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The main and simple purpose of the APA reference page is to ensure that the reader can locate and retrieve the sources cited in the paper.
Before delving into specific types, here are some basic rules to take note of when writing an APA reference page. Each source cited in the paper should appear twice—it should be cited in the actual text and then listed on the reference page.
The page should be labeled “References,” centered at the top of the page and without any formatting (do not bold, italicize, underline or use quotation marks). All lines after the first line of each entry should be indented half an inch from the left margin. Author’s name should follow the format: last name and then initials of the first and middle name (if provided). For shorter works such as essays and journal articles, do not bold, italicize, underline or put quotation marks. When attributing books, chapters, articles or Web pages, capitalize only the first letter of the first word of a title or subtitle. When referencing a Web page with no author, cite the title of the article followed by the year it was written in parentheses. For more visual guidelines especially on the elements of the page structure, here are some sample APA reference pages. Notice that the entry has four essential elements: the author’s name, the year of the publication, the title and additional information on the publication. When creating your APA reference page, do not forget to list down even the non-print sources such as interviews or documentaries. Admittedly, this is a bit more tedious than doing a non-APA reference page but this is something that can be done with a lot of help along the way. This two day programme is designed for Business Leaders, Relationship Managers, Account Managers and Sales Professionals.
This is a practical programme where participants work on live business cases and sharpen their presentation skills within the group, gaining expert feedback in a 'safe space'. Two-day workshop where participants initially deliver the presentation prepared as pre-work.
The animated PPT demonstrates the basics of how to rearrange formulae and use reverse calculations to self check answers. The cards with symbols, can be used to physically rearrange the formula showing the moves of each symbol. Covers tallies, pictograms, bar charts (vertical, horizontal, single, dual), pie charts, line graphs, conversion graphs and scatter graphs. August 14, 2014 By Karen Straughan (aka GirlWritesWhat) 4 Comments We will over the next few weeks present full transcripts of all the presentations at the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2014. Ladies and gentlemen, our next presenter is Karen Straughan, one of the most prominent women in the Men’s Rights Movement. Karen has spoken to university students across Canada, and some of her videos are used to teach classes in evolutionary psychology, and applied psychology, and other classes.
And I just want to clarify that I don’t consider feminism to be a movement for equality; I don’t consider it to be a goal, or a set of goals; I consider it to be a set of hypotheses, not even theories, right? But … you go all the way back to Seneca Falls and the Declaration of Sentiments, and as Warren said, we do not need a movement that blames men. And then, the list of grievances, the bullet-pointed list of grievances, was—it was worthy of the most radical and insane Tumblr feminist out there. So the history of feminism, all the way back to the beginning, was a history of blaming men. There were alimony reform movements in the 1910s and 20s, because men—because they could not obtain a divorce, but their wife had decided she doesn’t want to live with him any more; and so she would move out, and he would be responsible indefinitely for every single necessity that she had, even if she had more property than him. And they considered these laws unfair because women, though they were equal custodians of their children, the father, who had the sole financial liability to support these children, he was the one who controlled the child’s income and property.
Under “patriarchy,” right, under the old system, the traditional system, fathers got custody of the children after divorce or separation. And even though you had to prove fault back then, even though you had to prove you were getting divorced for a reason—a good reason—the divorce rate, which had remained constant for centuries, increased 15-fold in just 50 years after this became the legal norm. Across the English-speaking world, similar reforms have been made, were made, regarding women’s rights to hold property in marriage.
Suffragettes of the time, she said, were generally women of property, women of wealth; and she hoped that other suffragettes would follow suit, and refuse to pay their income taxes, because the man, being responsible for all of the necessaries of her life, was of course responsible, according to the income tax act in the UK, responsible for paying any taxes owing by his wife, on her income and her property. I have seen examples as far back as Rome, ancient Rome, where women, who felt that they were being unjustly discriminated against, gathered in front of the Senate and protested until the laws were changed. Now, the grievance that men have excluded women from the elective franchise—that declaration, in the Declaration of Sentiments, ignores the fact that for the vast majority of history, men did not have elective franchise. And the period between which all men got the vote and all women got the vote—or, at least, all White men and all White women—in some countries, it was as much as 50 years, and in others it was as little as 10. And anybody who has any kind of nuanced understanding of the expansion of the franchise will know that the vote—voter rights—was intimately tied to military service.
