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When we use PowerPoint as an authoring environment, we end up making our courses look like presentations, as the default slide designs and layouts we have at our disposal are very few.
With the all new Adobe Presenter 8, you have the freedom to choose a perfect layout that exactly matches your eLearning content type. One of the ways to use these layouts is to start with the layout file and then apply design themes and continue developing the course from there. You can now apply a different theme to the presentation and the layouts will change the color scheme of objects on the slides as per the applied theme. Another way is to create your Adobe Presenter course and then add the required slide layouts to it. Populate the layout slide with text, audio, scenes, characters, and click-based animations to bring these layouts to life!
Tags: Learn Presentation Skills, Presentation Skills CoursesBy edu23 in Presentation Skills on April 7, 2015. Singapore G1 have been trying our best to introduce different skills and knowledge that are crucial in the current working world. This is a question on the minds of many business executives that are giving presentation to their clients and peers every day. Whether or not your presentation achieves its desired outcome can be affected by your skills as a speaker, so it’s important to step in front of your audience with your best foot forward.
During last week, I had a chat with my friend Benjamin Loh, who is one of the Singapore Leading Public Speaking coach and Presentation Skills course in Singapore.
Do you have experience sitting in a presentation and get bored by the long introductions about the merits and the great achievements of the speaker? When you are speaking in public and have an audience watching you, the only thing that matters is how your audience is experiencing your presentation. Everything you say should help the audience understand the purpose of the presentation, get something valuable from what you are saying and walk away with an action. When you design your PowerPoint, a rule of thumb to make the most impact is: Think three minutes per slide. One important but often forgotten idea: Never turn your back to the audience and read from the slides on the wall.
Moreover these layouts are specifically designed for presentations and not for creating eLearning content.

You can seamlessly use these layouts with scenes, characters, images, and animations to bring your eLearning courses to life. The presentation theme will be automatically applied to the layout slide you added to your course. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The opportunity to present your products or services to a potential customers, spell out your business plan to a potential business client, or promote your business at an event. The following guide explains how to prepare, deliver, and answer questions about a stellar presentation.
He shared with me some of the things that presenters need to take note.  Below I would like to share 3 ways to improve the presentation skills.
Nowadays, people are overloaded with information and they can only take in what is relevant, so make it all about your audience. People are used to cramming their PowerPoint with information, bullet points and very often using it as a reading tool throughout the presentation. Read from your laptop and use one the best tool out there, a clicker to help you navigate the slides.
If you still suffer from nerves when you are about to speak in public, then you will need to do a bit more practice.
If you are looking for more advance techniques, you might want ot check out the presentation skills courses provided by Benjamin. These layouts are specially designed to be used for eLearning courses and adapt neatly with the design theme you have used to create your Adobe Presenter course. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
These are the questions you need to think while you are preparing for your presentation speech. There is nothing worse than seeing a presenter move back and forth to the keyboard to move to the next slide.
To improve a PowerPoint presentation, it is important to understand what the purpose of it is.
Everything you have in the bullet points, turn it into a hand out and combine this with the visual graphics on your PowerPoint software.

Plug your PowerPoint into a projector and practice is a few times as if you are in front of the audience.
You will deliver a business-oriented presentation with which you are familiar while receiving individual coaching. So there is one navigation page (leading to all five lessons) that repeats after each lesson.
This process is filmed for post-programme review.Exercises include vocal projection and message preparation. Once I merge the files, I had planned to set up interactive buttons on that page leading to the start of each lesson. Do whatever works for you, but make sure it includes practicing out loud so that you can get a sense of timing. Customised upgrades include a full video edit with supporting documentation, used for message reinforcement or wider e-learning roll-out plans.
Is there a better way to set up the navigation so that learners can go to any of the 5 lessons after completing each lesson. Right now, even if I only have one knowledge check per lesson (and some lessons actually have 2 knowledge checks), the knowledge check appears after the last question. So if I have 2 questions mid-way through the lesson, and three questions at the end of the lesson, I only have one (rather than the preferred 2) quiz results pages.
If not, I am willing to put all questions at the end of the file resulting in one quiz results page per lesson but what will happen when all five files are merged? Also, I’m having some trouble with the review results button on the quiz results page. When clicked, it takes learners to the middle of the lesson rather than the start of the quiz.

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