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In a humorous, relaxed and pragmatic way, you will be introduced to tangible and useful methods that will make you a better speaker – and, most importantly, cause you to appear credible.
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We offer discounts for early or multiple bookings, call us today on 0151 931 5184 for a quote, or to arrange a formal invoice. If you can't make these dates or you need help sooner, we can deliver a full day of 1:1 coaching for you or your staff by arrangement - contact us for details.
We believe you learn something best by doing it, not by sitting and watching, so you'll spend most of the 2 days on your feet ACTUALLY presenting. Gain the confidence and ability to present effortlessly, an essential skill for interviews, departmental meetings, moving right up to conference and large podium presentations. Email us to register your interest for a course, and we'll email you if we manage to fit another course into our busy schedule. This is a course that kicks off the Environment and Energy Post Grad Course.  So why start with this course? Not only are we confined to the classroom but we also make use of online learning and forums as well as completing some tasks as groups to reinforce the idea of dealing with humans to enhance our capacity as professionals.
There will be more from me at a later date but, for now, I am please to say that I’m feeling enthusiastic about this course.
Uso de cookiesEste sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. A thorough introduction as to the best way to utilize yourself and your strengths when you want to get your message across. We look at ways to begin and end a presentation, getting you off to a good start and wrapping up in a dynamic finish.

The course focuses on practical advice, so you can try various methods in actual real life and can feel what works.
In the Managerial Skills course, especially, we are committed to converting theory into your reality.
For those who already have great human skills there will be new techniques and knowledge to be garnered and for those that feel that they have no human skills at all, this course will help you see what is possible and give you new perspective on what you are able to achieve. Be prepared to try things you’ve never tried and have a think about this quote from the very wise, Mr Abraham Lincoln. Whether you are a presenter, a negotiator or leader, let’s make sure we have the attitude to be the best we can be. Get rid of your bad habits, get a grip on anxiety, and learn how to use this knowledge to tighten up your message, so you will appear credible. After the course, each participant will have learned the best way to convey a message to an audience, while each of person also knows what to work on to become even better. What is your body language saying about you?) You will learn a secret tool you can use to wipe out your nervousness within minutes!
What we are going to learn in the coming weeks are the most basic skills of how to present, to lead and to negotiate effectively. For this reason we will be concentrating heavily on practical case studies to bring the theory into your world, to apply it to your circumstances.
For me, what makes me tick is seeing people become better and seeing how their new possibilities dawn on them. We also consider what to do with your hands, body, voice, where to look, and, most importantly, what you should do if you get nervous. You will deliver a business-oriented presentation with which you are familiar while receiving individual coaching.

These, as opposed to many of the skills you will have learnt in previous courses and will learn during your post-grad course here at the EOI, are human subjects. The graph below supports our objective to use teaching methods that optimize the students’ learning, long term.
We will also take a look at some persistent myths, many of which contribute to the make us look worse than we really are, and that, I might add, in spite of the fact that we think we’re doing exactly the right thing. This process is filmed for post-programme review.Exercises include vocal projection and message preparation. They are not clear equations with one correct answer, nor are they black and white by nature. Customised upgrades include a full video edit with supporting documentation, used for message reinforcement or wider e-learning roll-out plans. They may be team members, subordinates, suppliers, clients, bosses, pressure groups, union representatives, investors or 100 other things. We may have the greatest service or product however if we fail in effectiveness with the way we connect with humans we will never be able to optimize what we offer as professionals or as product or service.
We start this post-grad course with these managerial skills as they can be applied to all future learning at the EOI.

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