One story I was reading on a website, the history of the White Feather Campaign: one father recounted the story of his 15-year-old son, who had been sent home from the front for being underage when they discovered that he was not 18. And if you ask, if you go by the surveys and “1 in 2 women will be assaulted,” or “sexually assaulted,”in her lifetime, as the Canadian Women’s Foundation claims, possibly erroneously—if you were to ask men, in fact, I think if you were to ask any boy over the age of 12, the number would be “1 in 1.” One in one. These women are claiming that women are more harshly treated than men, by the criminal justice system; and they’re jailed for way, way longer sentences than men are. And I just wanted to say that, because a lot of people have asked me, where did the name “Honey Badger” come from?
The honey badger is widely renowned as one of the most fearless and intelligent animals on the planet.
AVFM depends on readers like you to help us pay expenses related to operations and activism. If only men were half as perceptive as Karen is about feminism, its origins and its actual intentions. I have been recently exposed to Karen’s arguments, and they put many inchoate thoughts and hunches that I had for many years into a crystal clear order. Both males and females suffer from the resulting social havoc, and I have a strong suspicion that part of the puzzle is a strong cultural male warrior tradition that did not fare well from the imposition of a foreign socioeconomic order on them (which includes mainstream feminist ideals at dissonance with the fulfillment and respect that men need).
Clarey identifies and addresses a litany of problems intelligent people face, as well as analyzes them and provides solutions. You can spot a borderline from a mile awayPaul is here to tell you that avoiding borderlines isn’t rocket science.
All aboard for Trans Central Station!The news cycle has been alive lately with transgender issues.

The Dragon spacecraft, designed to carry people into Earth's orbit, received a few upgrades as SpaceX refines its vehicle in partnership with NASAa€™s Commercial Crew Program. Vehicle upgrades include solar arrays that will be affixed to the side of the spacecraft's trunk instead of on fold-out wings and a new launch escape system that will allow crew members to escape an anomaly at any point during flight. The commercial effort to build a private, human-rated spacecraft began about four years ago and is the first stepping stone in NASA'sA strategy to send humans on a path to explore deeper into space than ever before, including visits to Mars in the 2030s.
The Dragon V2 spacecraft is scheduled to fly for the first time in a pad abort test later this year, followed by an in-flight abort test, as part of the companya€™s Commercial Crew Integrated Capability agreement with NASA. SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musks discusses the Dragon V2 during an unveiling ceremony for the new spacecraft inside SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif. Open Source Alternatives: OpenOffice in the free alternative to MS Office (Impress is its PowerPoint alternative). And because sources come in many different shapes and sizes, APA has guidelines on page structure for different kinds of publications that need to be attributed.
If an author has multiple articles, list down in chronological order from oldest to newest. If there are two authors, use the ampersand instead of using “and.” If there are up to seven authors, list down the last name followed by initials. You may also capitalize the first word after a colon or a dash in the title, and, of course, proper nouns. There are specific rules for each source so it is important to identify the type of material you used to determine which formatting rules apply.
This process ensures that your paper gives proper credit to the people and their body of work which have been instrumental in the creation of your own.
It has produced outstanding results for clients in industries that include Financial Services, Capital Goods, Property and Media.
These allow the tutor to spend some time talking the less able students through the process. They can also revisit it on Moodle to remind themselves of labels etc., while revising for the exam.
Numerous examples are given to help learners think of their own root words, suffixes and prefixes. The lesson recaps place value and introduces students to decimals and using money in practical situations.
Two contextualised worksheets (Salon and Garage), written by Carrie Bray, are also linked to the lesson plan. Here we bring you Karen Straughan’s speech, the second speech from Day 2, Saturday, June 28, 2014. Karen blogs, writes, and posts on her YouTube channel, “Girl Writes What,” and has been actively speaking about men’s issues since 2010. She has appeared on CBC, CTV, Global News, the Peter Schiff Show, and the Tom Leykis Show, and has been quoted in newspapers across North America.
Hypotheses that are unfalsifiable, that are as predictive of what’s going to happen as a coin-toss—not even, not even that predictive. And when you look at the history of how they reformed the system, how feminism reformed the system … I’m going to actually just open this up, and I’m going to read … Ahem. A husband is, however, liable for necessaries purchased by his wife and also for money given his wife by a third person to purchase necessaries, and he is bound to support her and her children without regard to her individual or separate estate.
Scott was getting at, in this article, was that between the publishing of the Declaration of Sentiments and New York State’s state of law, family law, in 1910, all of the coverture privileges, all of the coverture rights, for men, disappeared; and all of the coverture protections for women remained in place. And the reason they got custody is because they had the sole job and liability of feeding and sheltering them.
