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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This presentation has been prepared by students of IE business school as part of the making change happen competition. A Sales Force Effectiveness Analysis is used to support the decision making process by providing a detailed overview of the variety of forces that may be acting on an organisational change issue. This presentation demonstrates a proposal prepared by students to boost the sales of a leading company (Name changed). It allows the user to assess the source and strength of these forces and is particularly useful in the planning and implementation stages of change management.
Imagine if they did so not for being forced to, but because they genuinely found it enabled them to sell more!

The reality for many leaders however, is that their organisations don’t have a well defined process to begin with. Even in those that do, many of their people either do not follow it, or follow it only because it is mandated. In this paper we introduce a new way of thinking about the effectiveness of an organisation’s defined sales process and look at how high performing companies are using process to drive more predictable, sustainable and profitable above-market growth.
We define the three stages of the sales process that an organisation works through to win new clients and grow existing ones as follows: 1. Over the last 12 months over 6,800 sales leaders and frontline sales people globally have participated in the Blackdot Benchmark. Insights Our research has indicated that Top Quartile sales organisations: ? Grow revenues at more than 71% above their market growth rate ? Have more people who adhere to the organisations defined sales process (vs the Core) ? Have significantly more people that view their sales process as enabling (vs the Core) We see this as compelling evidence that an enabling sales process - as perceived by frontline Sales process sales people and managers- drives superior revenue performance and represents a (adherence) drives significant source of sustainable competitive advantage for those organisations that are able performance to achieve it.

5 distinctive ‘tribes’ of sales process adherence have emerged Organisations who grow quicker than their market have MORE ‘True Believers™ - sales people who view the sales process as enabling Our analysis identified five typical ‘tribes’ existing to varying degrees in every organisation: 1. Interestingly, high performers were evenly-distributed (in relative terms) across the True Believer ™, Compliant , Maverick and Self Reliant tribes which dispelled a common Sales Leader hypothesis that the bulk of their Mavericks would be high performers(who characteristically possess a stronger aversion to process adherance). Five Steps to Drive Up Your True Believer™ Scores (and Grow your Revenues) The True Believer ™ data highlights the dual challenge leaders face in building an enabling process and then getting the frontline to buy in to it. Common challenges to address are the sales leaders or managers who want to believe they’re different, think they already have a team of high performers, or only see the value in a ‘loosely’-defined sales process.

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