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To get the best possible experience using TeacherWeb® please upgrade your web browser to a newer version. The opening is classic Simpsons cartoon show: Homer is too busy playing a game on his tablet to notice that the nuclear plant is about to explode.
Symmetry School’s intuitive learning experience allows children of ALL abilities to learn through play, exploring hard-to-grasp symmetrical concepts on their own terms and at their own pace.
Fruit Salad is a simple book app to assist parents in introducing the names of fruits and numbers to your toddler. If your kid is 3 to 10 years old,this App will be very helpful.Recommend 10 or 20 questions per day. Little Monkey Apps Times tables provides the repetition required for the mastery of times tables with innovative presentation and delivery. This little app, with a superb oscilloscope look-and-feel, lets you experiment with different forms of Lissajous figures. Thanks for your support - If you like our reviews, please support us and link to iTunes -App Store via our links, it does not cost you anything, but greatly help us to provide you more reviews.
We have 2 TOP PICKS gone FREE - Avokiddo Emotions – for toddlers to explore facial expressions and 10Monkeys Multiplication for your kids to master times table the fun way. This adventurous Grandma needs help identifying bugs, coloring butterflies, catching fireflies, spelling buggy words, matching letters on bees and flowers, building a spider web, and even finding a bug in her hair!
ABC: Animal Alphabet makes learning fun by mixing it with something all kids love – animals. At the Zoo is the first of a very promising series for kids up to 7 years old to learn about animals words, colours, numbers from 1 to 10, distance … and a lot more!

Designed similarly to real world Board Books or Flash Cards, Fruit Salad, is a beautifully illustrated book (by award winning developer Little Phoenix Interactive). This educational app is a great tool that allow kids to practice their spelling words with fun interactive games. The app’s interface closely simulates oscilloscope behavior giving you a full control of the input signal as well as the possibility to change typical display parameters like the trace focus and intensity. If you liked our reviews, please support us and link to iTune via our links, it does not cost you anything, but greatly help us to provide you more reviews. Overall, we have 7 apps for the under 5’s with counting, spelling, literacy and discovery apps and 8 apps for the older kids with cool apps for math, spelling and science! Helpful hints ensure frustration-free play and incorrect answers are simply removed to reinforce a positive learning experience.
They will forget they are learning as they visit everyone from Alligator to Zebra.With this alphabet your kid will easily remember the names of the animals and learn how to read letters. It is a resource that adds, melodic music, simple animation, and interactive feedback to engage and delight its young readers. The app covers all arithmetic operations including addition and subtraction of prime numbers, addition and subtraction of numbers greater than ten, multiplication, division, and mathematical operations within 100. Little Monkey App Times tables presents students with a random grid of 81 spaces asking multiplication questions from numbers 1 through 12. When we rebuilt the convenience store, expiration dates on foods were already past due and all nutritional data was intentionally removed. Have fun and learn with Symmetry School – a multilingual, captivating, brain-twisting game designed to support and encourage mathematical development in your child.

Playing this application kids will master basic mathematical skills in the shortest possible time. Unlike flash card methods, individual tables or multiple choices, students must use their knowledge to commit to a specific answer. The game involves connecting alphabet letters to form words of 3,4 and 5 letters in length as well as relating words with photos and sounds.
Beatz, Brainy, Zainy and the rest of the spelling monsters will teach your kids how to practice their spelling words and enjoy doing it. There’s even an alternative Simpson universe to pop into, with all the buildings intact. Developed for the younger ones (appropriate for kids 3 years old and up), bring to life all these little animals with a light touch on the screen. You will get "awesome","Excellent","Great","Not bad","Too slow" depending on the used time.
10 levels in Addition (+),Subtraction (?), Multiplication (?),Division (?)- 10 questions in each level.

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