In one glaring example that was published in the Milwaukee Journal in 1912 … it was the story of a UK suffragette whose husband, Mark Wilkes, was in prison; he was in prison for tax evasion. And the fact that this woman would use the imprisonment of her husband, when she could afford to free him, to further the suffragette cause—I think it really shows the mentality of some of the women in that first wave, that we have been taught, all our lives, to think were so incredibly noble.
There was one law —it was during a war—women were limited, they could not wear a multicolored dress, and they were not allowed to wear more than two ounces of gold jewelry in public.
It was a recent-enough—male, universal male suffrage was a recent-enough development—for it to be considered “fashionable,” as well as just.
We included in our conscription legislation an addendum that lowered the voting age to 18, from 21 to 18, for anyone currently or previously serving in the military. And somebody—I forget who, maybe it was Doctor Tara?—suggested that we … we don’t care, we don’t give a shit. She is a brilliant speaker, and I really like the way she stood up to Naomi Wolf in the Libertarian-sponsored debate. In their unshielded format, there were over 1,400 comments within the first five hours of the article appearing, with savage trolling from pre-programmed feminists and mainstream thinkers, who didn’t really address Ms.
There are a lot of angry feminists (and paid agitators) out there, who can’t contain their fury and contempt when they see our material. I would never make a post such as this on a site that was not carefully monitored by people like yourself.
Today, SpaceX revealed these changes as it unveiled the Dragon V2 at the company's Hawthorne, California, headquarters. Musk said the company has applied scores of lessons learned from flying the cargo-only version of Dragon to the space station and from NASAa€™s more than 50 years of human spaceflight. Note that the control panel wings down and locks in launch position after the crew is seated in their places.
It is part of Microsoft Office package and is available on the library computers in rooms LC337 and LC336. If there are more than seven authors, write down the first six and then use ellipses after the sixth author’s name.
Our thanks once again to Rick Westlake for doing the bulk of the work of this transcription. Karen debated Naomi Wolf at a Free State New Hampshire symposium, and has spoken at libertarian conferences across Canada and the United States.
Her most famous video is “Feminism and the Disposable Male,” which has been viewed over one million times on YouTube and has been subtitled and translated into languages around the world. Because so many people that I talk to, they say that, well, the first wave of feminism, that was about justice. And every single one of those bullet points began not with the word “the system,” not with the word “the law,” with the word “He.” HE. I’m going to read a little bit of an article that was published in The New York Times in 1910, and it was an article by an anti-suffragette woman, in response to a previous article by a suffragette lawyer; her name was Mrs. She said these complaints are meaningless, if you do not take into account the entirety of the set of laws.

This change has all been in the favor of the wife and mother, and one after another the privileges which men had over the property of their wives and the guardianship of their children have not only been lost but many of them have been actually reversed.” That’ll be the Tender Years Doctrine.
Even when a separation occurs—” and this is really crucial because divorce was extremely hard to come by; and so when families, when couples, split up, they were separated, but they could not divorce unless one was at fault … “Even when a separation occurs a husband is compelled through the payment of alimony to continue to support his wife, nothing short of infidelity on her part and consequent divorce relieving him of that liability. She was entitled to his support until the day they divorced; and if it was his fault that they divorced, she was entitled to his support for life, or until she remarried. I mean, when I was asked at the Q&A in, at Ryerson, “When do you think feminism went wrong?” And I said, Well, can you clarify it—’cause like, what was the first unfair thing they brought about, or when did they completely lose their minds? And early women’s activists, notably Carolyn Norton, decided that her happiness and the happiness of mothers were not served by this. You don’t have a right, just from being born—you have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; you don’t have an automatic right to vote, just for being a human being. In 1918, a group of anarchists brought a Supreme Court challenge; they claimed that the draft was unconstitutional because it represented involuntary servitude.
And you can even see that the suffragettes understood that, because many of the suffragettes campaigned for conscription —in favor of conscription—during World War I. And this power is the power to convince Barack Obama, and Joe Biden, and David Beckham, and Patrick Stewart, and—all of these male celebrities —NBA players—all of these male celebrities to participate in the “1 Is 2 Many” campaign. For years we have tolerated their emotional diatribes and their pretzel logic, but we’re just now beginning to actively ban idiots full of hot air instead of worthy arguments. IELTS writing task part 1 & Business English IELTS and Business English students often ask us teachers the same old question: How can I describe a graph in English?
