the pack, it needs Managers who are able to generate rapid and viable solutions to business problems.

The effect of these communications can be improved if they are written clearly, concisely and in a readable way. Whether you are drafting emails to colleagues or having to provide reports for your customers or managers, this intensive 2 day Writing Better Business Documents training course will provide you with easy to remember principles, suggestions and formats that can help you write better business documents.
They have greater insight into the market and a fuller understanding of delegate needs and deliver Business Courses which are practical in nature and extremely relevant to the current market. We all wish that we could emulate presenters who thrive on the challenge and relish a captive audience.
Assertiveness is a choice you make for yourself to stand up for your rights in a positive way.
Accurately analysing and interpreting trends, comparisons and ratios will allow you to quickly identify problems and leverage opportunitiesThis 2 day course, delivered by an ex multinational CFO and CA (SA) is case study driven to ensure that every concept – from driving shareholder value to calculating project risk – is completely understood and entrenched.Take this opportunity to fine-tune your existing financial capabilities and ground your executive decision making processes in sound financial evaluation and insight.
By attending the practical 2 day business problem solving and decision making course, you will learn how to use established problem solving methodologies to ask the right questions at the right time, thinking and reacting quickly, intelligently, and systematically get to the best solution to any business problem you are faced with. You will learn to express anger and disagreement constructively, while preserving relationships. In order to write a report that will actually be used, you need to fine-tune some key competencies. It is this that fails us in a professional setting, and it is this that we need to work on to be truly assertive and successful in the South African business environment. You will discuss how to deal calmly and confidently with all kinds of people and get the results you want.

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