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When polling college recruiters, 40% cited image as the reason they reject qualified candidates. One pair of earrings, one ring on each hand, one necklace, professional-looking watch, one bracelet (Nothing dangling or distracting).
A lot of jobs still have written guidelines for employee attire, at varying degrees of strictness.
These written requests for attendee attire are usually only one or two words long, meant to be printed on an invitation and understood by all the potential guests. Here is a complete guide to social dress codes in video format – click here to watch on YouTube. Formal wear for men changes depending on the time of day: in daylight hours, it means morning dress with a tailcoat and vest, while at night it means white tie.
It would be unusual (and a bit presumptuous) to request full formal attire for a personal event. Some men own their own tuxedos, but for the most part this is another dress code that will force attendees to rent attire.
It would be very unusual for anyone outside of the jet set to throw more than one or two semi-formal events in his or her lifetime! If you receive a semi-formal invitation, give yourself plenty of time for the rental process. Be firm with the sales staff, and make it clear that you are only interested in true black tie (or daytime semi-formal) attire — these days, most of the offerings at rental outlets are cartoon-colored costumes for high school proms and novelty weddings, not real formal and semi-formal wear.

If an invitation has specifically requested business attire, it’s best to err on the side of formality and wear a dark, solid colored or pinstriped suit. There is a certain amount of leeway at social events, particularly daytime ones, so if you prefer a lighter gray suit or a dark brown one, those are acceptable. This isn’t strictly speaking a dress code, but it is a request you will see from time to time on invitations, particularly to dressed-up but light-hearted affairs like brunches and church outings.
There are a number of variations on this phrase, all of which mean basically the same thing. The most conventional dress casual outfit for a man is a navy blue blazer with light to medium gray slacks or khakis. In general, you’re better off showing up with a jacket and tie, and then stripping one or both off if you find yourself too overdressed.
What that means is that the hosts are planning on wearing the listed code, and encourage guests to do likewise if they wish.
These are good codes for hosts to use when they’re indulging in a very dressed-up appearance, but want to make the event more accessible to friends and relatives.
It’s a bit of an awkward situation, but in a case like that you should dress to match your hosts, rather than adhering to the written instructions and drawing attention to their error. If you are looking for a job or networking for next year, your appearance may be helpful in securing an interview or may be a strike against you. Most white-tie affairs are diplomatic events, or high-formality award ceremonies and the occasional British sporting event.

In the evening it is the familiar black tie (tuxedo) ensemble, while in the daytime the stroller (a relaxed alternative to morning dress) is appropriate.
Expect it to take several weeks from your first fitting and outfit selection for the clothes to arrive and be adjusted.
Blazers or sports jackets are the dressiest look within the code, while sweaters or dress shirts without a top layer are more dressed-down. It’s easy to dress a blazer or sports jacket and slacks down, but hard to dress a plain shirt up. It’s a way of dressing the event up without requiring that every single attendee meet a high standard that might require rental clothing or expensive purchases. That gives the same general impression of severe formality as a tuxedo, but without the need for exotic attire.
And if you truly have no one you can ask, consider the time and setting: evening attire should generally be darker and simpler than daytime, outdoor settings are more casual than indoor, and so on.
Since the hosts will always be wearing the most formal interpretation of the event’s dress code, I knew that meant they only wanted nice- looking suits, not true formal wear. If you are attending for class credit, please remember that you will be a job seeker in a year or two and the recruiters may remember you.

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