She has a very dumb dog named George; he’s—she’s a well-intentioned dog but still pretty dumb.
We are basing entire branches of academia on this set of unfalsifiable, unproven hypotheses; hypotheses that can never be proven, right? She says, “It seems desirable, even necessary, to correct two misstatements made in ‘Laws Discriminating Against Women in the State of New York,’ by attorney-at-law Mrs. No obligation, however, to furnish necessities to a husband rests upon the wife under any circumstances whatever. And there were men who were stuck in the limbo of legal separation, without hope of divorce; and their wives refused to come home. Wilkes claimed that “it was a grand idea that would get all kinds of attention to the Suffragette cause,” that her husband was in jail; her husband, a schoolteacher, was rotting in jail. They will literally say, “If it weren’t for women, and organization of women back then, the abolitionist movement would not have been successful.” And I believe they’re right. And there was one poster that gave examples of what a woman could be, and not have the vote: she could be a mayor, she could be a teacher, she could be a nurse, she could be a lawyer, she could be all of these things and not have the vote. And the Supreme Court’s decision was that the draft was indeed constitutional, and this was their justification: “It may not be doubted that the very conception of a just government and its duty to the citizen includes the reciprocal obligation of the citizen to render military service in case of need, and the right to compel it.
And others participated in something called the White Feather Campaign, which was a campaign where young girls, any time they saw a man—maybe even a boy over the age of 15—if they saw him in public, and he was not in military dress, they would pin a White Feather of Cowardice to his lapel and publicly shame him for not enlisting. She pinned the white feather on him, and in the 20 minutes it took for that child to walk across a bridge, he decided to re-enlist. Belfort Bax, who was a socialist Marxist, and he described something that he called—because he understood that there were some women within his movement that wanted genuine equality; and then there were other women, and he called them “sentimental feminists.” And you can read history theses, written in 1908 and 1911, and they’re still applicable today!
And it’s—I don’t know whether it’s a pretty face, I don’t know whether it’s just because we’re women and we can convince people; but I think it is a huge, huge power that we have, as women. You can say whatever the hell you want about us; call us misogynist, rape-enabling, domestic-violence apologizing, women-hating—you know, anything. I can see why this site protects itself through from such occurrences, but also there is something missing in only reading sycophantic, supportive views, one after the other. It's a common problem and it is an essential part of English learning if you want to pass an academic exam like IELTS or Business like the BULATS test (Business Language Testing Service from Cambridge English Exams).
And I’m not going to argue that there was not a need for some assertion of the rights of women, as our sociopolitical and economic climate and our technological advancement changed. And Harriett Johnston-Wood was complaining that the law regarding property, and the law regarding child custody, was unfair to women. And they were stuck, paying, sometimes—you know, paying out the wazoo—to support women who were enjoying the single lifestyle while still being legally married to their husband. She convinced them that “children of tender years”—so, a child that was basically not old enough to go out and get a job, okay—“children of tender years belong with their mother.” But there was no financial liability on their mother to support those children.
I really do because women are extremely good at appealing to the government to get things done. And what men could be, and not lose the vote: he could be a slave-owner, he could be a drunkard, he could be a lunatic, and he could be unfit for military service. To do more than state the proposition is absolutely unnecessary, in view of the practical illustration afforded by the almost-universal legislation to that effect, now in force.” In other words, men purchased their rights, as citizens, through a reciprocal obligation to serve in the military if they were needed. If you’re old enough to die for your country, you’re old enough to have a say in it, right? I will never forget the woman who came to class with a German Shepherd on a chain with a spiked collar.
One day, this movement needs to hatch and move beyond echo chambers like this one, and when it does, there will be growth. He could not afford to pay the income tax, and the property tax, on his wife’s income and property. In my opinion, at this time, this website does not appear to be an actual hate group as the SPLC contended.
Well, normally, in an IELTS Writing Task Part 1, you will see clear, distinct upward or downward trends in a graph question. I really think it is logical that that child’s income and property would be administered by the person with the responsibility to feed and shelter the child.
And the other women in Canada who were allowed to vote, before universal female suffrage was enacted, were women who were voting on behalf of their male relatives serving overseas. Don’t let other men do this to women.” All the while, these powerful men are ignoring the fact that domestic violence is not a gendered issue. VIDEO: Small talk advice - new method explained with examples   OTHER BUSINESS ENGLISH ARTICLES1. How to answer difficult interview questions Part 1 Mon, 2015-11-30 16:06Interview technique is a huge part of getting a new job.

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