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Students attended talks from Dr Roe, Mrs Morgan and Mr Hardy which outlined some of the many opportunities they will have this year to participate in both school and community activites. Ignite Applications have now closed. You may be interested in some of the other activities that we have planned. The Ignite programme offers you the chance to become more enterprising, creative, employable and learn more about setting up a business. The event is designed to offer participants a range of experiences and benefits relevant to their professional development. There are no formal lectures or assessments and learning is based on activities, entrepreneur guest speakers, working in teams and learning from each other. Twenty students from each institution will attend Ignite, providing a unique opportunity to work with participants from different institutions in this innovative and exclusive context.
Ignite utilises a variety of teaching and learning methods to develop the skills and abilities of participants. At the end of the challenge we will treat you to a fantastic roast dinner to help you celebrate all your hard work.
What will I be doing You will be taking part in a lot of different activities, from team building activities to workshops with successful entrepreneurs. We had sessions aimed at teaching us how to devise an effective market strategy, after which teams had to give mock pitches for the various creative but fictitious business enterprises each team came up with. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. As a manager, team leader or someone who needs to communicate effectively; you will be expected to present and inform other teams of what you are doing and how certain aspects of your day-to-day are progressing. Microsoft Powerpoint is the leading presentation software used by organisations around the world for its easy to use user interface and robust design. Anyone who is in a position where you may be required to present or train learners; particularly those who wish to know how to use Microsoft Powerpoint. Applying a Custom Animation Effect – How to use animations to emphasise points and how not to overdo it.

Using the model of business start-up as a vehicle for enterprise skills development, the programme aims to cultivate innovative individuals who can spot opportunities, tackle problems and work out original and inventive ways to change things for the better. Partners include Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of South Wales.
Some highlights of the week include workshops on creative thinking skills, tips surrounding personal projection and control, workshops delivered by local entrepreneurs and speakers discussing a range of relevant issues including the hot topic of social enterprise. Any students from Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University or University of South Wales (Including RWCMD) can take part. As well as learning from experienced business people you will have a chance to develop your practical skills such leading a team and managing your time effectively. Spaces are limited and we expect to have more applicants than spaces so please take time to fill out your application. You should expect to get involved in lots of team activities, develop your skills and share experiences and knowledge with your fellow students.
We will try to make sure each team includes students from different Universities, from a variety of subject areas and a mixture of male and female students. The event is set up by Cardiff Universities with Glamorgan, UWIC and Cardiff Uni students attending. With MS PowerPoint you can professionally present and inform others of what you are doing and the progress you are making. Since it is used globally, proficiency in this software can be very useful for your career development or as a supplement to your CV. There are no prerequisites for this course but users will need to have some knowledge of operating systems and general computer use. All of our training includes; onsite parking, refreshments, training material, registration and all other related costs.
The students were supported by form tutors and a number of employers from our local area.

The challenge involves going out into the city of Cardiff to put what has been learnt to the test through various negotiation and selling techniques.
There are no formal lectures or assessments and learning is based on business games, entrepreneur guest speakers, working in teams and learning from each other. IGNITE has been developed to be valuable to all students, it doesn’t matter what you are studying. The accredited course will require learners to undertake an exam in addition to the learning. During this task, students worked in groups to design, brand and market a new box of chocolates. Participants will be challenged to develop and implement a business idea from scratch, with the aim of making a profit.
It has been greatly used in Education and training to effectively communicate complex subjects with ease. If you need presentation help then our training can help you as it takes you through how to use Powerpoints many different options, such as animation. Our 1 day intensive training course will prepare and ready you to use it in your work life.
Our Microsoft Powerpoint training course is great because it takes you through everything you need to know about the software. Our training is based on you and your ability, we have beginners, intermediate and advanced.

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