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The thrilling and terrifying thing about working in the cyber security industry is the rate at which threats evolve.
Targeted attacks first came to light in a major way when Google announced in January 2010 that it and dozens of other companies had been the subject of a major, long term campaign aimed at stealing data. Make no mistake, the tools to launch these attacks are no longer the preserve of well-funded, state-sponsored actors. But beyond that, an incident response team is a critical control that every enterprise should implement.
Ideally, they should be able to jump into action when an attack is suspected, allowing the rest of the IT department to stay focused on operational efforts.
Make sure the team is composed of experts across the organization, including: technical, threat intelligence, human resources, legal, public relations, and executive management. During an attack the team should keep track of the investigation and keep the board updated.
Raimund Genes (Chief Technology Officer)Is “Next Gen” patternless security really patternless?

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about large scale worm outbreaks like Conficker and Storm. Following this so-called ‘Operation Aurora’ campaign, a growing flood of similar attacks have been spotted by researchers, including those on the TrendLabs team, in all quarters of the globe. Its aim is to infiltrate a network by stealth – perhaps through a malicious link or attachment in a spear phishing email. They’ve hit the mainstream of the cyber crime underground and firms of all sizes are at risk.
To help you with some ideas on where and how to start, Trend Micro has released a handy guide. They should get to the root cause of a suspected attack, deal with the legal and compliance issues that may arise and address customer notification. Infecting corporate and personal machines in their millions, these big name attack campaigns garnered plenty of headlines and caused a fair amount of disruption. Once inside, the malware, which often exploits a known vulnerability, will move around laterally escalating privileges until it finds what it’s looking for.

But what has increasingly taken their place is far worse, and requires a much different, cross-organizational response. Stealth techniques mean the attacker is able to lie hidden for long periods, exfiltrating sensitive data – customer details, IP, trade secrets, and so on. IT admins must assume they’ve been compromised already, even if no malicious activity has been detected. Me, along with my wife and close friends as my children’s safety network, will be notified also through text message or a conference call.

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