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In-Site can be used with most commercially available inclinometer systems and is not specific to any one type of inclinometer casing.
Data is entered by direct retrieval from analogue inclinometers, by importing files from an inclinometer, or by manually inputting data.
Site Studio completely separates the presentation layer from the content layer of a Web site, as shown in Figure. Region templates define the layout and look-and-feel of the data in a contribution region (marked on a page template using a placeholder tag).
The content of contribution regions is stored in data files, which are also separately managed site assets. Clearly, my commitment to blogging the progress of final year has already been tested in these first chaotic weeks, so this post will begin with a little background. An icon-based system allows easy analysis and includes features such as data reduction, plotting and graphs in various formats.

It is not specific to any one type of inclinometer casing and can be used with analogue instruments.
They are separately managed site assets, which makes them easy to reuse within Web sites, or even between Web sites. When it is time to generate a web page, Site Studio looks at the placeholder on the page template, takes its associated region template and data file, and merges these two to create HTML code that is inserted into the page template at the position of the placeholder tag. Placeholders specify where the contribution regions (that is, editable areas) are on the page. This creates the final web page, which all content in place, presented and formatted in accordance with the site and page settings. Please note that they do not specify anything about what goes in these regions, both in terms of content and visual presentation. After weeks of circuitous research, the arrival of the first assignment has finally enforced some direction and led to the proposal for a House of Making that will encompass faculties of architecture and construction, boat and ship building, and industrial design and manufacturing.

That is handled by region templates (in conjunction with their associated region definitions).
This brief has been developed in response to the recent surge of architectural discourse concerned with the historical, contemporary, and future methods of architectural practice and their role within society and the built environment.
The location also has a rich history as a place of ‘making’ on a number of thematic levels.
Originally the island was underwater at high tide and was slowly built up by ships dumping ballast and other reclamation work, which eventually saw the island grow out of the mud, as seen in the historical maps below.  This was a radical counterpoint to the Aboriginal peoples ability to live in harmony with the mud flat environment prior to white settlement.

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