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TweetScoop.itFor companies whose main income-generating activity is through its sales effort, a sales forecast is a very useful report to have regularly. Sales forecasting is very important in a business because it allows you or the management to project how much sales or profit you are going to earn. The Free Sales Forecast Template for Excel 2013 with Editable Logo Placeholder has two tabs, the Forecast Input and the Forecast Pivot Table. This information is the Forecast Input, which may be helpful if you are part of the upper management, a sales supervisor, a regional manager, to name a few. Once we have the chart inserted in the PowerPoint slide, we can right click to display the popup menu and click Add Trendline. This option will display a new dialog box where you can configure the moving average line or trendline.
You can combine different trendlines, for example if you want to use a different regression type. Adding a trend or moving average line to a chart in a PowerPoint slide following this procedure is very simple and can help you to prepare awesome forecast presentations with trend lines. TweetScoop.itIf you are involved in sales and get incentives for your figures, then you know how important it is to create accurate and timely monthly sales reports. To help you create a complete and professional-looking monthly sales report, you can use this Monthly Sales Report and Forecast Template for Excel. This template is free to download and use for all your monthly sales report and forecast needs. This template features three worksheet tabs, such as Data Entry, Sales Report, and Sales Forecast. The Sales Report separates the date in the Data Entry sheet and displays it in a summary format, making it easy for you to see your sales according to given categories and within specific time frames.

Lastly, the Sales Forecast shows the actual sales for the month, the plan or goal, variance, percentage, sales year-to-date (YTD), YTD plan, YTD variance, and YTD percentage. The template also automatically translates your data into visual format for presentations, and for visual reports. The Free Sales Forecast Template for Excel 2013 With editable logo placeholder will also allow you to see whether the sales efforts you have in place are effective.
However, the details are exactly what your company needs to know to make a sales forecast in terms of data and presentation. This table contains Opportunity Name (your sales prospects or clients), the Sales Agent in charge, Sales Region, Sales Category, Forecast Amount, Sales Phase, Probability of Sale, Year, Forecast Close, Timeline, Weighted Forecast, and Running Total. This allows you to keep track of the sales, the agents, the clients, and how much your team or your company stands to earn given a particular timeline.
It contains a table of the Forecasted Sales Closure and the Sales Amount per Opportunity Name.
You can even embed the tables and timeline in a PowerPoint presentation if you are to make a report. In PowerPoint & Excel we can create charts and display trendlines as well as moving average lines by certain number of periods. In order to add a secondary trend line to a PowerPoint chart, just right click and then click Add Trendline again. You can also read the article from Microsoft Office showing how to add a trend line to a chart.
As a sales agent, you need to be able to meet sales goals, as well as predict your sales in the succeeding months based on the sales trends.
Not only will you be able to send your bosses or managers your sales figures, you can also be able to forecast expected sales figures in the future.

This means you can use it as many times as you need, simply update the necessary fields in the Excel template. The Data Entry sheet allows you to enter all details such as Date, Company, Amount, Planned, Cost, Revenue, Month, Quarter, Year, and Totals.
Here, you can view data and sort through Year, Quarter, Month, Company, and then see the Total Sales per category. Having this forecast enables you to look ahead, plan, and prepare your sales tactics in order to make the most of your marketing and sales efforts, therefore reaching your quotas or even exceeding them. Note that this information are crucial not only in forecasting but also in tracking your agents and in seeing which part of the sales phase each of them are undergoing. Besides these two options there are other regression types that you can choose: Logarithmic, Polynomial, Power, Moving Average by periods, Exponential, Linear.
For example, in the figure below you can see a secondary trendline with using the linear regression and Forecast forward set to an additional Quarter showing the positive trend. The article Using Trendlines in PowerPoint 2010 can also be useful or alternatively you can download chart PowerPoint templates and free presentation designs.
This ensures that you can prepare as well as double up your sales efforts especially during lean months. You can enter as many items as you need, making the template suitable for small to large companies. This Weighted Forecast VS Running Total Timeline shows how the actual sales are going against the forecasted amount within a given time period.

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